Campus wind


Incense and ah, the campus wind!    When I walked into the campus early in the morning or evening stroll, suddenly come a long deep breath: ah, campus style, was actually so warm, so gentle, so harmony.Ah, full of green wind; ah, full of spark wind; ah, full of golden wind; ah, poetic style.Incense and ah, the campus wind!  Whether willow bud in early spring or late autumn Yin Yu rain; whether it is scorching summer sun, still snowing in the middle of winter.  I can always smell the campus of the wind, her vibrant and tireless: her work on the blackboard; whisk her to blow on the desk; she was kissing on the books; she moisture between the heart and the heart of teachers and students.Campus wind, incense and ah!  You use the silent language varieties relish life philosophy and scientific knowledge sown even in the midst of an untouched virgin land, the creation of one after another stunning brilliant miracle!    Ah, I always chew the incense from campus – Wind!    (Note: This article was written in October 1983; Edit)