China's response to Zimbabwe "capital flight" list: not accurate, Zimbabwe should do more investigation


  [Global Times reporter Wang Panpan Wang Kuaicong] According to the South African news website TimesLIVE22日报道, Zimbabwean President 姆南加古瓦 capital outflows list released Monday, show hundreds of foreign enterprises and individuals have not returned harboring billion dollars in foreign funds, of which about 70 per cent is funded enterprises and Chinese businessmen。
In this regard, the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe officials said the list is not accurate。 Zimbabwe's finance minister recently visited China, he said the incident will not affect the relationship between Zimbabwe。   According to reports, in recent years, the outflow of funds for Zimbabwe serious problem, since taking office last November, 姆南加古瓦 requires foreign companies and individuals reflux funds within 90 days。
But his March 19 said that at present only a billion dollars reflux。 The list is divided into three categories, one of which is the transfer of funds to a list of people who have called in China。
Some local media took the opportunity to hype, claiming that Chinese enterprises in the country's capital flight problem culprit。
  TimesLIVE said Tuesday at the press conference held in Harare, Zimbabwe, Political Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe Zhao Baoshan Iron and Steel said that this list is not accurate, some companies have to solve the problem in consultation with the departments concerned, Zimbabwe each We shall carry out more investigations。 Reported that 姆南加古瓦 is expected to visit China in April this year, this will be the first visit to the African country after he took office outside the continent。
Zimbabwe has maintained good economic and trade relations between the two countries。
2016, bilateral trade volume reached $ 900 million, mostly in cotton and mining。
  Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was forced to resign late last year, became president 姆南加古瓦。
This year will be held in the country's general election。 Assistant Dean of the School of International Relations, Huaqiao University recently went to Huang Han-day visit to Zimbabwe, said he accepted the "Global Times" reporter, 22, came to power after 姆南加古瓦 hold high the banner of anti-corruption, capital flight take surgery to strengthen the authority for the election plus Minute。
But these opaque measures may affect the investment enthusiasm of Chinese businessmen。 In addition, the Zimbabwe opposition forces should not be underestimated, it faces no small challenge 姆南加古瓦。