Part One: Crossroads Crossroads, people save animals, like most of a loaf of white ribbon, shining white in the summer sun shining, knotted, quickly scattered the open.  I stood twenty-storey upstairs, overlooking the deep.Intersection, cross-like shape, and the cross, full of people, crowded, noisy, trying to take this fence.However, I discovered the beauty of the Cross.Four directions of the extension to allow people to find their destination, each security it is no longer homeless.  I imagined that God put the cross on the palm of the hand, quietly watching people flock to all sides, to see how people are contaminated secular, and fought for his life.To see how people in the mortal world, grew by nearly dirge, joys and sorrows, and ultimately settled.  Hovering at the crossroads, we or determined, or hesitate, or thought, one interpretation of the vicissitudes of life.Even driving his mature thinking bolted, we are also likely to stumble at the crossroads and had to look up to another intersection, to seek a breakthrough in another life.  Our life and how to be wading through a number of crossroads, in order to continue into the next post, we can continue to write the legendary life.  As memories fade a place of dust, like, endless.Once, we thought hovering at the crossroads, facing each intersection, we are likely to change the trajectory of life.At this point, we are anxious, hesitant.In the future, just as see through the mist, suddenly regret it.Like left, right hand of sadness, of life left hand, right hand of fate, all are at that moment changed.  Since then, our life is rewritten.Crossroads, or life, or fate, who can see things clearly.Our eyes, full of unknown and confused, but we still have to use flimsy boats in the sea of fate, a glimpse draw the heavy or light, just to not let this turbulent undercurrent ran aground leaf boat, come to a standstill.Only for life set sail, rain or shine!  The crossroads of love, how many people, at that moment turned, Yanmianerqi.Watch you go back, disappearing at the other end of the intersection, I finally understand what is called our separate ways.I once thought that the day can be as placid, day after day, however, an intersection, but in the end I lost you.It turned out that a junction, just a turn of the distance, so far away, yet so close.  A person’s way, a person’s dream, located at the crossroads of the doomed struggle is hard.Dream took a wrong turn, or the odds, or re-opened another door.However, the crossroads, then why not a test of our past?Our wisdom, our experience, our will, have become the key to open the ideal intersection, is the touchstone of dreams.So, as long as we have the courage to face, firm self, with a life of hard lessons learned and knowledge, then why not open the door to knock on the intersection of wisdom?  Young, from his hometown winding path straight ahead, stepped on patches of mud, stepped piles of rubble, and finally in the end of the road, he saw a piece of Chrysanthemum, since the wind gently swaying, shed bursts of fragrance.The excitement, my heart suddenly have a desire, that is, grow up, I want to go on forever, has come to the end of the world, to find paradise in my heart!  At that time, my heart is full of passion, touching and romantic, a juvenile carries good wishes, I went through many years of walking, just know, the road ahead, or the right path smooth sailing, or thorns, or rugged alleys are a tough test.And I would also extend the years, the run around in turbulence and displaced, on the road one after another intersection, a station another station.Looking back on for years after, I was actually water-like tranquility.Had stopped for the intersection, the road has been displaced in the mood, all smoke in general, disappeared in the sky between.Think about it, perhaps I am from multiple junctions, safe and sound along the way, finally can no longer anxious, no nostalgia, no longer cringe.These make me whether any of the remote secluded, the heart can want nothing, Enron composure.  Water of life ah, we sleep a day, it is the end of a journey, and wake up every day, is also the beginning of a journey.When we finally mature thoughts toward the next intersection has taken firm steps, I think, even if the world as well as removal difficult situation and not doing righteousness, is also satisfied and no regrets.    Part II: the crossroads of life and every life a crossroads, people are always confused.I’m afraid of loneliness, always want to be around someone, or friend, or lover, you can talk to their status at any time.Always aspired to downtown, city lights, ease of access, what to eat can eat.So, when everyone in her mind parting season, I followed everyone’s anxiety and unease.  Graduate had never been seen, he would run into people who ask where to develop, many people have said, is uncertain.So, I am very tangled, afraid to make a decision early, afraid the decision early, and that time unique.The family also wanted me to go home, get a job to live peacefully.  So, until the last, it was only to go home.I mostly those who were childhood friends not contacted, mostly high school girlfriends Foes not at home in development, it is impossible to university students in there.Almost panic, feel lost all day.  One day, a friend asked me, you go home development is not very good for you, we choose to go outside the development, not because of the place where the prospects for the development of family, work hard to find, in fact, we go out is a last resort, you have why follow blind stir together.I smile, complain why no one understand their own.  I do not know where they come from the idea that reading four years of college, did not stay in the big cities, but back home in the county, is a disgrace.This year, which is not to run out, stay at home, that a whole useless.Heard people working in southern big city, could not stop the envy.Can imagine living in a place filled with KTV, cafes, foreign cuisine and gaming city is happy thing.  At that time, I was always so fond of glitz, I think the city people have a temperament, is how we have failed to learn.Even still regret their vote the wrong tires.Thinking back to those students, some have relatives to turn to in a big city, some in pairs to go out hard, envious tears started to flow out.I neither loved ones there and went relic natural life, but also the courage of a person in there.  Yesterday, a friend working in the south pull me talk all day, say want to buy a computer, for mobile phones, but no money.I said, you are not Baochibaozhu, 2000 as well as the wages it, not that hard to change the phone a month is not a luxury thing you.She told me that they live in poor dormitory conditions are good, freeze to death in winter, summer heat death, but also pay utility bills, wages after 2000 is positive, internships on 1400, under the overall total cost dated a month, not left how much, only enough to buy a cell phone parts, and want to do credit cards, maxed out when not afraid to play, installment, too does not pay up, things wear out, the money has not been repaid yet.  I know what to say, and I think this world is too simple.Always thought, Baochibaozhu you can not spend a penny, to give 2000 a month salary, I can saved in 2000, the year the province is 24,000 a month, then three, five, plus I do some extra part-time, are not you can afford the down payment.If the men had come with me, that life must be meaningful.  I often think about here, how they regret that they did not find a boyfriend in four years, how did the courage to go out alone break.But now, to hear so cruel reality, it would seem glad that they returned home.Think of them as it was his day when.  In fact, work is also good at home, parents can take care of that, no dormitory, but the home warmer.The city’s downtown might just surface, a lower surface bustling, people are under pressure in the breathing.Away from home, getting old parents, linger in the city, it is better to go home secure job.At the crossroads of life, we must be cautious of choice, not blindly into the crowded city.    Part three: Mr. Tao Weng walking in the intersection of I do not know what kind of people, it is also unknown Surname.There are five willow house edge, because that number Yan.  Speaking of “Hermitage”, people will think of the Eastern Jin Tao Yuanming, he thought of turning back selection idyllic, simple and natural.However, our Weng Tao, really is no turning back, directly off of the Hermitage yet?  ”Word multiplexing when the blending shape, the fate of any heart Hebu appointed?Hu mention mention of Yuhe?”This sentence is in Weng Tao resign Hermitage made after the poem, but it is this sentence, Going to the former, the latter seemed still unwilling to official career, is it not a contradiction?  I would like to Weng Tao Hermitage, first, because of his “love of this hill Mountain,” by Taoism, and he was originally rural life.Beautiful rear garden is his spirit, whenever setbacks, complex thoughts or mood disorders, home garden is the place for him to heal wounds.  Second, he was fond of drinking, there is evidence of a large number of poetry: “create the best drink Noir, in the period will be drunk”.In the countryside, he can give the wine poetry, even drunk Neilingding sleep for three days and had no serious problem.However, in official circles who can allow an official day drinking?Who would believe that a half-drunk half awake yet Husband?His ideals and his “hobby” to some extent also a contradiction ah!  Third, Weng Tao seen through the dark officialdom, for justice, he decided to quit the officialdom.The implementation of the Eastern Jin Dynasty “patriarch system”, however Tao to his children’s generation has begun to decline, people on the official how he does not despise?Moreover, when the emperor Liu Yu Tao Yuanming let its praises and express the world, Weng Tao do not want to deceive his heart, so is not impressed by the Five Pecks of Rice, I can not do official, I’ll Hermitage.  Speaking of “Hermitage” word, I think the “hermit” who are divided into three types: First, avoid killing political; second is to find it too dark officialdom complex, but still involve themselves politically wait Mingjun; Third, Weng Tao, who belong both plus some “literary style”, and a great yearning to find their ideal world, yet unwilling, but to the world is drunk and I alone am sober, I walked sunshine Road, you are walking on, let’s come to a peculiar!  Walking in the crossroads of life Tao Weng Lian Shi also the reason why, probably because he was influenced by Confucianism and large world economy.At first, he was a backbone to follow out some big business person, see through because of the brutality of the Liu Shuai Xiu away.When he faced the threat of the emperor and the imperial court decadent, he did not choose the bootstrap a just war banner of leadership, but retire at the tender, ears do not hear out of the window, one read only the books of sages.Nightlife network such Weng Tao, wandering in this official career, Going in many times, whenever there is a hope of seeing him appear wise ruler, he would volunteered to implement their aspirations talent, his Confucianism at this time the largest expression.The reason in many articles, he explains official career mostly the same: no financial resources to support family.And I think another reason is that he considers himself as a young blood, heart of the world will have any weight, make Quo in their limited life, the people of big business.For these reasons it is not just because of his mention of officialdom, their ideal paradise for despair can not be achieved, hate, really do not want to mention Bale.  Throughout those literati officialdom frustrated in history, why do not you have been to “Hermitage” life?My personal opinion is: Li Bai though see through officialdom, unable to display their talents, but he was free and easy, “Man,” the idea that he was reluctant hermit; Du Fu, Su Shi because they can not be subject to reuse also frustrated, but they are more than Tao Weng “Confucianism” more deeply, “Road” thinking but a little something; and Weng Tao Lin Bu most similar to such a hermit, because they are pushing yourself: learn to put down!  Walking in official circles and rural crossroads Tao Weng ultimately chose to lay down.When he put down Pengze magistrate The tiny seals, but whisk the Eastern Jin Dynasty from the demeanor of a high summit!    Part Four: Love at the crossroads dilemma Marriage is like driving a private car in the city streets, carrying peace, joy, health and happiness.Starting from the starting point, the scenery along the way leads people intoxicated, sweet feeling also frequently refresh the memory, for fear of a look oath as the scenery swept away.  Along the way we will countless times across the crossroads of the city, the traffic light is like living in a noisy stumbling, go green yellow red stop warning.  Marriage is the case, no one will ever have passion, no time Who can say the way to warm their homes without nap.Do we have had such a feeling – love at the crossroads dilemma.  Purple Butterfly is a beautiful and talented private owners, 33-year-old, 9-year-old child.She has a flourishing on their own factories and hotels, business.Manufacturing is such a miracle woman many times, but in the emotional dilemma.  Three years ago her husband of having an affair she suffered a heavy psychological blow, the pain is self-evident.Since then, the once warm and harmonious family happy go from Cold War, to tear from the Cold War.Sometimes feeling really vulnerable, fragile like a piece of paper, a tear on the broken, broken it difficult to bond.  When the parents return home once the seat, she met students at the primary school.In reminisced and contacts, she discovered the fate of beautiful pass and missed.  Once she caught a cold, myrrh at home, he came to town to buy her from her office.Cold medicine, heat, and the kind of stomach pain, such Qiu hot man she was very deeply moved, others send carbon snow, he is a drug delivery Barry.  On another occasion in her home, when her uncle died, the night up late at night to accompany his five in the morning to give her buy a lot of food, so cautious man, make her feel good too little.So in her mind the bud the idea: “If you miss this, maybe I’ll regret it.”Another time they quarrel, she broke it, he said nothing agreed, she ignored him, he came to her city, not seen in a hotel, she said nothing to go, she goes, he cried , and also kneeling.These are so she can not forget.  Once a woman give love, just like a runaway horse, just-a.As the interpretation of the drama, she and he once again experience the hotel distance to hear each other’s heartbeat.  Her classmate’s wife is a language barrier, he also has a 5-year-old child.According to him, he and his wife sometimes difficult to exchange and communication.To this end, he and her care of each other, sympathize with each other, love each other.Even mention the divorce and outline future point.Of course, when talking about divorce occurs contradictions and mouth, because she does not fit their children, not for anything else.For this purpose, reference is made to break up.However, they were both back and forth does not fit this relationship.  One day, he sent her a text message to let her husband see.He strongly opposed to divorce her husband.He husband did not read any books, surly.To this end, she suffered destruction on the mind and body, her mind and body tired, but for our children can only suffer in silence.  Now he’s out for her hard work, he wanted to give her to create a warm home belongs to them.Perhaps the oath as night-blooming cereus, a very short time open, filled with the aroma prove whether it had been there in this world love it?  For her husband, she chose to compromise, but for him, she was at a crossroads, sped past the traffic has to make her afraid to take the chaos.Because if she chooses the wrong direction, it might be destroyed – she was waiting to see traffic lights at the same time, the heart is a painful struggle.  Love at the crossroads, then love is more like a balance, one side is love, while the lover, the dilemma is feeling the pain of people have their own.  No one is willing to betray his wife, Love is beautiful because it is an obsession and spiritual beliefs.Marriage life is not always sunny, if there is no tolerance and patience, we will never see are dark sky, the moon is always wrapped in each other’s conflicts and misunderstanding among the clouds.  Love is beautiful, but it is also cruel, people live tiring, for love, for love and tired.We humans love almost invariably, every time love is in reincarnation, lifetime we really need life cycle through several love it?    Part Five: guardian of the crossroads of time flies, inadvertently came to the front door of the traffic brigade practice has been nearly a month, day and night, and looking back bit by bit in the Public Security University, recall these days in the brigade, offer all kinds since floating on emotion gap heart.  When the dream of learning to walk slowly, as if this dream will be their children in general, with care.March 2011, we finally ushered in the opportunity to realize their dreams – each came to Beijing traffic police brigade practice, only one purpose is to let the dream go more robust in practice, more heroic.  Sun in the sky, we stand at the heart of a crossroads for hours.I strive to make the image of the traffic police with pens in our hands, the voice traffic is transmitted to people through my mind between.In the communication from heart to heart and hope to gain approval of the masses.On our way to overcome all difficulties, to walk in the daytime duty.In the old police with their conversation, their words reveal the affirmation of our desire and this gets better blessing for us.  Shining stars in the sky, like a beacon eyes, lighting up the path of a Traveler.The curtain lifted to the night when the stars of heaven away.Traffic police will now become the night the brightest star, bringing the bright expanse of road, Ying Toru all the scenery on the road.Vehicles passing in single file, the line Hustle adults and children, these have become the beautiful scenery in my mind.To them, I would like to mountain stands as a dignified, quiet guard their lives with strength.  I would like to guide passers heading lamp, put to cherish life and to cherish safety, staring into a real eternity.Stars in the night sky up, they care all that was good and peace on earth; but I am willing to do light on the road, in the sun or bright winter tirelessly, regardless of the time goes by, regardless of the passage of time.  Traffic lights, this is my eyes never blink landscape, we are always traffic police flashing hearts.Ensure safe pedestrian travel, this is a timeless revelation, is a sort of fluttering banner.Everyone’s eyes have a natural way, every human heart has a mind for some way, with the rough-hewn flat in good faith, with the breathtaking carved wish peace.  Crossroads Center is a sacred territory, and we are standing in this territory where people guard.Therefore, the road of duty days, I hope to witness my vow through their own efforts.When the first ray of sunshine thrown into the earth, I bless Sabian Takahashi road, please hit the road with our blessing, I wish everyone a safe journey home.