22 + 7 Deron Lopez contributed 21 points and the Nets home opener win over Bulls


  Ticker on April 21, NBA playoffs open play, the Nets at home to 106-89 win over Bulls。   Nets is by far the first team easily won the team after the end of the two playoff games, played very hard。
Deron Williams – Williams scored 22 points, seven assists and three steals, Brooke – Lopez 21 points, five rebounds and three blocked shots, Joe – Johnson 16 points, Gerald – Wallace 14 points , Reggie – Evans grabbed 13 rebounds。
Bench CJ- Watson scored 14 points, Andre – Lecce 12 minutes。
  Bulls did not lead the audience。 Carlos – Carlos Boozer scored 25 points and eight rebounds, Jimmy – Butler scored 13 points, Joe King – Noah played with the injury, only played 13 minutes, scored 4 points and 5 rebounds。
Bench – Robinson scored 17 points, Marco – 13 minutes Belinelli。   Nets move to Brooklyn in the first year entered the playoffs, this is the team for the first time since 2007。
In Brooklyn's sports history, last time a team into the playoffs or baseball team in mid-1956。
  Bull plagued by injuries, Derek – Ross failed to return, but NOAA is also doubtful whether playing。 Noah grew up in New York, but now have to come here as an enemy。 "Too hard," Noah said, "all that effort, is to this moment, it is perhaps the most difficult decision of my career when。 Getting back onto the track of the playoffs, that's my everything。
Can not play, then it is difficult to accept, I will make every effort to。
"Noah returned to the field, but also issued the first field, but the Bulls failed to demonstrate the momentum of the regular season, early trouble。   Nets audience did not lag behind, Lopez twice succeeded, they lead to 7-2。 Bulls managed to narrow the gap to 1 point, but Williams also to third, Lopez also dunk, the Nets gradually widen the gap。 This section concludes with 3 minutes 48 seconds Bulls hit only one ball, the Nets play 10-2, the first section to 25-14 lead。
  After playing half a second, the gap between the two sides to reach double digits。
Williams frequently hit not only their own, but also repeatedly sent pass。 This section there are 4 minutes and 39 seconds, Williams to the basket, but did not shot, but the ball came from defender armpit, easy dunk the ball after Lopez, the Nets 43-26 lead。 Their attacks continued, after a pause, Watson hit three-pointers, the Nets extended the advantage to 20 points。 Nets last attack of this section to the hands of Williams, the audience stood up to cheer him。 Williams from the right side of the bottom line fast break after a long hang time leaps, calm shot hit a plate, leading the Nets to 60-35。   Williams scored 15 first half points and four assists, he interviewed at half that of the regular season against the Bulls a 0-3 stimulate them, and thus play a more powerful, the playoffs and the regular season is a completely different game。
With the help of Williams, Lopez scored 19 first half points, Watson also scored 10 points, the Nets hit rate of 60%。
Bulls shot only%, Boozer scored 14 points for the Bulls。   Bulls gave their own half dug a pit, the third quarter will be unable to narrow the gap to 20 points or less。
This section shortly after the start, Wallace layup and cause foul, and even scored three points with a fine cast, the Nets 70-42 lead with 28 points。
NOAA also to dunk a ball, Boozer layup, but only a drop in the bucket。 Bulls failed to find the feeling, this section last 3 minutes, not shooting。
The Nets took control of the situation, ease Williams。 When more seconds in this section, Williams steals succeeded, their own attack, backhand play up front after the dunk, the Nets 89-62 lead。   Williams sitting on the sidelines to rest, the Bulls slightly narrow the gap。 Competition also 4 minutes 45 seconds, Robinson hit consecutive two goals, will lead into the Bulls 76-96。 Williams re-play, he soon hit a record one-third, in the game there are 3 minutes, the Nets re-opened the gap to 104-80。 Nets winner, Williams soon come to rest。
When the game entered the final two minutes, the Bulls only narrow the gap to 20 points or less, but the outcome has no suspense。