Urticaria hives care what type of fall


How to care hives fall, one to fall, the skin will be very dry sense, if caught accidentally broken, perhaps scars。 Urticaria patients should pay attention to care in spring and autumn, often the emergence of various diseases in our lives, because people neglect the health and diet of the effect, so often induce some skin diseases, urticaria is one of them。
Itching, hives will be covered at the time of onset, very uncomfortable。
In spring and autumn, induced urticaria is very common, which is why?Consider the following as you described: urticaria patients should pay attention to spring and autumn care。 Urticaria basic damage skin wheal。
Always first, pruritus, wheal appears bright red or pale color, skin color, a small number of patients with edema, erythema。 Wheal size and shape vary, the onset time uncertain。 Wheal gradually spread, integrated into the film, since the papillary dermal edema, visible epidermal hair follicles recessed downward。
Some patients may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headache, stretching, abdominal pain, diarrhea, patients can have severe chest tightness, discomfort, pale, heart rate, weak pulse, blood pressure, shortness of breath and other symptoms。
Urticaria type fall care how the passage of cold urticaria phenotype: rule to Wenjingtongluo, comfortable and easy to reconcile blood, gas-solid treatment table。
Medicinal Gui 12 grams, 12 grams ephedra, leaves 40 g, Cynanchum 30 grams, 20 grams Qiang independent living, cicada 24 g, Angelica 12 g, 24 g Millettia, astragalus 40 grams, 24 grams floating wheat, Nepeta 24 grams, wind 24 grams, 20 grams basil leaves。 Stomach damp-heat: treatment with clearing heat, cooling blood expelling wind, spleen and stomach, gas-solid management table。
Medicinal hawthorn 24 g, 24 g each of green tangerine peel, Polyporus 24 grams, 24 grams cork, Citrus aurantium 24 g, 24 g red peony, Akebia 24 grams, 30 grams of astragalus, rhubarb 12 g, 12 g of Glauber's salt, gypsum 40 grams, 24 grams of cicada, duckweed 24 grams。 Method washes: one day, night decoction juice, soaking feet to the instep, the temperature of the patient can tolerate the degree。 After 5 minutes, a second fry pots connected to the dregs the concoction dipping portion to the ankle, and then soak 5 minutes and feet following the rub each other, to sense the patient as well femto perspiration。 7 days a course of treatment。