Listen to the wind rustling, a few world entanglement exchange for a life companion?Accompany you to see everything everything is clutch, eventually dissipate in ten fingers.Life becomes a mess, formerly so proud, so strong; those who consume your beauty and perseverance?Early summer night, looking up at the night sky softly meditation fetters of past life.    The first drops of tears falling, with reflux into the thoughts of the river, only wish you can feel this dedication.Suifeng Wu from the willow shore, the breeze blowing through the cheek, just like your pair of warm hands.Strange city, unloaded that heavy disguise, only to release your inner self.    Because that glimpse of the sea, how many times reincarnation of fate can not scatter.This world there a solution out of antidote can share scores?Red Dust is not the original one another, Why do we tie him down?    Past, turned into rain turned into tears of style, just for you to.Vigorous youth screeching halt, like the Yangtze River water can not back; depleted sad exchanged back.Nightlife network life, of the poetry of the lyrics turned into a song, only to forget you.Flat light of day slowly flowing, like a window solitary forever associated; cast aside all sad.    Pull a sad, sprinkling the South, since I do not know the face of the king; fulfill this life does not owe two.    Stroke trace of thoughts, threw the north, I do not know from Jun timbre; fulfill this life live in peace.    Expel a recall, to the west, I do not know from Jun warm; to fulfill this life pass.    Bombs tear off to the east, since I do not know Jun feelings; sake of this life in the political arena.