Country roads


Before the 1970s, the biggest difference is that rural and urban roads.On the streets of the city, mostly flat bare road.Horse-drawn carts to walk on the countryside, extraordinarily smooth.In rural areas, rural dirt road always silent way, quietly lying between village and village, it winds lanky body, is an honest and authentic rural landscape, countryside dirt road, is printed in our special memories for the Village.At the time of the rural dirt road, another curved, uneven.Prescribe the middle of the dirt road are rutting, rutting rolling deep, the coachman’s skill, called it “Chedaogou”.Probably after the release of “car with the track,” the orders from Qin Shi Huang, which track width is the same, no matter how far, Che Gulu Chedaogou walked along, they will not leave ruts.Such a rut, no one knows it exists on how many years?I estimate that there are about two thousand years of it.    With today’s point of view, the dirt road home, it is awful.One special narrow.In addition to the middle of the Chedaogou, is that people can go on both sides of rutted dirt paths son, narrow road, less than half a meter, people’s feet, a person walking on it fairly reluctantly, if a couple by, that the bumps may be necessary crooked.An inattentive will step into Chedaogou, the foot or ankle, or throw a somersault, if riding a bicycle to walk on, but also a certain degree of technical.This car, simply sigh Point Road, unable to move.    There is a saying: “Road straight on the road, do not go.”Said it right, until today, but also with real difficult to see that road straight.Especially dirt farm road, around the bend always Qiniubawai, more than a few around the circle, becoming a “curved around”, are also common values must not make a fuss.The most annoying is rugged.While in Tongzhou ground, even a mountain buns are not, are flat Tan, Yimapingchuan.May be the way to go through some sand dunes, sub-mound, grave circle, woods, puddles son.This is not a non-barrier around.To these places, difficult uphill, downhill difficult.Uphill, the coachman’s skill, to pull myself together, thrown from the big whip tied Hongying.Kept yelling loudly, carts creak shilly to go uphill lie.Downhill, marching bear the reins, they might, the car on top of a horse ass, if the horse scared, may incredible.In the past, there is one called “Pine Ridge” of the film, that is the scenario.Whether uphill downhill, people sitting in the car, always fearful.Body was shaking pitching shake left and right, from time to time sent waves of screams, is a very common thing.Then the dirt road, it is a variety of drawbacks, boast about it!    Rural dirt road fear summer rain, dirt road no embankment, and sometimes even lower than both sides of the crops.Once the catch even the rain, muddy dirt road became a.If the carts go in, it is really impossible to move.People walked in, two feet will be stuck in Chedaogou, it is difficult to extricate themselves.Let the flood washed away the dirt road, it can be really in trouble.The villagers automatic action, we have to relying on spontaneous “team spirit”, to spend some good effort, through the efforts of ten and a half, in order to put the road, this kind of memory, in my mind enduring, almost unbearable Looking back, I still remember.    Should the asphalt road and the city compared to the dirt road home does have a lot of shortcomings and deficiencies.But in that historical period, but it is absolutely indispensable farmhouse ribbon treasure.He left me a change of position many good memories, although in rural areas today no longer rare to find his shadow, but he was in my heart, it’s extraordinary tolerance and contributions, often repeated in my mind, are still unable to get rid of.    Mr. Lu Xun once said some profound words: “The original earth had no roads, more people walk, they will become a road.”Country roads, the older generations are indeed dozens of generations of villagers to come out with a foot.This bending of the country dirt road clearly represents the ancient rural culture handed down, he did not like today’s highways, roads straight to slip, rampage, the cynical, not cost, reckless.The rural dirt road seems to be a philanthropist of warmth, it is particularly cherish the fruits of labor of humanity, civilization achievements.Hit crops, about the past, met countryside, trees, monuments, temples, too, like to go around.Road in rural areas, for all the land, have become so cautious, awe, love and care.They land known as the “God of the land,” often see the street, one meter high, specially dedicated to the land “Earth Temple” mean!Going around as much as possible, rather climb high slope, through the weeds Beach, also bypassing a tree, a vegetable plot, a wall of walls, a temple, a bay pond expression I kind of respect the villagers who treat all things.Not by force, but do not trample, although winding around too, in its bending, retains much of the land is difficult to regenerate, but also buried deep underground monuments and artifacts!    I live in the city for nearly 30 years, maybe used to live, to go out walking every day is flat asphalt.Automobile wheel a turn, took me to the place to go.Foot reach of the soil, not on the body took to the air, and their hearts guilty, weak, the body becomes obese, lazy.Du Fu had issued a recall in the poem: “I saw shrine where can we find?”Questions.I am also looking for a home where the local road?Confusion.In recent years, development of the road too fast, take out tens of miles from the city of Tongzhou, full of the hard pavement, I would like to see the original “Chedaogou”, perhaps like today to look for Wada “and Tian” the same rare.After my hometown southernmost village in Tongzhou half, according to the district Administration of Cultural Heritage, Mr. Zhou Liang study, half of the original village is the Emperor ancient river, canal diversion Zhangjiawan at the Grand Canal, where it became a water depression child, I do not know what month, fens gradually with a few families, then there is my home of more than 400 households, and already countryside bordering Hebei Province, used to be “thin base region of sand depression, poor backward “areas.Maybe I can find childhood “Chedaogou” it?    It really is that hard work pays, in my hometown river to Xinglongzhuang half, I finally saw a dirt road about two kilometers!This is a short dirt road, it is rare, like a weather-beaten old man, in its own unique style, stubbornly stick with rural land, heroic presented in my field of vision, then recalled dirt road in the vibrant scene: Spring, an carts, carriages, carts, sent out into the field where manure; summer, came to a dirt road, is barefoot, the fields planting of young men and women; fall, filled hill, like sorghum, millet, cotton firewood carts, along with: “tinkling child driving” cries, roaring rumble came from the dirt road.Winter traveling, but also through the dirt roads go to the market, to sell grain, cotton, coarse cloth and tools · buy also willing to spend money, cut several kilograms of meat, buy two bottles of soju ?, remember that era, despite the hard life, bumpy dirt road will always hear laughter.That’s the joy from the heart of the harvest, especially not before the implementation of the cooperative, receiving a single all their labor, how can people not in a good mood, radiant gratefully it?All this gave me left these rare memories today., I walk in familiar and unfamiliar dirt road.    Watching this dirt road, like a long lost friend, feel warm and natural, this is the long-lost feeling in my heart.All dirt road, including the potholes in the road, the roadside flowers and trees, seems to have the vitality of life, so I feel refreshed, as if all of a sudden a boy again.Walking in such a way, the heart is quiet and peaceful, Youran immediately disappeared in the marketplace impetuous.Dangqi mind is peace of mind blowing ripples.Passage of time, time goes by, smooth asphalt road has been open to more villages are linked together, and the dirt road sweep of the almost extinct.If the mind is looking for, to see the dirt road is indeed a fortunate event of.Today’s rural culture already has a new idea.I saw the newly built highway, leading to almost every village and even every household farm.I personally think that civilization, the modern highway represents a quick walk on the earth, but they can not Yibimasha this, prostrate in the field winding country dirt road on behalf of an era.Some people say: “City of hard asphalt pavement stiff leather shoes percussion rattle, confuse my mind all day long.Only return to the countryside, took to the dirt road, the mind will find solace, “I go on a rural dirt, dirt road which also appears indeed simple and lovely, it makes me feel real farm life and vivid.Today, my folks are accelerating the pace of modernization, various models of cars, and even valuable Mercedes-Benz, BMW, can walk through on a country road.Gradually the pace of urbanization in rural areas, which is absolutely unstoppable momentum, the demise of country dirt road, is a historical necessity.Although the dirt road has been rare, but the simple life of the farm is still in heritage.”Tao Li worry storm the city, in the pure gas head shepherd’s purse flower”.Paths crisscrossed the country’s road network, also seemed to weave picture depicting spring, nature is also exciting interpretation of “The Story of Spring”, listening to the distant sounds heard loud and clear voice, original production is the “spring story “song ah.