East Fleet combat training: barrage destroy new high-speed drone (FIG)


Yangzhou-ship missile firing rockets deep。
  "Tracking stability, consult shooting!"Changchun ship out of the fog, heading quickly into battle, ready to expand the application of gun-fire training on the sea。 With the commander's order, guns firing squad ZHANG Xu Hua decisive, cannons target Shen。 Zhengzhou ship and other ships have also opened fire, accompanied by waves of violent explosions, more float target was destroyed。
In addition, the formation Gejian also been underway replenishment, reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance, command post transfer, sailing value more than 20 official training courses purpose of this exercise。 The whole task, relying on fleet command post command information system, a random set of emergency situations, testing Gejian enhance emergency response capabilities; basic training courses set up random danger, inspection officers and manipulate equipment proficiency。
They also set up by the organs and the business sector, basic skills training Inspection Unit ships non-commissioned officers formed the backbone of the whole participating in the training inspectors, and resolutely reject out of combat "showy"。