Countryside mountain lentils


Cassia, also known as lentils, in my hometown Tongzhou transport flood, the people they dubbed the “old woman ear”.Look at the shape of lentils, exactly like the human ear, but thin and flat.If look at appearance, it is difficult favored by the people, but there are indeed extraordinary welcome in the large family of vegetables at.    Ancient “Spring planting one grain, seeds Autumn Harvest million units,” the poem, but the lentils, is simply: “Spring planting a seed, bean harvest one thousand” the.I spent my childhood in the farm, from spring planting to harvest, I have carefully observed, experienced, so far, I still have a soft spot for lentils.    The first is not lentils soil conditions is very low, and does not account for the vegetable bed, only at the corners of the garden, fences roots can grow again thriving, and can bear much fruit.    The second is the lentils have Aoshuang cold character, over the next autumn frost, vegetable bed in a deserted when, lentils but still showing that its vigor, the leaves still so green, flowers are still bright, a whirring Cassia angle string, then knot is also up.It seems to pine vitality or the style of plum.    The third is a nutrient-rich lentils, eat a variety.Can be eaten fresh, store, can also be pickled.According to one scientist said: “The protein it contains more than cabbage, large pepper, tomato and cucumber, also contains essential trace element zinc, it can be described in a variety of vegetables dominate.”In addition to the above three advantages, it can also decorate beautiful environment, the small farm house has become more vibrant.Because of the long flowering lentils, but little bud bloom Mimizaza.Lentils with an open white flowers, purple, white with purple, violet yellow.Show a colorful charm, attracting bees, butterflies hard busy, dancing.    Cassia, the name has a “mountain” character, probably imported from the mountains to the plains farm it?    This humble and a few lentils, whole fence can be covered, fragrant, sent to farm much fun, add much color to the countryside!