Camphor tree agreement


I met you in a hundred years camphor tree calm water of my heart began to throb as camphor petals in the spring breeze caresses were numerous dense wandering in my heart spread a thick layer of thoughts from Heart Lake rippling weave a gentle and tough net final escape your gentle embrace beautiful temple of love can not stop your endless miss that winter camphor tree many days and nights of Acacia and worries turned into a beautiful dress you wore this slightly shy students finally just hold your hand under the promise of my life wish: to make you happy in life from this season leaves the fly with your hand in hand no longer alone and no longer melancholy Whenever you see camphor falling fly Ying sad I’ll be there you sit under a tree on a bench and let him falling Feisa falling in any mood wind drift for a long time, Fushun hair gently float to the next blossoming distressing scenes you are ruffled in the wind so that depressed mood with flowers bloom and flower flies fifteen years of the spring and Autumn fleeting flowers and camphor to float in the air of gentle spring season will not take pity on the garden at night bathed in a thick one by one as we lost youth seems to love repeat watered down by season Leaving the memory of moonlight shining faintly pleasant breeze love in my heart ah scent the air in this time of the season falling in this very emotional I have prepared a pot of wine cup and drink from a total pay fifteen years in warm camphor tree before the dream