Courtyard deep dash


“Osmanthus tree tree so nice, is not from the moon in the shift?”” Silly boy, the moon in GuiHuaShu how it can be moved in mortal?”” Grandma, you look so nice, is not it also down from the moon in?”” Silly boy, grandmother if it is from the moon down inside, that you just have the little moon fairy ah!”Some fragments of the depths of memory, often come to mind, some of the memory of the late landscape and people, always lingering, entangled in it.For example grandmother, I often dreamed of her loving way, as well as his grandmother’s garden, my favorite childhood, playing in the courtyard of Happy Hour.    Great grandmother’s garden, facing south towards the house, go out is an open space, a small garden east grandmother.Useful stone and brick courtyard and garden and assembled between the fences, fence near the middle of the wall there was a huge sweet-scented osmanthus tree, umbrella-shaped crown looks good, mottled bark with Emotion of old branches that it has been quite some age — listen to the grandmother said that it had a hundred years old.    In August, fragrance.Grandma’s sweet-scented osmanthus open, golden flowers encrusted old branches, fragrant courtyard.    In the autumn, a full moon shining pure, reflecting the party courtyard.Grandmother move a pair of feet and takes me in his arms, sitting under laurel, melancholy, he looked round the moon, thinking of my grandfather and no audio jiu.Ilex Huayin reflect weak figure covered grandmother, grandmother under the moonlight, like a quiet beauty of the statue, the grandmother also poignant face as white as the moon cold.    Laurel fence near a wall covered with ivy, ivy vines soaring year after year, year after year the green.April and May, the vine was covered with pale flowers, bunch of a bunch of elegant drove calmly, like a calm little country woman.Chunhua thanked, they grow a lot of small fruit to.Autumn has come, ripe fruit, a fruit grandmother called the uncle not to pull off, spread out to dry, then peel the shell wash jelly.    I asked my grandmother: “Grandma, What kind of fruit?How not to eat raw off?”Grandma said:” This is called Cool vegetarian cake, apples and jelly can wash, good drink, can detoxify, it can cure many diseases!”From then on, I got to know one kind of evergreen vines in grandmother’s garden, met on the vine fruit knot called vegetarian cake, can not be eaten raw, but can wash jelly, and a good drink.Grandma’s garden was full longer good baby!Nightlife Network is the grandmother of the Hedge “Peach Blossom Spring”.Four weeks “paradise” are enclosed with stone brick, which has a grandmother planted vegetables.The uncle who dug, weak grandmother can not even move heavy tools, lotus feet feet grandmother unable to move even more so.Vegetables are planted grandmother, reclusive grandmother to make a living, many have learned whatever farm work, such as planting vegetables, planting.Throughout the year, the garden has a busy grandmother, grandmother of hard work, in exchange for “Peach Blossom Spring” in summer green Chun Wai hospital soaring vegetarian cake vine is paradise for the four seasons thespians grandmother.    Autumn has come, corner garden green melon stand receded pumpkin, melon coated in frost on a more rounded body, lazy leisure lying melon shelves.    Weekend, small Chanmao were back, the grandmother in the selection of a melon stand mature big pumpkin, pumpkin for us to make a tasty cake.Wash hands and my sister, his grandmother learned to make cake.I disservice with his sister, his face, his nose paste with flour everywhere, Grandma looked at us one pair of painted face cat loving smile.    Out of the garden gate is a path next to the road is a big pond, the pond has a lot willow, willow root shall be placed firmly rooted in rock crevice.Spring wind, graceful willow, flower duck goose on the water from the shuttle.Throughout the year, there is always a clever shadow floating on the water.    Door facing the garden pond Shibanqiao.Shibanqiao wide long been connected to the deep water.Spring and autumn, willow leaves have switched to gold, ten million Stir singing in the autumn wind, Liu Ying stone bridge, the grandmother wash clothes.Under liuyin a gaunt figure, a full head of black hair has been the star turn white, white on a slant Fabin round hairpin, Pathetic black trousers, a white face sober forever.    Like a dream, trance grandmother gone, sweet-scented osmanthus tree was gone, vegetarian cake vine gone, gone vegetable garden, as well as the big pond gone!    I find that dream in the debris of time, looking for Grandma’s shadow.Shadow grandmother clear and fuzzy, as well as the lonely and warm courtyard, childhood gave me a warm place to come together with a dream.Years, the scenery and many people are buried in memory, with the exception of days has not changed, the original is still as big, but the scene on the ground have changed and people have.