Criticism is also a caring way


Criticism of the word that everyone is familiar with it!From small to large, everyone has weaknesses, anyone can make mistakes, it is inevitable close family members, teachers, colleagues, leadership, would be timely criticism.Can someone encountered a lot of criticism of the idea, hesitates, worried about the impact of personal image, as well as putting a heavy burden of thinking.Personally, I think this criticism seems to be “a bad thing” is also a “good thing”, not only pressure is the driving force, but also a caring, the key is to adjust the attitude to criticism.Everyone will encounter different people criticize themselves, do not know whether my friends would think, in fact, criticism is another special way of caring! As the saying goes: “good medicine tastes bitter, unpalatable advice help line.”.There are shortcomings or mistakes people generally only after criticism, would cause shock in terms of ideology, will recognize mistakes, learn, get rid of problems and prevent recurring problems.On the other hand, if no one criticism to help left unchecked, it is likely to be small mistakes lead to disaster, causing life-long regret things. From small to large, we are in the care of the people around us, life has parental care, friends who care, have teachers tell when he was studying, there are incentives to help supervisors work colleagues. Sons and daughters are the parents of palm treasure, parents want their children to be able to become useful, but do parents often make children sad.We position them in the eyes of those of us who do children have done something wrong, hurt the hearts of their parents, our parents would be severely criticized, this time their criticism proved how important it is when.For example, a child, we play with the neighbor kids when ignorance will produce some small contradictions, then how do we resolve this contradiction it?Do you have aggressive behavior it?Is not it will use sand or stones to attack the other party (the children) do?Parents and criticism is teaching us the truth in life, you can not use violence to solve problems, not to hurt each other’s ideas, but also learn to accommodate each other, which is very important for their future growth!If you hurt each other, the consequences are not only allows parents to worry about, the key is to give each other some mistakes will always cause harm but also let yourself regret it forever!When our test scores are not ideal, when we do not know a vacation time to read and study every day, just know to play, parents will give us harsh criticism.No matter how poor children in the hearts of others, but in the hearts of parents, we will always be the parents of the boy, their criticism is that we want to become useful in the future we will be getting!Parents criticize or scold, we as children must be able to understand! Growing up we started to receive an education, and then the teacher has become our second best any parent.They treat their students as well as parents of their children.I believe the teacher severely criticized and punished when many of my friends have had this experience when reading, it is to complete the job when no security is.In fact, as a teacher, they do not want to do, they just completed on time in order to allow students to develop work habits, but also to allow students to cherish the time to learn from an early age, they also want to be able to teach students taught each.Their criticism explains in his mind that you should be a good boy, rather than just the school raised.And another for the poor performance of mischievous students, the teacher will be severely criticized, but for students after criticism that is not changed, the teacher can only be left to its own mixing time.They mix their own time, parents hard-earned money is wasted.I do not know any other school would not be like this, I only know that when we read three days to test the focus of high school, the teacher put a good result sensible obedient students sitting three rows are arranged to the classroom, they answered every question problems and patient and meticulous explanations.And another for the poor performance of mischievous students, as long as no impact on other students lectures teachers generally ignore them. After work we are exposed to the company’s leadership and colleagues.We had just entered the community, at work, of course there will be many who do not understand, suffered criticism will be more natural.They criticized us because we did not meet in their minds should meet the standards, live up to their expectations, so we think it will be lazy, and think we muddle through, of course, he will bluntly criticized us.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) before I go to work at a Taiwan-funded enterprises, the people of Taiwan have a manager, he managed the affairs of companies large and small, in the workshop which he often visits, to see where there is a bad place to do immediately to find department heads deal with.Over time, he asked for improvement, we do not make the same mistake again.His request very severe, so many employees do not like him, thought he was nosy, but he did not think so.Once we meet, he said that word I have been firmly remember and touched me, he said, “I say you two are good for you, if that one person, I do not want to even say he said, and it only shows that the person is already in my heart dispensable, he will no future in this company up!I said if you mind at ease and as I say do it, it means you value that person as well as training, I said you do not place you improve, you also prove that I am in the eyes of in!”That is like some practical, some companies often make mistakes and like lazy people, after several managers said they would no longer say, when they met later did not see the same.Even if they did that company in three to five years will not be too much to pay them added.If they made a mistake, the penalty amount and degree of weight better than others.But for those who work seriously, and their wages will be relatively higher and if there is opportunity for advancement within the company also will first think of those who have the ability to do things seriously.If they occasionally make a mistake, the first penalty is a warning to the announcement. We can understand because of “turn iron into steel” and produce a variety of chastising parents expect their children to become useful, likewise we should also understand those who criticize us for our special care.In a special way to thank those who care for us, but also remember to timely care for themselves, please be kind to criticism!When criticized, not only to humbly accept, but also to mend its ways, but also have to thoroughly clean and correct, prevent the resurgence of shortcomings and mistakes, to make their life more exciting rising. Of course, whether in work or in life will encounter some unreasonable people give us some inappropriate accusations, inappropriate for those accused, would like to open some “adults do not count villain too,” When is this life glass of wine it drops a little vinegar!