“Thief” stole my first love


It was the weekend, I was lying in bed ready to sleep a return of sleep, the phone rang.Drowsily open the phone and immediately felt the anxiety and tension that Ding Lili: Pan Wei, you, you come over here, my home last night stole people.Ding Lili is my colleague, and I was face to face office more than six months.We are a family of wandering, I’m looking for opportunities to rack their brains cotton with her, this opportunity came just in time.How you did last night, who lives in?While I was asked while hurriedly dressed.What the devil, last night I went to a friend’s company to play Chen Li, Chen Li insisted I stay, who knows what the morning would come back to see the house was turned whack, two pairs of new socks bought back are to thieves pilfering took.Ding Lili speech rate faster and faster, I almost could not hear what she was saying.Do not be afraid, I’ll be over.I Ding Lili in comfort at the same time, three-step and two steps rushed downstairs, stopped a taxi and left, ten minutes it arrived Ding Lili rental.The house is very messy indeed, Ding Lili nervously pacing up and down the room, although his eyes and tears, but she tried very hard to not let it fall.He lost anything of value yet?I asked the door.Ding Lili gently shook his head: it was stolen more than 80 dollars, the other is some small items.Then you call the police yet?I asked.This small police will control it?If I find the police also need to give you a cell phone?Ding Lili seemed upset.Since there is no stolen anything of value, then when bankruptcy misfortunes it.How about noon, I invite you to dinner, give you steady your nerves.I looked at the eyes and said Ding Lili.You men know care about gold and silver, but what is the use ah amount of money?My first love lost, you can get it back for me, please?Ding Lili’s voice down, tears in the eyes of it to the whereabouts of Batabada.What, your first love lost, the thief will steal your first love how it?I do not know Ding Lili’s snake oil is what drugs.That is my first love letter written to me, I put a fine wallet, the result was a thief locked in.I finally figured out Ding Lili mean, not that lost their first love letter addressed to you, what all the fuss, not the old and new do not come, now is not just to restart it?Although it feels gloat, but I did not dare show it.Women are a special kind of emotional animals, anyone who gives her doubly, chances are she who would bear grudges for a lifetime, so I try pretended great concern: Lily, those letters are really important to you it?Dingli Li shook his head and nodded his head: you know, although he quietly left I went to Australia, but I still have no way to forget him, hate and love are always together, but I love him even more hated him.Then you keep those letters what use?I still do not understand.I do not know, but I know there are those who believe in love, I really have no way to forget the love.Love to the depths, Ding Lili is already in tears.There are a lot of you, you do not get too upset, though those letters are never found again, but something worthy of your collection.For example, I can write to you, very much like to see you write a letter.I began to comfort me gently Ding Lili.You, talk to your letter from him than it?Ding Lili little face is not to me, that she was crazy, and obviously she asked me to come, but quietly insult me, you said I could swallow under the breath right?Ding Lili, your first love, what is so amazing, what he is good for you, you deserve this infatuation, I, I do not believe I can not touch you.I will throw Ding Lili was alone in the house, angrily turned away.But, I will not go downstairs quietly and folded back, MAN, how many swallow foul smells.After the storm thief to Ding Lili I launched a frenzied attack, almost a love letter every week, every turn is eloquent thousand words, than Jenny Marx wrote love letters are worse, Ding Lili quickly became my love prisoners, and promised to marry me eleven.Wedding invitation just sent down, Ding Lili and cried to his house was visited thief.This time the thief has stolen what?I am a little afraid to look in her eyes.You wrote me a love letter, I had planned to send Publishing House, never thought to be that nasty guy Lianguo Duan.Ding Lili told me in all seriousness.Come on, you have to fool me, I can no longer became your.I threw my arms will Ding Lili, fiercely told her.If you do not find those love letters, which I do not end up with marriage.Ding Lili resigned without a dare!I’m your lifetime collection, after you have only part of my collection.I smiled and Ding Lili down together on the sofa.You also too open to it, is not mature rice uncooked rice would have done the?Chen Li do not know when in front of us, I Ding Lili pushed aside, hurried recklessly before straightened amount.Is not it has been the thief misses?Chen Li Ding Lili deliberately asked sullenly, Ding Lili laughed language.Chen Li, thank you for Tai Mei.I bowed deeply toward Chen Li, Ding Lili’s turn this time dumbfounded.It turned out that Chen Li sister and I are university students, but why Ding Lili they liked me, but they do not want to face when I tell the truth, then discuss with Chen Li, Chen Li went out of that bad idea.After what happened more than two months, Chen Li could not help but tell me, I know two girls that they have been cheated.But, there is a saying I did not tell Chen Li, who is self-defeating in fact, I wish that it realistic drama Yueyan Yue.Chen Li in front of the face, I deliberately asked Ding Lili: Tell me, in the end that the thief stole some of what?Ding Lili cunning smile: You really do not know?I’ll tell you, the thief stole my wait for your cowardice.I suddenly understand that love can be so original is cleverly decided Yeah recommend the latest information for your sauna