Cruel beauty


When the cruel beauty I often think, making a variety of films and television programs, or to write a literary work, you will experience the deep contradictions by gradually hard and enjoy the blessed of art, this conflict has its own beauty side Yo!I call it cruel beauty! How cruel look at the director and author, the story is very unlucky or very happy plot, this can be short or straightforward to come clean, simple and neat to let you know one reason why directors or authors do not do it?Because it can not reach artistic effect.Artists for art is required to let the audience have a psychological state of expectation but dismay, and to let this mentality always continue. It is this hope and dismay attract you to read on.So a lot of the story is bound to sell off the child.That plot turn like a mountain, let you take a lot of costly mistakes.At the same time create unlimited suspense kept hanging your appetite until your heart bounced throats, so when you extremely intense pain point of joy, the theme of the party revealing some clues. Until you put those twists and turns and winding Department of possibilities to see the foot.Not when you catch a story, but the story is firmly grasp your heart, make you nervous as it is when it is madness to betray it, so you never reluctant to let go, let you be led by the nose step by step forward, come to no end no way to walk.Sometimes a dead end, and sometimes into Xianfeng low, sometimes even into one kind of darkness, and finally pen peak a turn, or the car to the front, or a way out, that is the time to a matter of course, the director and screenwriter in relation to tell you the story the.After you make the big worry Dabeitaixi big hate, suddenly realized, oh!So this is.You say that this process is not chasing a pain, is not a cruel!But it may well be a kind of beauty! After any thing or a complex plot twists and turns to the final appearance, or will feel when you know too simple, because of the bad results have only two results, either a good result, either.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) Art perhaps should have been depicted very simple things complicated, the idea would have been more straightforward plot novel.Finally something new to simplify complex mode of expression.There are also advanced to the final of the artists do not give results, make your own guess fee themselves pondering their own imagination, you can imagine a variety of results.Use of the wonderful, Bottom of you as one, which is the process of re-imagining the audience readers re-creation, of course, also a kind of beauty to enjoy and pursue the process. In fact, the gist of each work of art is to seize the hearts of the audience, after reading allowed to feel soul-stirring, finish without a break.This interpretation reflects the living arrangements deep, vivid rendering of the theme, the most prominent works of art charm.But seize the hearts of the audience and small nerve processes weak, the audience worried readers anxious fire risk, but it is a very cruel process.From a psychological point of view, worried anxious fire risk of psychological damage can not be ignored.The more people into the theater more vulnerable psychological.So, you say this process is cruel to do? You see ah!Some tragicomedy, the circumstances are especially touching that.Let you turn West to the East, such as over nine corridors; let you around the east around the West, Wuli cloud Ruzhui.So that people could not help but cursed impatient shout, let the sound of running out of patience hey people sigh and bitterness, so that people with heart disease to a faster emergency.Especially exciting scenes per night only twelve sets of the kind, the two played out a set of long, breathtaking at the brakes people feel anxious is too dry and so tough, is not it cruel? Especially those super tragic film, the hero by the infection rough fate, your mood has been very low lonely, but the director has to manufacture a wide range of tragic atmosphere to make you feel even more sad that, so in order to reach the realm of hearty.Sometimes to highlight a good person by ordeal, he played on the screen patiently continue to suffer tragic episode was wronged was hit, allowing viewers to see enough to see enough to see a thorough, but they can not see when good good newspaper, less than last minute is never let you see a turn for the better festive finale. Sometimes the play to highlight a bad person, director or author is always the best of their abominable of responsibility, you are certain to always play evil legion and seemed like endless endless books.Psychology of the audience, however, want the bad guys a little earlier demise earlier stop his evil conspiracy, but the director or author will not easily give such a fate villain.So we in the film or novel does not always easy to see that there are evil for the bad guys in the end, the audience is to brutally read on, until you finally completely conquered, just to let you know that the bad guys not hospice. Artists deliberate arrangement is to allow viewers to see how good it slowly get better, but did not imagine how wicked fast demise.In fact, people’s inner world all have a fair conscience at work.This arrangement allows people met compassion, justice would be done heart, heart reflected fair.To plot the scene, the audience sees is always kept in the dark side of show, show justice until the end of the victory of one side.The artist is to make you feel sympathy for the hero or sad time for the ups and downs of the struggle between good and evil battle in time of praise or indignation, to reflect the value of this kind of entertainment or art appreciation.This is not also a cruel and heart-wrenching process, is it not a pursuit of beauty and enjoy the process, I think this is a cruel beauty.This is the effect of art, both cruel part, more of a part of art.We feel that this degree of cruelty is an art An ordinary people difficult to match.This is a contradiction cruel and art, but also a cruel beauty!