Part one: courage courage, which is not significant mountain, not dew perseverance; courage is a fear of wind, rain defying spirit.- Inscription in the vast expanse of the sea, a ship in moving forward, suddenly, incredibly hard, rolling waves, not far from the sea thrown from the surging waves that come, the ship then how do?Turned the bow, will only make waves knocked over; escape?Waves will sooner or later catch up.There is only one way, that is facing the waves hesitate to go ahead!The only way to win the battle with the waves, the only way to usher in the dawn of the next day.Ship like this, life time too?  On that occasion, the school held running race.The sky cloudless, the sun would not hesitate to sunlight scattered in every corner.Only that light breeze blowing from time to time, ask me to go to the sweat on his forehead, on the playground, the game being carried out in tension.  ”XX!”” To!”My turn to play, and could not help some apprehension, seeing other students, are ready, ready to go.Look at the red flag waved, we would like the cosine of the arrow like crossing the finish line, I ran up with.Once, twice, gradually, my legs like lead, like a heavy, rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, so I quit the idea of initiation.Just hangin ‘in our class, “fat boy” more than me, so I was surprised mind.Yes ah, he was able to perseverance, courage, and I do?Since the decision to play, we must move forward ran down, until the last moment!Thought here, I would strenuously breathe, get rid of the pain, before bravely ran.End of the game, although I do not have a better ranking, but I still feel the wind as I wipe, tree cheering for me, because of my understanding of a spiritual baptism.  Courage, perseverance required; ahead, in order to stimulate the potential of life, to realize the value of life, to live a wonderful life.I want to be like that, like a ship in the sea of life, courage, never stops!    Part II: courage as a member of the Chinese nation, I am proud to China!China is one of the four ancient courtesy, her long history.From inflammation.Yellow Emperor to the Spring and Autumn Period, the Qin Shi Huang unified China Sun Yat-sen led the Revolution to “ “ “ China five thousand years, who found that she has experienced many ups and downs and hardships!But she never give in, never compromise, never backed down!Since the Opium War, China will become a semi-colonial and semi-feudal of the country, have become the object of aggression competing powers.However, China does not have powers under the fire down, and did not therefore give in, her stubborn resistance, struggle and, eventually, back on its feet.And progressive integration into the world community, continue to flourish.Play their own unique role in the international community!  China is the birthplace of the ancient world courtesy of.Ancient Chinese culture has been an endless stream of radiation and spread outward.From the Han Dynasty envoy Zhang Qian Jin obvious method to South Asia to the Western Regions, Xuan Zang westbound from the Tang Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty, Zheng He, the ancient ideals, monks and scholars, merchants traveled attendant, difficulties and dangers of cultural tours, contributed to the development and dissemination of Chinese culture world culture.That day, the Chinese culture is also very good, foreign Chinatown, Confucius School of Chinese Culture “ “ “ all expressed the Chinese culture into the world, to the people a great deal of inspiration.  China’s indomitable spirit, constantly giving birth to sons and daughters.Chinese sons and daughters have inherited her spirit.In the long more than 5,000 years, the Chinese nation constitutes patriotism as the core, unity and solidarity, love of peace, industry, courage and self-reliance of the great national spirit!Why the vicissitudes of the Chinese nation and your spirit diminished, tempered and strong morale more?One important reason is never devoid of national spirit.Great national spirit among the brilliant smelting in ancient Chinese culture, but also in modern Chinese People’s Salvation Yucheng strengthen the country, it is fought courageously fight, but Zhang Xian in the development of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics into.  As sons and daughters, as descendants of the dragon, we should inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Chinese nation.As sons and daughters, we face a crisis team should be united, united!Nuisance at western Tibetan separatist elements, although fear of damage, but did not break the unity of the Chinese people scattered hearts; South rare snowstorm, although cold, but no cooling people to return home New Year’s enthusiasm; 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, though sorrowful regret earth, but did not shake the confidence of the motherland and the people to rebuild their homes; the United States triggered a global economic crisis, although affected, but did not impede the momentum of steady development of the domestic economy.Because there must be fruit, it is due to the strong economic strength of the country, improve the role of the economic system of the Chinese spirit, so that Chinese people united as one, the leadership of the party and government compliance, so that such a crisis is resolved smoothly.  China opened a glorious page from the day of her indomitable spirit and spectacular practice of innovation, composed a self-improvement of the Chinese nation to forge ahead tenaciously magnificent epic, the face of the Chinese people has undergone historic changes.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) Looking back on the road the hardships, how many tragic, how many moved, how many dreams, how much glory, bearing in mind that in the heart of the Chinese people, written into the historical picture Republic!They will always exist in the hearts of the Chinese people, always motivate us, hard struggle!  Sons and daughters of self-improvement.From the early days of destitution, severe economic backwardness, the national career undone by now become the world’s largest economy; from all-cotton linen to a wide range of fashion brands; just to fill his belly from the requirements of color, flavor and with the whole ` “ “ `all of this is the Chinese people to move forward, never back down, the results shed sweat in exchange for China’s economic construction!(Touching words) rings in constant rotation, the world is constantly evolving, China continues to progress.Today’s China, not what!God seventy-one soar Olympic success, this success has benefits milestone, marking China has become a world power!  I am proud, because of my descendants of the dragon; I am proud, I am Chinese people because of!    Part III: courage before I always thought that life really annoying thing.  Sister Feng their parents to observe my life.I uncharacteristically said a lot of words, some words are racking their brains to say, the purpose is to prove to her that I am very happy.After a lot of spray spittle, my sister said something softly: you like this, is not good.My heart suddenly cold.  To be honest, there are times when I really want one of them cry: Please respect my choice, let me fend for themselves.But reason always control myself, so their real thinking was himself killed.Almost every time there is choice, are like this.Fear that they chose the favorite will hurt others, afraid to tell their own ideas will be criticized.Always think: they are good for me, they heard it.Then lock yourself out of the heart in a cage inside a welded dead, never open.This is the legend of estrangement?  That midnight, no sleep, hiding under the covers to my father compiled a long long text messages.That is, to show him that I wanted to live freely in order to dream.Send midnight after a successful I have been self-blame, because it feels like there is a word to say too heavy.”Sometimes I felt like a dove, would you like to return to my wings blue sky?”I want to own a all paid a father, this sentence should be sad to see it.My conscience remorse.The next day there has been no reply from my father, anxious all day, I really wanted to ask male coworkers, if you wholeheartedly love her daughter to say to make you sad, then, how would you do for you, but always shy difficult to say.  After twenty-two hours taking advantage of Mom and Dad sleeping phoned and said; “You grow up, figure it out, is not to give you freedom, but fear you are tired out.”After hanging up the phone, tears streaming down unconsciously.  In recent years, the family has a lot of things about the life, about the death.I do not want to exaggerate what they saw life and death, life and death are just looking around these tortured relatives, and my heart kind of feeling tired.Said to be a tired, in fact, is a kind of inner self-escape, in fact, from the heart of fear.Terror that originated in the source of life, always in his mind and body weakness, when a terror of death began to gradually gain the upper hand, the body began to shake, so physically and mentally controlled by darkness.This feeling and this thought hardly anyone can understand.  I remember that day and his colleagues go out and buy things, met the seller is a very speculative talk of sister.She spoke when it comes to the question of age.She said she had a sister, a year older than me, but eighteen had regenerative anemia, found after the disease died less than four months.After listening to her, I was shocked.I seem to see so eyes water Lingling big eyes, through the darkness, staring at me.Eyes that there is no choice, there is nostalgia, there is envy.Eyes like a ghost, is always staring at me through the darkness.I began to think I was eighteen are doing, thinking, in what it hopes.  Such a comparison, I suddenly felt so lucky.I did not suffer life-threatening illness, not involved in a life-threatening event go.From the age of eighteen and now I successfully finished high school, through college and entered into society, came into contact with all kinds of people and things.In my wayward requirements, and freedom to choose where to go their own development, there is freedom of choice in what kind of job, as well as the freedom to choose whom to marry and how to get your life.I had such a bright future, and I had never realized.I realize I was God’s favorite, has been the blessing of the gods, so I successfully gone through so much of the spring and autumn, to see so much beauty, I’ve met so many people.I’m afraid of what?  Dark eyes, dark has been swallowed up, but never a trace of fear and anxiety.I am a living in the sun, set a dotes on, even weak timid to dare to open their eyes to see the world.I think at that time I was eighteen, after many years grown to know if such a person, how would it life and death decisions?  With this intention, suddenly I discovered that life is so much better.    Part Four: no fear of snow, we go forward sky snow were numerous, white flowers float in the air like falling, he lit up the beautiful snow sheep pull, but also makes the Diqing Mining plunged into ice and snow.New Year’s Day holiday, a sudden blizzard swept snow even more beautiful, but also to all the sheep to pull heavy hearts, because it’s coming to our work has brought a lot of difficulties.Dilemma at hand, go forward or backward is cringe?Industrious and brave people will choose the latter Yangla!The snow comes, we have to plum as Aoxue general, with indomitable courage bloom on until usher in the Spring garden!  As the development of Yunnan Copper Group Pulang copper mine “dowry girl”, our predecessors came from a difficult period entrepreneurship among experienced a lot of ups and downs, whether it is put into operation on the occasion of the financial crisis, geological or 2012 disaster, for us, is a heavy blow, but it was never meant to bow, because we all know that the market economy does not believe in tears, wanted out of the woods there is no other way out except through the clutter and fearless assault.In fact, wind and rain young Diqing mining experience, let us become a more powerful collective, step by step way, we forge ahead in unity, gradually worked out more and better experience, we believe that through the unremitting Yangla efforts, we will be able to rediscover the glory of our own, and we are for the early arrival of this day and work with!  Snow without fear of attack, is an unyielding quality.In a calm day, no one will feel the snow struck trouble, there are a lot of people will produce an unspeakable fear of ice and snow, but the real brave but never because of the snow and stop, because they know, the way forward has always been full of thorns, wind Blizzard is also common, and if because of these difficulties and stop, then it will never be able to climb the peak of life.Life is so, the development of enterprises, too, a business can not always be smooth sailing ahead in.One might think that Di mine is unfortunate, because we put into operation on the occasion of the financial crisis experienced evil, the joy of harvest after the crisis has not stay a moment in the face, it has suffered a rare geological disasters, we have also experienced a market downturn recession, in 2012, 2013 two consecutive years of losses so many people for the future Di mine full of doubt, and even the mood to complain, is that ore Di untimely own depression unsuccessful.  The fact is it really?Only to see the snow cruel, but did not see the unyielding efforts of such people is the biggest mistake.Yes, indeed Di mine suffered a lot of misfortune, but unfortunately also completely sheep pull people out of the indomitable spirit inspired.We think the face of difficulties, we changed our hard work, our efforts, our innovation!Anterior difficulties and obstacles we are not afraid, future snowstorms, we go forward, we firmly believe that efforts will be able to get a return, we firmly believe that they can out of the woods.We have been efforts, we have been the first line!  see it?After the disaster, Di mine leadership aware of the drawbacks for underground mining and ore outsourcing, so today with our own team of professional mining!  see it?Industry downturn, we seek to follow the market demand for road of reform, downsizing to reduce costs, so today we have a capable and pragmatic team of cadres and workers!  see it?The face of “three-year adjustment” and in 2014 50 million loss control objectives and tasks, we still did not give up, but with a more high morale, brave difficulties!We never bow, so have the courage to face greater challenges, will prove our strength and unyielding with action!  Remember when learned “to learn” it?”There Shu rustic two monks, one poor, one rich.The poor to the rich language Zheyue: “Wu Yu of the South China Sea, how about?”Rich Zheyue:” Son Ho and to rely?”I said:” My bottle of a bowl is enough.”Rich Zheyue:” I want to buy a boat and the next several years, can also still unknown.It relies on the sub and go?”The more next year, the South China Sea also from the poor to the rich report.The rich, ashamed..”” Nothing in the world have difficulty almost?Whom, it is hard to Zheyi easy to carry; not, it’s hardly easy to carry.”Whether or scholarship to do business, in fact, in the minds of difficulty, execution is the first one.No matter how many difficulties, do not be intimidated by the difficulties, otherwise we will never be able to take their own pace.And when we really courage to march in front of the line when the difficulty is like a paper tiger in general, is us one break.Ease of things, often not their own, but whether we have the courage, if there is execution!All that difficult, and courage in the face of executive power, what of it?We are not afraid, so we dare to commitment, the courage to fight; we are fearless, so we are willing to work hard toward a goal limit.The meaning of life does not just do this?  Even if it has been the Spring Festival, the winter cold has continued, bleak cold wind in his face with a biting cold, but the street was full of hurrying passers.Whether we like it or not because we fear the cold disappears and a half minutes, the face of snow we have only two choices, either give up or go out to work hard.We can abandon it?Apparently not, so we can only choose marching snow on the road.When we are really walking in the snow on the road, we will find that, in fact, the cold is not so terrible to imagine them, many times we are trying to scare myself, just because our hearts full of fear.Whatever you do, be able to have the courage to go out to a good start!Go out, even if the road is still bumpy tough, you are moving step by step toward the goal; to go out, even if the snow is still flying in the sky, but you see the signs in front of; go out, even if it will fall still confused, you at least He beats her, earning himself the opportunity to see the spring!In fact, we have no choice, only to go out in order to survive, we just need to overcome their fear, make yourself more positive up, only more active together, we can more quickly, out of the scope of the earlier storm!  Bow is a habit, an unyielding character.After the customary bow, the world would be full of daunting mountains and ravines, so you never ahead of courage; indomitable heads held high, you will find all the hardships and dangers are lurking in fact lead to a better future of the road, just your fear fascinated by your eyes.We’ll let fear become obstacles to hinder our progress yet?Do not!Determined not to!Long snow, ice and snow, and perhaps this is God gives us another test, when we beat it, we will meet the flowers are in full bloom beautiful scenery!  Let’s go!Let’s go!We sang all the way forward, we firmly hold together and march that filled the snow there is nothing to fear it?Perhaps, it’s cold just set off to do the best for our courage, let us sweat rising in the winter.Because of hard work, so different; because of the courage, so Endeavor!Ice and snow is our best battlefield, Battle Hymn of the cold blaze of glory is our departure, we are not a person, so our fearless snow!  New year new start, we believe the recent footsteps of spring, green land below is just around the corner, are gradually melting into the river, the ice in a warm climate which will eventually become gurgling water, and we will among struggle to find their own spring.Feeling the spring approaching, our courage seems to add thereto, mediocrity will eventually missed the day with us, go all out, fought hard in 2014 will be the main theme of the sheep pull people together, even if there is a little difficult, we have to difficulties with their courage and wisdom to overcome them, to meet a better tomorrow!Crisis brave invincible, we are blazing the brave; quitting brave victory, we are resolute and fearless warrior.Hard to do, intentions and hard work, will usher Di mine own glory!    Part Five: Only hesitate to move forward [1] Through observation, I found that people who do not understand their own to pursue, often feel tired more easily than those who advance toward the goal of a firm.The latter often work 12 hours a day have little to complain about, but the former is obviously nothing, and always in the laments of life is not easy, the road was difficult.  I think this is probably because they did not want to go really choose their own way, will feel particularly vulnerable “not worth it”.  A young age tend to be too grandiose, always wanted all the things they are good at doing it again so that others know.  Growing up but found that even a thing you can do 120 points, it may not be what you want; another thing you only do 80 minutes, if abandoned, I will never be happy.  Love, dreams, things are too emotional, can not be measured by return.  But the final conclusion, it is these often hesitate to courage, it brings the best surprises for us.  So, before you leave, please pick a destination you most want to reach it – like choosing lovers as resolute loyalty.  Only turning back, went ahead to.  [2] mind no matter how many magnificent dream, will eventually be implemented in every step of the effort.  But the effort easier said than done?  That people will have inertia, this inertia is often reflected in all tender feelings: inseparable from bed in the morning, it does not fit the chopsticks on the table, when the action does not move a step pace, trying to make a difference when the fist is not open.  - You can be trapped this inert all of a sudden, even for a while, but never be stuck for too long.  You wake up call too long, certainly not a real dream.  On my desk once close to the sentence: “You always imagine that he would do something big, for all bug-eyed, but the fact is that you do not even have to get up early.”It was the most decadent when I wrote my own, I want a positive starting point warning.  Later you can wait, really want to find out the dream worked for, but do not have any incentive to speak, put together no one can not call stop, there are thing misses, sleep slept in a bad mood.  Hardest to read, write article, are endlessly read and enter text every day, almost for a month is not enough time to eat and sleep guarantee.  Surrounded by friends advised me: “Why such a hurry?we are young.”But I can not stop.  I fear every day I work hard enough, it will dream away from me.I fear this quilt hooded sleep a night, I would be less inspiration.  - I can not stop and do not want to stop.  Because I know I was lucky to walk in a correct way.  [3] Such examples can not stop too many.  A guy I know, a good high school grades, college exam results, went to a three schools.  Hunhunee after more than three years, suddenly awakening he did not want such a darn nice, he wasted no time, eager to prove himself good to others.  He chose one of the top professional postgraduate schools – schools across multi-disciplinary and cross-examination district.Everyone says too difficult, do not want commitment, he was like to play with blood, like just know ahead to fight.  Start learning because not too long accustomed to, he always felt sit still, instinctively want to breathe stood up and walked out of the classroom.  He bite, simply secretly took four bricks on the site behind the school, tied the laces on both sides of their own, want to stand up and lift it off the table kicker.  There is also a sister, Department of Mechanical Engineering was born, but after graduation to find a dream job counseling.  Joined the company do not understand anything, chats with customers got stuck, every small things are anxiously asked my colleagues, so that people feel tired, too lazy to explain to her.  So she gave her problems encountered are recorded every day down in the evening to return to their small rental house, turned bought the book, open the computer, one answers, often get three or four points, seven o’clock in the morning and time to go to work.  So magically spent three months appalling, she miraculously get a single important business, the company quickly established a foothold.  In your opinion who effortlessly but very good people, in fact, no one is not very hard.  Fortunately, after every period of bitterness unknown, will reap unexpected surprise.  When you really want to reach a place, you will start to desperately trying to convert the same in terms of well-being, there is no time to think of other.  ”Why such a short youth?”- This is often holding the quilt when I yell, then stay in bed.  ”So just have to work harder, get done must be done, then do what you really want to do it!”- This is what I get up at the start of a new day, give yourself the answer.  [4] a pure life need so brave, to irrigate your heart the most beautiful that rose.  Continue to move forward running, may sound very hard; wait until you can truly find this brave, you will think this is the kind of sustained effort of great joy, even lucky.  We feel anxious pain, often because we seek is “better than others”, not better “than yesterday’s own”.  Have a happy life even if there are lost, but as long as it something that is worth celebrating.  As long has been in progress, in every moment new, you will constantly find yourself more exciting possibility.  Once you are in the distance, the best of you on the road.