History of “CTF” is a success story of a generation of business excellence


The history of the Chow Tai Fook, Cheng Yu-tung is a history of success —- Cheng Yu-tung resume generation of business excellence in Shunde City, Cheng Yu-tung, Cantonese.The current Chairman of the Hong Kong New World Development Company Limited, Hong Kong, Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd. President, Director of Hang Seng Bank in Hong Kong, Vice President of Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange Management Supervisory Board Member, Hong Kong Hong Kong Affairs Adviser, Hong Kong SAR Preparatory Committee members of the Committee and the selection Committee, the Hong Kong Shun Tak Fraternal Association honorary president, honorary president of the World Federation of aggregators Shunde, Shunde, Foshan, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Nanjing honorary citizen.Cheng Yu-tung was born in a family of silk yarn businessman, his 15-year-old was alone and away from home to make a living in Macao, Chow Tai Fook opened in fellow apprentice goldsmith.His hard-working, talented, honest and clever, won the proprietor of her, much esteem; elected Chenglongkuaixu, and Zhou Cuiying (honorary citizen of Shunde City) a married couple.Since then, he has become the backbone of the goldsmith, to develop their talents and ambitions.Cheng Yu-tung, Hong Kong ranked third in the super tycoon, the personal worth HK $ 30 billion.Hong Kong people hear his name and will be linked to household Chow Tai Fook jewelry.And he’s more Hong Kong New World Group is a diversified multinational group hotels, real estate, gold and other jewelry industry all-round development.Cheng Yu-tung bad talk, do not know him, always thought he was behind the brilliant performance of countless luck is.In this regard, he said: a person’s life, lucky to run into one or two is possible, but not always lucky.If you want to always be lucky, you have to pay for the eternal ‘ground’ and ‘honest’, that will follow you wherever you lucky.Cheng Yu-tung, though they have today’s brilliant, but also had a poor childhood struggling to survive.August 27, 1925 he was born in Shunde County, Guangdong Province (now in Shunde City) a poor family.Alone childhood family father opened the shop to make ends meet.The original parents want him to specialize in their studies, but had only a junior high school will be forced to drop out of school.13 years old, the Japanese invading army invaded Guangzhou, Hong Kong, millions of people affected by the war-torn intrusion, food and clothing instability, life is no guarantee, have to go out to relatives and friends.At that time, Macau is a Portuguese colonial possessions, because many Japanese immigrants sojourn in South America Portuguese colonial rule area, therefore, the Japanese invaders alone dared to trample Macau.In desperation, the father son Zheng Jing Yi will also be sent to Macau, to open CTF friend Chow Chi Yuen gold shop when folks go.Kim’s first gold shop fabrication nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine be regarded as a special industry, I do not know the ins and outs of who the boss is definitely not abused.Zhou Cheng has worked with profound exchanges, sensible Ah Tong Zhou childhood give a good impression, catch up with Chow Tai Fook gold shop just missing a reliable man, he accepted a small Ah Tong.Gold shop and the great man and a small boy, a small boy is when fatigues, Cheng Yu-tung from the boots dry, sweep the floor every day, wiping dust, wash the toilet, pour cleaning spittoon and other inside and out, and so everything was ready, he and another big guys late in the shop door to do business together.For a child who is only fourteen years old, this work is very busy hard but sensible little Ah Tong was a thinking mind does not live up to the boss’s grace is not abandoned, honest, diligent work.Chow Tai Fook gold shop due to the late entry, so the store is not known at the time.Shortly after accesible, Ah Tong diligence reflected in the work of wisdom is gradually being appreciated by Chow Chi Yuen.One day, Ah Tong weeks yuan to send a relative to pick pier.On the pier, ships from Hong Kong and Southeast Asia continue to shore, people bustling, steady stream.Suddenly, a businessman asking passers in Southeast Asia where competition can change HK.Many people know this is a good business opportunity, still very young Ah Tong also warm front approached the ground, he said with a thick accent Shunde: Chow Tai Fook gold shop to compete may change, fair prices.Ah Tong spoke articulate slightly awkward, but won the trust in the word of battle.In this way, traders looked humble Ah Tong, as he came to the CTF to create a sum of new business.Then, Chow Chi Yuen Tong Ah wisdom found in this area seem extraordinary, then sent him to continue the development of this work.After only six months, weeks Yuan Cheng Yu-tung for the upgrading of the official line of business apprentice in gold.At that time, due Guangzhou, Hong Kong fall, many gold shops migration Macau, gold shops almost everywhere, competition is very fierce.Cheng Yu-tung seems natural for the gold jewelry is born, he is very interested to jewelry business, quickly mastered the sit store marketing essentials like got into the profession and obsession.He often used the commuting time to see the road through the gold shop to compare, jargon is called to see shop.And I do not know Ah Tong Zhou boss and so obsessed.Over time, Ah Tong often late for work, thus causing the weeks yuan note.One day, on his way to work Ah Tong pass by a gold shop and found the window well stocked with several unique jewelry, could not help but stopped, a long time to try to figure it amazing that delay time to work.When he rushed back to the gold shop, the shop owner has been waiting for a long time, Ah Tong know they made a big mistake, gingerly explain the reason, the result not only did not blame the boss, will take to the streets to see the spread of anti privileges to him.So long as the business is not busy, he can take to the streets to see the paved.According to the rules, the goldsmith apprenticeship takes three years to the believers, Cheng Yu-tung but less than three years can be promoted to gold to shop in charge, responsible for the daily operation of the pavement.Cheng Yu-tung was later learned that the parents did the same in Guangzhou silk warehouse folks Chow Chi Yuen is a friend in need, like brothers.Zhou Zheng’s wife and pregnant at the same time, so the two agreed to a pulp for the marriage-laws.Kind of weather, Zhou Jiasheng daughter, Zheng Jiasheng a man, just became a natural fit.Chow Tai Fook gold shop to the apprentice, father worried about his son to Lang-law itself, rather than make progress, did not tell him about it.Three years later, under the auspices of weeks yuan, Cheng Yu-tung and Chou family’s favorite Zhou Cuiying really married couple.That year the couple with a 18-year-old, followed by 50 years until today, the couple always courteous.In mid-1946, 21-year-old Chow Tai Fook Cheng Yu-tung to set up a branch in Hong Kong.He traveled all over the territory of various gold and silver jewelry, various collection operation for leadership of the director of the branch, the branch of the business is very promising.However, Cheng Yu-tung is not satisfied, he clearly believes: in the market ‘GEM’ is equivalent to ‘defeat sector’, in order to attempt to move forward in the development of innovation in.So he makes yet another change of capital structure of the original model, invite colleagues, the formation of Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd., which is Hong Kong’s first gold jewelery industry bodies, Ltd..Although Cheng Yu-tung is acceptable to the old gold shop only with education, but he is not conservative, even with advanced modern philosophy.Under his new thought, the Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd. is no longer president of unique, but total assets, risk and profit sharing of the modern enterprise.In his way of thinking, unique insights, so colleagues praised everyone.Then spread everywhere in Hong Kong, gold, competition is very fierce.At that time, all of Gold to 99% gold, Cheng Yu-tung and boldly invested, created the first ninety-nine 99% gold, gold pioneered new technology for manufacturing, but also led the new trend of consumption, so this feat It laid a solid economic foundation for the future development of the Chow Tai Fook.Cheng Yu-tung forge ahead, and constantly open up new markets, just a few years, Chow Tai Fook branch had already increased to 11.Some say he is luck issued fiscal.Cheng Yu-tung said: Hong Kong is full of endless opportunities and challenges of local opportunities for everyone is equal, everyone is facing the challenge can not be avoided.The key in how you identify, there were enough mental preparation.When the Chow Tai Fook Cheng Yu-tung to a new level, he began to enter a new field.The ability to look to the diamond industry Cheng Yu-tung has strong control the market.In Hong Kong, Cheng Yu-tung king enjoys the reputation of jewelry, which also only refers to his gold, more so later he entered the forest of the world’s diamond jewelry industry.Cheng Yu-tung is very concerned about the international jewelry fashions, he found that observation, many women very identity of the West, like to wear diamond jewelry, gold jewelry has not been valued by them after this conclusion, he began to look to the diamond industry.In accordance with the provisions of international, De Beers holds licenses before the batch purchase of diamonds, but also the whole world, but only 500 such licenses.This license is De Beers, has scared off a large number of watchmakers, some in the industry say: to buy diamonds from De Beers, it is simply harder than reaching for the stars from the sky.Cheng Yu-tung did not result in retreat, his brains, a sudden and devastating idea, he decided to buy a South African company De Beers holds a license.De Beers has made him not only successfully license and 1970s, Cheng Yu-tung Hong Kong has become the largest diamond importer, the annual diamond export volume accounts for about 30% of Hong Kong.In fact, Cheng Yu-tung and create exploits achieved by the diamond industry, has played a guiding Hong Kong jewelry industry challenge tradition, seeking to develop an unprecedented revolution.Mr. Cheng Yu Tung 76-year-old, opened the business history of the Chow Tai Fook, every page of his 60 years as one day of struggle footprint: the early 1960s, one hand holding gold in one hand and stretch diamonds, all-powerful in the violent storm Cidaoxianhong mall , certain to win.1970s, the construction of the Hong Kong New World Center, acne this magnificent building is still the Tsim Sha Tsui’s signature building.80 years.With the Hong Kong Trade Bureau to build Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, ranked the most similar buildings in Asia.90 years, took the lead into the massive Over the years, Cheng Yu-tung’s performance record, has long been a favorite tale, his own 60-year-motivated action, confirming sincere body wash is undefeated principle of success.Cheng Yu-tung has always been pragmatic-oriented, good at grasping the opportunity to open up development.Cheng Yu-tung Chow Tai Fook jewelry line instead under the auspices Co., the rapid development of business, now under the twenty-three branches throughout the territory, Macau, and the first 999.9 pure gold; jewelry business as far away as South Asia, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States, and there is a diamond processing plant in South Africa, it is Hong Kong’s largest diamond dealers, jewelry king became renowned in Southeast Asia.