Cry of happiness


One philosopher said: a good friend is on the hill with one of dignity; water is a good friend, a vein of wisdom; a good friend of mud, rain, love.Yes ah, when we find dignity, wisdom and love, we must encounter backrest can be side by side, you can honor and disgrace, with fair-weather friend.I was fortunate to have found you – Tao sister, both my friends for life, but also my life’s sister!In the days of Beijing, I enjoy the warm sun and sister endless love among.Because the process to return something Xinyang, travel time, my sister was crying, crying sister, my heart flutter.When my sister and with a face tears of parting away I feel, at this moment I am the happiest person!Who can afford such care?Who can bear such happiness?Who can bear such a broad and boundless tenderness?So, I was crying, I was crying because of happiness, happiness is my cry.Sister is a woman, she was forthright, atmosphere, helpful, gives the general feeling is indestructible, she and decisive, honest.In Beijing’s interpersonal circle, people admire her very.As the saying goes: Yanguoliusheng, leaving a person too.Sister wherever, gives the left a good reputation, she will always be in people’s minds valiant “Zonda”.I do not know when to enter into a sister’s heart, so do not cry easily sister cry for me, I’m grateful and touched by the truth of you know?There is also a taste of tears.Tears when sad flows out, it is contains taste salty sad; in happy when the flow is contains a happy sweet taste; in difficult times flow out, is contains a hard bitter taste; in miserable when the flow is contains flavor sad cool; in moving when the flow is contains hot taste grateful; and when I Xinchan flow out, is contains the taste of happiness acids.Sister, you let me taste that sour taste, this acid, filling my every nerve, let my teeth itch, heart tremble, it wash my sadness and confusion.I have such a taste for the cry, to cry and happy with this.”Liu impermeable melodious Trees, mountains and clouds drift thousands of miles.Ying Sheng early boats are not afraid, why teach people smell alone.”I left crying and happy sister, I will leave soon wiped tears.I know that, regardless of my tears, or the tears dry, I will continue to enjoy the sun and warmth sister giving.In the next life, I will go to grasp: “Not to be comforted, but to console; not loved, but to love; not to be treasured, but to cherish.”.Sister, I will try, I will cheer for themselves, really want to one day fly to your side, I really do not want to “smell alone.”.Sister, I just want to harvest a ray of spring, and you gave me the whole spring; I just want to capture one leaves, but you give me the whole Fenglin; I just want to kiss a snowflake, but you have to give my white world..Heart, such as tide, moving talk, I will be happy to stay at the Four Seasons wind cry, I’ll cry happy to stay in the marshes in.(Read the article Net: World Wide Web.sanwen.COM)