Countryside birds


I live in the countryside, is commonplace sparrows, owls, woodpeckers and swallows, which over many years and the mountain people who live together, mountain people who already regard them as a barometer of the seasons, as long as they appeared, were on the mountain Teenage understand cold and heat, from this sense, they are the masters of the country.  Yan Ziyan child is such a clever birds, spring breeze blew in the country as long as the sky, the river has just begun to thaw, they’ll be tempted Imagination spring from the cliff nest, from the old farmhouse tile house, the gaps break from the temples, jumped excitedly jumped to flying, some people say they are marching to the waltz music, some people say they are stepping on to the lively dance rumba, others say they are and the to the rhythm of the water, in short, is the country lonely and swallow intoxicated dancers, regardless of whether the spit willow buds, regardless of whether the peach blossom smile, regardless of whether light rain moisten dry garden, they did not hesitate to Liu between the tip of the shuttle long bangs, passing in the branches of peach, over the keys on a field, after an amazing brocade spread in the countryside near-distant days.Like the emerald green willow like a warm early spring, peach blossom like clouds, like a red hi-hing, like brocade pastoral parked in the same mountain of wavefront.  Sparrow Sparrow is relatively trivial, and they do not swallow the magic of mountain people who accompanied throughout the year.Spring mountain people who put them to dry the yard or millet and corn in the pecking insects off on the roof, of course, has always been lazy sparrow far less than the faithful as swallows, they are even tired of meat or fish of insects after greasy, unconsciously mountain people who store a winter snatch food, so poor performance of natural annoyed mountain.Mountain sat a yard or roof care of those Jingui food.Thus, there is no chance sparrow gluttonous, had to reluctantly flew to look elsewhere for spring creeping insects.Summer sparrows always bored, when the mountain people who put good food ted round bulging Sheng into the food store, they had to fly to the field to find the patience to go crops and flowers and insects, a lingering summer tonic they went so far as fat, plump up feathers, unlike spring day fly high above.Autumn has come, they could not suppress the temptation of grain fragrance, a dive as accurately as whistling arrow to tie the blooming corn kernels on ears of millet spike or doubled up laughing, a gust of wind child of ups and downs, the fields sounded disturbing noise disturbing noise dart out dart out of the sound, dumb head sparrow mistaken for mountain people to expel them, swiftly fly away, some are not even the guts of sparrows pecking grain was lost to his mouth to the ground.In winter they are more hard days, they are always careful, but still succumbed to temptation for food, were captured on the snow children mesh screen, are the children lay on the side of yellow mud baked in the stove, the children become rare meal.  Owl but widely sought after birds, they hid in the countryside during the day I do not know where to sleep big sleep the night they appeared in the fields, crops vole prey Kenshi.I used to sit at night and early autumn father with side protection fields in autumn, for the year Zhuang Huren most important thing for the hard work of farming the crop protection a year to live, not to be eaten by voles badger, or the vicious thief to steal away.My father and the moon rises in the night sky, while sitting on the edge of the ridge child slipped the tea water, while quietly watching the fields of movement.The name of fireflies twinkling lights to fly over the high and low, only the quiet fields of corn leaves rattle rustling in the breeze spun, we are in the cool air close to fall asleep next to the road Yang tree rings flashing some birds flying wings flap edge sound, often at this time I knew it was coming owl, father suggesting that I do not say anything so as not to disturb its prey, I dim moonlight through the clouds spill under dim light under the bright saw its eyes were rolling forward, seems to have aimed at the target, and sure enough, after a while the silence, it is a quick dive, like a sword inserted straight into the corn field , and soon the screams rang corn to “chirp” voles wail, and then they are either eaten by voles put in the ground, or with sharp claws first voles chest cut open, confident voles had stopped breathing, fly away with their claws clutching vole.Such action may be repeated several times a night owl, but have never seen one owl will be lost Jingzhou, for prey, they are always terrorist fighters, for Zhuang Huren, they care more unsung autumn By.  But such feats guise of protecting the autumn are not always likable, the weather gradually the cold season, they will huddle in the cold at night, unconsciously issued howl hungry, Zhuang Huren worry about them sad wail frightened children or affect sleep, and even pulled out of the main room to pick up a stone on the ground, they clamor toward the tree or throw him over the land, until they sent packing.The weather is getting cold, the snow began to fall, the country no longer see the night owl.    Woodpecker species increasingly scarce birds in the countryside, most people yearn Woodpecker is a family of doctors trees With their sense of responsibility, over many years guarding the country’s trees.  I do not understand it childhood care and thought, always hated “bang bang” dull it sounds cicadas in the trees in the summer until the father explained to me, I came to understand that they are not intended to manufacture noise, but to destroy the trunk of insects.From then on I started to pay attention to their details.Regardless of seasons, as long as the trees present in the air looking out sick, they are passing in the air, you will find a forest disease wood, and then they’ll stop at concern on these trees, like a good “look and smell” like the old Chinese medicine, focus on the first climb trees, patiently Baba Mai, then just like the old Chinese medicine as the stethoscope out, they close the slender sharp mouth lesions, “bang bang” peck open the bark, starting at inside rummage worms, until the worms eat the fat after finding excitement one swallow before excitedly toward the next tree needs to heal.  No one can say clearly how many protracted clinic curtain is really happening in the country, but as long as at a certain moment, you hear the “bang bang” sound coming from the villages in the country, will unconsciously to their behavior and moved, they wanted nothing can still clinging to run around at the Four seasons in the countryside, they are not accompanied by applause and flowers, perhaps because they peck the pest, diseased trees have been behind a verdant, but because they are resistant live pest threats, while lonely down in the bush.    Author Ge Hailin, Shanxi Province Writers Association, president of the writers Pingding County, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy.A devout believer literature, a thorough and paid homage to the muse of forty and fourth decade still struggle to find the road leading to the palace of literature, but has not yet touched the threshold.But always I thought, “wind blowing Xiumu, History Biography Essay”, so literary creation is still rush.Poetry, prose, fiction scattered in major literary journals over a hundred million words.He published reportage “sun” by the China Federation of Literature Publishing House; published by the Writers Publishing House novels monograph “fire”, Shanxi Writers “Yellow River” magazine held a special seminar novel “ground fire”.He won the 1993 Annual National Youth Poetry Competition Honorable Mention in Short.He appeared in the “World Chinese poetry Exhibition”; the end of 2009 was awarded the 2009 Chinese poet, “Chinese poetry online” journal.