Man riding a motorcycle pressed stones broke into a vegetative state highway company Pipan Pei 1.06 million


  Rain stones highway, he unfortunately hit the unfortunate incident vegetative how to do?Highway company Pipan Pei 1.06 million yuan Yangzi Evening News (Reporter correspondent horse SHYE Tu Lei Wan Lingyun) 24, reporters from Zhenjiang Dantu court was informed that the hospital Civil Tribunal has concluded with the compensation due to careless driving seriously injured case, the final involved a highway company, compensation for injuries into a vegetative state's 1.06 million yuan。
  The hospital told reporters, on a rainy evening, Zhenjiang citizens bell Ping (a pseudonym) riding a motorcycle along the national highway home from work, accidentally pressed a stone en route to the road and turn right, immediately fell unconscious。
Immediately, Ping Chung was rushed to hospital after a head injury due to the heavy misfortune to be in a vegetative state。
Since then, Zhong Ping and their legal representatives twice a prosecution Highway Administration and a Zhenjiang Dantu Expressway Company Limited to court seeking compensation for medical expenses, disability compensation totaling more than 150 million。   Court that involved road and freeway management office has signed an agreement to undertake involved sections of motorway operated by the company, maintenance obligations, within the scope and duration of the agreement, the highway became "road manager"。
Accordingly, although Highway Administration to assume management and maintenance responsibilities highway, but within the time stipulated in the agreement is not in fact a "road manager" and does not undertake the management, conservation responsibilities。