“Genius,” Einstein taught story


Face outstanding achievements of so many people, you might feel ashamed to say: I’m so stupid, how could it taught?I too ordinary, is not expected to become a great great man!Now I’ll give you about a teacher, principal thinks he’s taught the story of stupid people.This person is Albert Einstein.This year is considered the principal will not be doing as a stupid student, through hard work, became the founder of modern physics and founder, became the most prominent modern physicist.March 14, 1879, a little life born in Germany in a small town called Ulm.His parents played a promising name: Albert Einstein.Looking at his cute appearance, his parents all the sustenance of Hope.However, not long before parents began disappointed: people’s children are beginning to learn to speak, already three years old Einstein was babbling.Later, Einstein’s sister, and neighbors have been able to talk to him two years younger than Marga, and Einstein began to talk but still hesitated, looked confused and slow manner of Einstein, parents began to worry.They worry about whether he will be less than ordinary intelligence.Until the age of 10, his parents and only then to school.However, in school, Einstein ridiculed by the teacher and classmates, we all called him stupid guy.Schools require students in class are carried out by a military command, due to the slow reaction of Einstein, often scold teacher, left standing.Some teachers even pointing to his nose called: this damn thing stupid, what courses can not keep up!A craft class, the teacher picked out from the student’s work done in a very decent wooden bench told us that: I thought, maybe there will be no worse than this world a stool!In laughter, the blushing Einstein stood up and said: I think this is some stool!So saying, he took out two more shapeless stool from the desk, saying: This is my first two do, give you a third time to do, although not enough, than these two strong much more!Breath talk so much, Einstein himself was surprised.The teacher is stunned sitting there I do not know what to say.In the ridicule and insults, the Einstein slowly grown up, ascend to the high school in Munich Luitpold.In high school, he loved the math class, but then the rest of those life lessons from reality and is not interested.Lonely he began to look for sustenance in a book, looking for spiritual strength.In this way, the book became acquainted with Einstein Archimedes, Newton, Descartes, Goethe, Mozart books and knowledge he opened up a broader space.Vision, the problem Einstein mind to think it more.One day, he often said to his math tutoring uncle: if I light in a vacuum speed of light and a run forward, can not see the space vibrating electromagnetic waves it?Uncle staring at him with strange eyes looked for a long time, the eyes of both the praise, there are concerns.Because he knows, Einstein proposed this question is unusual, will cause unexpected shock.Since then, Einstein has been struggling this problem afflicts.Mid-autumn 1895, Einstein after careful consideration, decided to apply for the University of Zurich, Switzerland.However, he failed, he failed foreign language.After the exam he did not give up, he attended school tutoring.A year later, he received a certificate of secondary school tuition, and was admitted to the University of Zurich Integrated.At this time, he has been preparing for his future.He put all the energy used in the laboratory and extracurricular reading.Professors saw him reading books and learning has nothing to do independent tests and test scores, very unhappy and angry, that he ought not.Einstein graduated college, are catching up with the economic crisis, because he is Jewish descent, and no relationship, no money, so I had to unemployed.To make a living, he had to put up advertisements everywhere, the cost of living by teaching physics to get 3 per hour francs.During this time of unemployment, to the love of great help in Stein.In the process of teaching, he was a reflection of the traditional physics, contributed to his violent impact on the traditional academic point of view.After five weeks of high tension excitement struggle, Einstein wrote a 9000-word essay “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies”, the resulting special theory of relativity.It can be said that this is a decisive, the great history of the Declaration of physics, physics forward another milestone.Although many people expressed opposition, and some were published critical articles in the press, however, Einstein, after all, has been the social and academic attention.In a short time, yet there are 15 universities awarded him a Ph.D. certificate, prestigious universities in many countries, France, Germany, the United States, Poland and other professors also want to hire him to do.Then known as the stupid, stupid things that can not be taught Einstein, finally became recognized around the world, of the most prominent figures of intelligent.The ugly gosling into a white swan, which shows what?I think that Einstein’s words are the best answer.While many young men wrapped him, asking him to tell the secret of success, he wrote a letter pens formula: A = X + Y + Z, and explained: one for success, X represents a hard-working, Y represents the right approach then?, Then be sure to speak less.For many years, the magic of Einstein’s equation has successfully been eulogizing.From Einstein’s struggle, we can easily see that it is hard-working, the correct way to make Einstein and less empty talk by the stolid become giants.The secret of success Analysis: Einstein often told people: learning time is a constant, but its efficiency is a variable, individual pursuit of learning time is unwise, the most important thing is to improve learning efficiency.He considered necessary in order to obtain abundant energy through sports activities, keep a clear head, Einstein also according to their own personal experience, summed up a formula, that is A = X + Y + Z.A representative of success, X represents the right approach, Y represents the hard work, Z for talk nonsense.He put this formula, summed up into two words: work and rest is the road to success ladder, cherish the time is an important condition to accomplish something.Visible, a person is not smart is not terrible, terrible is their first air vent their.As long as you are willing to do hard work for your goals, and with the right approach, they will get reward success goddess.Many accomplished people in their careers, in childhood, youth does not necessarily show the advantages of hard-edged, on the contrary, they are too ordinary, even showing slow, stupid look, often to be around people laugh, ridicule.If it is because of his stupid discouraged from trying, it was not their potential talents, capabilities are nipped in the bud yet?In fact, everyone has different talents, everyone will find their own constellation in the long river of life.If you feel stupid, it is because you do not have to find your own horoscope.As Einstein other things slow, but then particularly fond of physics and mathematics, as when you find your sign, you will certainly emit a distinctive splendor.Try to find their own position as soon as possible.For more articles please visit story story story Daquan _ watching network: HTTP: // GS.kankanmi.COM