Crowded article


Part One: people coming and going I think, if have a car, hurricane on the road of the city, a certain cool.Although the road is not wide, but less human activity, and on both sides of towering banyan trees and lush flowers covered the land, but also by quiet environment, there must be something to drag racing is different from the wild experience.But for now overwhelmed want is tantamount to good to be true, because for this city, and now I’m just a passing temporarily.  In the evening, leaning on the balcony, a point on a cigarette, quietly watching the sun set, even a look back to see on the walls of their golden silhouette very clear, ears to hear the hustle and bustle of people coming and going, as if suddenly I can understand the poet’s feelings.Twilight closed setting sun, to pedestrians in a hurry.To say I actually do not smoke, but under the leadership of people around the behavior, they will be a Diao, coupled with their own really like cigarette shape, white smoke can feel a very timely soothe one’s spirit.I chose ESSE, one kind lady tobacco, mint flavor, elegant to the extreme.Earlier we heard Ms. men smoked cigarettes spermicide, I checked the data to prove what actually smoked cigarettes, regardless of Ms. men are killed.Those who swallow the potent breathing smoke, I will not say.  Before that, I followed extensive road walk around the residence of a large circle.I always like to see a new place to walk by the way, before I think this is for me to see more of the scenery, but now I know that I am in fact, to find more opportunities, then silently remember.Of course, go for a walk one day meteoric rise is purely look at the scenery.To say really realistic, but I wound up walking in the big tree of the city, thinking here really really beautiful place to live, I’m just coming and going in a crowd, people are living in this apartment house in my hand in.This time the mood is very impulsive, do not know specifically what, until calm down, I found that I actually wanted to quit school!  Walking aimlessly, as if what they are looking for, reminds me of “Chungking Express” in the exaggerated wearing a wig woman, she was very lonely.I am also lonely, lonely but I think a lot of.Loneliness makes me happier.    Part Two: people coming and going Dalian began to get cold, this is the law, who can not change God’s will.Sometimes prefer to believe that God has a place in the Yin and Yang, then he will see clearly this fickle world, see, see everyone: rich and poor, good man, wicked, great people, ordinary people, misery people, happy people…..The street is still coming and going, just a bit thick clothes, everyone is chasing their own life, and not to discuss their right and wrong, just because everyone is only a world of small molecules only, they have the right to choose their own life, even if it is to be a competent thieves, prostitutes, scavengers, cleaners, clerks, teachers, students, walking in a strange street, they are still decent.  I was wearing a trench coat, the shuttle in the tall buildings of the street, just to buy things that I wanted, I move with the wind, the shop is not open.And back the same route under bleak, empty-handed…..My fortune, not my life.Do not own sad fate, indeed, sometimes picked the right road but did not get the results you want, but where so much time to care about their own life ring true, that bloom season, sank is sunny, we should cherish scenery along the way, smile and enjoy the moment, even if he did people live a chic.  Today saw the state of my little brother, ha ha he touches seems to be some unhappy ah, looks like a lovesick, I know that everyone experiences Sorrows of Young Werther kind of thing, once he was a child, ah, what know what love story.Think unknowingly, the people who grew up grew up, but that innocent childhood life along with it slowly dispersed.Time will go, now gone.Sauna net has a familiar couplet in “quiet little window in mind”: Rain or shine, busy watching Pretrial blossom; fate not, Man with the outer space Yunjuanyunshu.  People coming and going, I sing my song.Hua Xie flowers, vegetation love.Cheerful life will be a little dark slightest injury, less needless anxiety.Remember!