Campus sad love: the youth who did not crush


High School, faced with Arts and placement, and I chose the most iron buddy science, and I decided to choose liberal arts, started school those days, I was lonely, lonely, like the one the wolf get lost.I often a lonely man staring at textbooks taciturn, try to find a silver lining from inside the rigid character.In those days, I repeatedly listen to Hackberry sang the song “train bound for the winter.”.Sad song, husky tone, vague lyrics, all of a sudden surge coming towards me.In the bleak days, I am a self-proclaimed train bound for winter.  Youth on the track, I dream, there is a Green Train carrying own.Then, at the end of the train she met a girl in general cloves.The car, there was a girl tied with pink scarf leisurely came up to me, I will finally embrace the girl into his arms, off the train together towards a better.The more solitary, the more strongly this far-fetched idea to occupy my heart.Night, I like, like waves rolling forward, floating in the boundless sea cliffs.  I remember the “train bound for the winter,” the lyrics is this: Tomorrow is a town without love / I will quietly pick up my winter / tired Train / strangers crowd / Where I was grazing fields.Love, for young I was too far away, too extravagant.I dressed always so bleak impoverished, thin body always suppressed noble head.At that time, I was humbled, the results can only bring a little comfort.About love, only in fleeting fantasies, I can not afford to dream from a noble love befall poor kids.  I continue listening to sad songs Hackberry, if he is the column that dilapidated train, bound for the town without love.I did not expect that one day, the dream girl walked beside me quietly, charming shouting my name.A little start, rip my protracted sadness, I did not hesitate to set foot on the results of the fantasy trip.  I still remember that night, beautiful sari prettily group secretary came to my side, surprise Q: Do you do that Xue Chen Yi?I should cry, so small that only sound audible own.For inferiority, out of shyness, and I did not dare look sari, head down casually on calligraphy exercise book.However, Sally breath so close to me, as she took classes so beautiful, so smart, as well as a nice voice.Her lips, like two pure lemon, emitting a faint fragrance.  Perhaps in order to ease the atmosphere, Sally smiled and said to me: your name Oh good to listen.Sally, enigmatic girl, keep together ears, short hair, with a sweet voice became the most popular school Gala host, the pursuit of her boys allegedly dragged a truck does not go.At that moment, I looked gratefully at Sally leave from my seat.Never a girl say my name sounds good, I never had a girl to smile so sweet.All along, I think his name is earth, which was like an idiot.Sally, praise inadvertently, let me a little more confidence.  Trance, I remembered Sally is to collect fares, and quickly took the tour will be ready to give Sally.When Sally recorded in the book, handsome face close to me, the temptation of one kind of suffocating infiltrated my nostrils, my body does not feel natural to vibrate.Under study up, back to the dorm, I was so excited I could not sleep, pondering over and over again what I said to Sally.Her close, her beauty, her smile, she turned to leave the moment, like a movie many times attacked my nerves.  Since then, unrequited love always accompany me through the night, I kept dreaming sari to be my girlfriend.Dream dreams, are beautiful sari eyes, I gently stroked her hair again and again in the hands of the flowers and handed her.She smiled, worth a thousand words, my sadness and low self-esteem wiped clean.At that time crush, so beautiful, so long.  Occasionally, Sally will ask me stupid some of the math.She shouted my name, I came Kuaibu Xiang.In fact, those math problems are simple, some are even examples textbook, Sally said she could not understand, please I figured it again to her.Each time, I am very restrained, just to explain the problem, the whole process is a superfluous words are not.But Sally does not know, my heart is like the waves again and again will miss her.This set thousands of pet in a girl, she let me into long-term crush.  Sally ask me simple math problems, so I thought she wanted to deliberately close to me.why?She was so beautiful, was born in a wealthy family, but also so simple.Is she in love with me?Does she was sent by God to save me and you?  I casually thinking, love for Sally quietly carrying on, never told anyone.I can not believe, Sally will love me, because I told her too great a difference.She is a princess, I am a farmer, how could they come together?  One side is a sweet fantasy, one side is desperate to destroy.Miss Sally six months, I began to numb themselves with a fall.I stared blankly into the game room, intoxicated playing Happy Valley, the pocket money the cleaners, fantasy Sally incarnation angel come to save me, I will be out of the mire.One night, it began to rain, lost meals a month, and I come down to walking down the street, he went into the phone booth uneasy, with only five cents sari who called the home phone.  The phone is exactly sari sari very politely and said: Hello, hello, I ask you?I firmly Wozhehuatong, could not say a word.Rain snapping to beat the street, I can not say his name, my heart sobs.Etc. Sally hung up the phone, I Wozhehuatong, crazy to say: I am a train bound for winter.  After waking, I understand, some love, just a product of youth.Youth who did not crush it?The train bound for the winter, will be issued wailing youthful called.