Country road


Part One: country road “walking in the countryside roads, old cow is my companion.Blue sky with flowers in the chest sunset, colorful sunset clouds are clothes.”Every time I hear this song, my thoughts fly that will not help me miss childhood, and that carries me many happy country road.  My home is in rural areas, between rural land everywhere is an aspect of one hundred wrong path.Some extend to the mountains, and some through the countryside creek, and some into the woods, as well as through the village.The roads and trails around the whole village things are linked together, woven into a net, the village happy together with nature network, integrated in this reassuring nature.  Remember I was six years old, I was out of the arms of their parents, a man riding in this small way, Sahuan, like off run wild as.On this soft grass, I can enjoy wallowing play.Sometimes picking a weed on the tip of the nose sniff, sometimes choose a few long covered his face, and sometimes got into the bushes hide and seek.  Every spring, here is the world of kids and insects.Looking ahead, the floor is golden yellow canola flower, a piece, groups, like the golden sea.Gentle breeze, full of intoxicating canola flower fragrance, it is away.Floral nectar attracted a hard-working person, flying bees buzzing, busy enjoying themselves.  Most happy or playing with small partners, slapstick.We chased in the street, hiding hide and seek in the field of rape.So far, that would make me very happy scene miss.  Time flies, blink of an eye, twenty years later, and I had left home to make a living outside.Now, I work and entertainment accounted for most of the time, tedious life had made me tired.I looked around, I no longer familiar country road, but wide asphalt road.But my heart is still stuck in a small country road, has been pursuing a dream.Part II: That piece of country road is a road leading from the town to the countryside of the field, on the west at the intersection with the highway outside the bazaars, the road is very popular, that is, I often go out for a walk with his beloved wife often back country road.Nightlife Health Net saying vulgar language: a walk after dinner, live ninety-nine.We believe this is a healthy way, and my wife had the habit of walking after dinner.As the resident departments and units, always opened and closed buildings everywhere, I feel like a frog-like, into the fields outside of town to go for a walk, relax during the day, stretch under the eyes, feel very comfortable.So every good sunny every idle, after dinner, we unconsciously came to a small piece of the road.  The road used to be far, far side, when a student then, the town is very small, unto direction on the town looked a field, do not want to stroke, two decades later, the town area expanded several times, Today, the building has to cover both sides of the road, the road from the past has become a wide ridge road straight cement road.Town expanded, the population has increased, but it seems that people of a small space, and walk into the wild, then it is a good place to go.A long path, through the depths of the field, there are ponds on both sides of the road there are farm households have vegetable gardens, often to walk through this road is mostly retired veterans town, older workers, there are happy couples and fashionable men and women.To frequently see each other, met acquaintance smile, we are all very familiar faces.The spring season, watching the lush fieldwork, listening to the insects and frogs, smell the fragrance of flowers, really intoxicating feeling.  The road has been long, and wife have gone through nearly 18 years together, did not come to that feeling of crossing the end, always want to go in the past, but I still can not walk past.Not a few years, across the highway from the middle of the road and over, that one end of the highway is very far away, the line of sight, the end of the road vanishing into the fields.Go that way, through the thirties from their youth went to the fourth decade, walk on that road, my wife and then the more, we confided to talk all the way, we talked about family, talk about the we both old and young, he talked about the work of troubles, talked about life in the witty, talked about family gossip gossip, many knot when we walk this road is to the, to resolve fun, of course, will have many lament, many regrets, many ideals, many look forward to.  The road is very short, and wife have gone through countless times, but always felt not enough to go, we have to go on long.Wife did not want to leave me, together we can no longer set foot on that familiar country road want to talk to each other voices, lonely I could no longer set foot on the road, the piece of country road in her life could be so long river short, as the years rush, the fate of her prematurely finish his own way of life, I have to leave alone solitary figure straight out of this period of tough mentality.  That path, I have a wife and a touch of happiness, romantic and warm; with our memories, that was my life go hand in hand with the wife of the figure; I have a lonely sad remembrance.  It was a bittersweet carrying our mentality.    Part Three: Country road Country road, how rich a poetic term.  A child, I often think of how broad country road.In 2006, I learned from the Jiangxi Yushan Liwen high speed through the intersection, a two-kilometer piece of inter-provincial major thoroughfare is too wide – and it is estimated there are twenty lanes.Compared with this, a country lane is too humble a.However, it is difficult to forget my home country lanes, because there I was simple but pure Years.  Country road, many planted with willow.Spring, several of our country boy, everyone ripped off a length of willow, bound by Liu Ya, carefully stripping out some willow whistle, facing the people of spring willow whistle blowing in the field, I feel very comfortable, because we blow the willow whistle is squatting with two rows of densely packed swallows on the telephone pole had two lines —- accompaniment of the field, not so much two lines of swallows, as it is spring stave.End willow whistle blowing, we began to assault, together Taguchi went from country lanes, where there are a lot of small fish upstream, we locals call them “funny turtles”.While the effort, each one of us will harvest with half a dozen fish walking on country roads.  More lonely country road in summer.Baby school students who finished school, along the country road, catch dragonflies, catch the loach, digging lotus seedlings, peel beheaded meters.In the evening, the country road came only a brigade of children’s pants, and some even naked.Two hours even after three hours of dog paddle, one urchin with a drops of water, jump way home, country roads leaving a string of wet footprints.  Autumn, walking the country roads full of people harvesting grain harvest —- adults and children reap the fruits.We ate ripe seeds, to go looking for traces of pond turtle.On one occasion, I was engrossed in picking lotus.Stepping on the foot of a sudden like an old shoe, when I put this “old shoes” turned up, turned out to be a huge turtle, turtle should be the only king.At this moment, the moment I find myself wanting to grow up, because that only soft-shelled turtle is too great, although I went to great inertia to turn it leave the place offshore ten meters, but I only eight years old and would like to go grab it, can be afraid of this son of a bitch bite me, could only watch the bird turtle Wang quickly and yet it seems to be arrogance climbed the water.  Winter, country roads are often covered with a thin layer of snow.We walked along the country road, go frozen pond looking for the most powerful ice.We go with the hot hand Oh, then, to find one of the thickest ice, opened it in accordance with generally circular, hold it with both hands and slowly.Round ice to take home, with water pouring out of the ice in the middle of a tunnel, and then with a rope through the tunnel, then let’s use a stick through the rope, ice gong our hearts will be made became the.There can not wait to open irrigated directly in a urine sprinkled ice, with the smell of urine smell that smell will basically do the ice gong.  ”Walking in the countryside roads, old cow is my companion.”Ah, singing” country road “feeling good.    Part Four: country road walking in the countryside roads of old cow is my companion in the chest blue sky with colorful flowers sunset clouds sunset is clothes.Well how much a smile on my face lonely melancholy sing a little country any thoughts are flying in the breeze with the breeze waft forgotten in the trail in a small way home country, and is a charming way.How many childhood filled with stories, leaving the number of childhood fantasy, full of family friendship, with my experienced a storm of life.Both ends of the road, one attached to the school, one attached to my house.This is how many times I walked, cooked could not be cooked, but let me give way to forget.The road is not very long, not very far, only a few of Bali.In this short Pali road.Our song all the way to dust all the way, spent a happy, happy time.  Our village name is Sun Ravine, in among the mountains, beautiful scenery, pleasant scenery, but from the name of the village to be held, but a bit bizarre.The village dozens of families, ninety percent surnamed Liu, there is no one surnamed Sun.What is the reason, let the Monkey House mass exodus, no one can say clearly, leaving not only a master of the cemetery, tells of sadness and desolation of this world.  Our house is very old, very old, as old to what extent, no one can know it’s.It was an old brick tile roof from the ridge a little quaint, elegant decorative tiger stone, good lighting oversized windows, mossy tiles filled with vicissitudes.  This is a very ordinary old house, can be strange it is in the center of the roof, bristling a single brick temple, inscribed with four Chinese characters “grandfather here.”.According to legend, when the house owner, gave birth to many children, the end result of premature mortality and other reasons, can not have a son to grow up.What you want, when is the “lack of filial piety, three, be without”, so the man of the house was very anxious, and got to see Mr. storm, concluded that the house is too positive (completely north south), the town needs to have the gods here look, so there is this temple.  School, a road through the mountains in among the two hills surrounding this place called turtle neck.Judging from the appearance, a freshman small two mountains, the mountains like ranked in this turtle, and the hills like to go out the glans, and that path is the turtle neck through the lies.  Legend in ancient times, there was a feng shui accidentally discovered in the mountains there are regal cemetery.If nothing is done, let the turtle free growth, one day drink of water.By that time, there will be grave descendants of emperors appeared, and compete for the world of today’s emperor.  You think, ah, local officials would likely work ah!Since there is such a legend, it would prefer to believe them.So they in this massive construction projects, built a temple in Kameyama, a way to quell the turtle, it is no longer growing.Between the glans and the Turtle, built a simple highway, intended to cross the turtle’s neck, so that no longer have spiritual Kameyama.  However, the temple also repair the road has also been, in the end the tortoise did not drink the water too, but failed to stop the destruction of the feudal dynasty.It should be said, the temple and the foot of the mountain road, witnessed a piece of history, the descendants of its own merits and demerits comment.  Between home and school, there is a small village, named four of the ditch, because four of the child named.Up to the child, that Tatars, Mongols, Turks, and other ancient northern nomadic Manchu people collectively.That year, the villagers had been subjected to slavery northern tribes, long stationed here four men, in addition to their possession of weapons, but also chopper central depository, to prevent the villagers gathered to rebel.At first the villagers Meet, May tenth killing of the child, due to poor planning and abortion.So, the villagers learned a lesson, in the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake in a paper clip, on August 15 this day, at the same time lent four kitchen knives, we work together to get rid of the robber, from and lived a happy, stable life.  My language teacher, a great literary talent of the storyteller.At that time, during the Cultural Revolution are in, order a mess teaching, students do not want to listen, the teacher is not good pipe.To be a language lesson, classroom discipline was so good, why ah?The teacher to tell the story chant!A “Ouyang Song of the Sea”, the teacher off, ramble, speaking almost two years.I wait until later participated in the work, borrowed the book and saw that the teacher talked about the content, less than half the book!I really admire that teacher, years ago, to coax us to pay what the hardships, how many sleepless nights spent ah!  Renjunbuzhu me the most is someone to emulate real Ouyanghai, made ironic madness.That there was a new army of soldiers, all day thinking about doing heroic, nothing went to stroll along the railway line, see if there is stopped frightened horse, could save the masses, but after several months, or nothing.So young self-directed, staged a farce save lives in the train.Due to a mistake, the train is rolling off a leg, on newspapers, radio for a time, became Ouyang sea hero character.  There is the old man out of curiosity, to see you try this hero, so holding flowers went to visit.In the hospital, the old man looked at the young soldier, full of puzzled and asked, “Young man, how little things I do not know much yet?That fire truck, you know I put the pole moved out, how to move back and gave the go?”This sentence is completely shattered the boy’s hero dream, let him hit rock bottom in life.  It turned out that the so-called saved a train, young people are well-designed.He first electric column onto the tracks, such as a passing train and then move down.But because they did not experience premature move at the time, did not even find that train drivers.That is, if so and so on the train in the past, he still can not make a hero.He most drastic move back to the electric rail post, staged a scene hero wrecker.Study because of too much action, was see the flaws.Maybe my story, my friends could not believe!But in that particular era, everyone said the rhetoric, calling everyone a hero, everyone wants to have a stunning move, but he is too stupid Bale.  I like the story, like the story of ups and downs, like the story of the romance, it gave me never had life experience.On the way to school, there is a brick kiln production team.Leisure time, I would go there to listen to stories, and then listen to the story to friends, listen.Because for a long time, the school only a half day, so the rest of the half a day, I went to work helping brick field to labor in exchange for the opportunity to listen to stories.Because I talk about giving, where people like me, never mean to talk story.Here, I know the legend joking, heard Yuemucizi, sake of the story, but also by the novel “Snowy Forest”, see the literary classic 203 and a small white dove.On that country road, filled with stories and legends, with me through a happy childhood.At that time, culture, entertainment starved, eight hundred million people eight drama, the film is tunnel warfare, mine warfare.So way home from school, I tell you some of my period story.We just listening, speaking, and for the wonderful story of applause, but with the sad story of tears.No one can not speak, can not be shared because there is no pay.  I like to listen to the story, but also like to tell stories.When the daughter babbling, just say “talk – ancient” When I put the “Journey to the West” told her.The story section by section, a tieback back, saw her eyes full of worship, my heart is full of pride; by his story, I tell her daughter into the school, but also to talk about himself as a teacher; today I, like the Internet, like the lyrical text, I would tell my friends to listen to the story, as long as you are a little benefit, that is a great comfort to me.  Today, the home of that path has changed dramatically, and the same is where the mountains and water, is forever share a deep sense of love between heart.I would like to use my pen to write home out of the United States, the story of his hometown to speak out and share the love of my hometown.Only hope that one day, meet with friends in the Yanshan the summit, the two sides tidal river, sip sweet home water goes a soulful country road, revisiting that cherished Turtle!