“Bad boy” of the playground


Graduated from college that year, I am applying to a private school to teach, in the new semester faculty meeting, when the president declared by me as a high school (2) class teacher and teacher of English department when other colleagues are secretly put up to me the thumb.After the meeting, I asked my colleagues: how, do mercy to newcomers to the president, I arranged for a motivated and manageable class do?Colleagues whispered: Come on, now students have only one child, difficult to manage, you wait, a high (2) Canglongwohu classes, all students in the class are ‘Hades’, you think, you got into the palace of hell, there will be better than it is?Colleagues describe Yizhenyijia listen so, I can not help but worry.But I really appreciate the students’ surprise move.The first lesson, I just finished introduce yourself, the audience had shouted impatiently students: teacher, you introduce the information is not the same as what we need.I was shocked and asked: What do you want to know what?At this point, I saw a plump boy jumped up from his seat, walked across the podium, pick up the chalk on a blackboard flamboyant written on height, weight, age, marital status, hobbies, history of love, QQ, e-mail, phone number, account number and other information online entry, then turned and said to me: a teacher, you just press information items on the board are filled in completely on OK.Looking at the information bar crowded on the blackboard, the moment I shake my eyes.In addition to basic information, the other information I can not fill, because I have never played online games, but also love history, seemingly due to individual privacy category.As I meditate on the occasion, just listen to the classroom bang bang, the front of the chubby boy, hurriedly hand over his nose, he fled Side, said: God, Zhang Xiaolei and put ‘smoke bomb’ pollute the air!The classroom immediately burst into laughter.I was screaming twitter to let these students to keep quiet, but they turned a deaf ear to my words.My first lesson, then in such a mess of the situation miserably.Later, I know, that plump, and I openly challenge the boys, named Li Huan, a class like to pick things Zhu Er, while his classmate Zhang Xiaolei, it is a frail man, well-behaved boy.Lee Huan and Zhang Xiaolei, is the relationship between the cat and mouse.Day of classes, I find empty seats on Lee Huan, Zhang Xiaolei so they asked the whereabouts of Lee Huan, Zhang Xiaolei shook his head, the other students were also buried his head to shoot straight to the desk hole.I know, so ask, the dark would not ask the results, because they are intimidated by Lee Huan afterwards revengeful only remain silent.After class, I went to an Internet cafe near the campus, follow it to find full swing in the gaming world, Li Huan, a pull it out of the cafe, asked why their truancy?Lee Huan and I began to deal with words, while I do not pay attention soon, get rid of my hand and ran, ran growled: none of your business!I have no control?As a teacher, I actually have no control over their students?Ridiculous!On the second day of English class, I stood lectures penalty Lee Huan.Who are familiar with Lee Huan satisfied, actually breath went to the principal’s office, the numerous crimes committed by eleven I just took one week and report it, I say corporal punishment on students, not to mingle with students.Principal Q: Did he hit you yet?How they can mingle with students?Lee Huan said: He told me to stand up in class do not corporal punishment?Teachers and students mingle very simple example, we play the game when the teacher can play with us, when we talk about the game and we will talk with the teacher.President laughed and said: In your world, in addition to playing, you will learn in what position?Lee Huan bow, without a word.Just started school two weeks, Lee Huan to make things difficult everywhere with me, I think, is that for him a home visit, the students look at this issue in the end have a kind of family background.When I unexpectedly came home, Li Huan Li Huan was in the kitchen to boil water.The first time in his life staring at me with frightened eyes, on weekdays in school swagger stubborn and despotic, disappeared in an instant.Lee Huan’s father, a very simple laid-off workers, although seriously ill, but still I warmly received.I explained that I was just passing through, come and see the way.Dad Lee Huan Li asked them about the situation at school and told me that a few years because his wife is sick, he also lax discipline Lee Huan, since the death of his wife, Lee Huan to slump, academic performance plummeted.I looked up and saw Lee Huan placed her mother’s portrait on the living room table, her wretched.Looking at this impoverished family, and both father and son sharing weal and woe, tears welled up in the eyes can not help.I cried Lee to him, and asked what his biggest dream is?Lee Huan said: I most wanted to be a sportsman.I asked why?Li Huan A: do good athletes physique, is not easy to get sick, so I will not spend money to see a doctor regularly, and can also participate in a lot of games, not only famous for winning, but also get a lot of money bonus, so I no longer need treatment for Dad anxious disease.I am stunned, this is so pure and innocent child, deep down, but the backlog is very heartbreaking burden of life, whether it is given the hardships of life, or the life of wealth will sharpen?I said to Lee Huan: You can apply for university sports dreams come true.Dream is not far away, but to pay our utmost to achieve.Starting tomorrow, the teacher accompany you exercise to improve performance review with you.Li Huan nodded deeply.The next day, the classroom and Lee Huan will always figure on the playground, at times, I also find time to accompany him to play with runners, two men exchange in the sports arena, is more thorough than the intimate classroom.Li Huan problem students this question, and all high school students, looking forward to go to college favorite, openly talk about a great love, so as to realize their ideal life for the community, to contribute to the family.Three years time will soon be over, through their own efforts, Li Huan with honors admitted to Shanghai a sports university.The day before the report went to college, he found me and handed me two thick diary, said: teacher, which is high since you served us a (2) homeroom teacher that day, I wrote about me, about you, diary about this class, which records the bits and pieces of my high school life, I want it as a gift to you, thank you have been my help and encouragement, without you, I will not go to college.Late at night, under a warm lamp, I look at those two diary, first published diary, Lee Huan said he was all eyes bad boy – poor academic performance, rude, often bullied by other students, since it is a bad student , then he must and new teacher against, because all the teachers are like honors students, without exception, will be thrown behind him a bad boy, he will give all the teachers wear colored glasses manufacturing trouble.Later, after my repeated tease, Li Huan say I am a teacher unusual, I say the opposite, actually these bad boys including his fallen in love with, from his heart after learning he had expected, until I conduct home visits to him and encouraged him to apply for college sports, he is a firm confidence in life and learning.In addition to learning, he is in the playground exercise, Lee Huan said that every day he could not live up to the expectations of the teacher.In order to improve performance, he once ran all the way wearily cried all the way on the playground, these sad memories, he was buried in the bottom of my heart, but would like to take the empty playground, to vent the hearts of anxiety, as well as the release of the stresses of life.Read this, I burst into tears.It turned out that bad boy on the playground is not just for physical workout space, or space to create intangible physical and mental health.It is visible not only in all reality, there is not known to people at heart, this construct in the mind and spirit of the invisible Holy Land, in today’s learning and academic pressure of such a large campus, is too important.To recommend the latest information sauna