Campanula flower


An Yuhan first met in school when he first entered college students recruit new, we were in the group interview.After the interview, she came up and said: We will work together in the future, leaving their contact information now.  After that, I began to frequent contact with An Yuhan.I knew she was art class, and she also knew that I was a mechanical classes.A weekend, An Yuhan herself in painting, to go to the studio with me.  I took the drawing board came to the studio to see her paintings on paper, are full of purple petals rain down.  Your paintings make me hear ‘whirring’ sound of the wind.  Hear my praise, An Yuhan can not help but cover your mouth, laughing.She said that, our teacher said, when powerful painter style, will make people feel a chill wind off.After that, we often draw together.  One day art classes the students told me that students in a boys chase An Yuhan, urging me to speed up progress, otherwise no chance slightly.I pretend not care, he said with a smile: I told An Yuhan just good friends.  But that night, I was about to go to study hall on An Yuhan.Outside the study room I watched her, whispered: student union is not there a guy chasing you?Ah, I refused him, how is it?She was shocked at, I readily answer.I then secretly pleased.  Enrollment first Valentine’s Day coming up, all my friends reminded me to seize the opportunity to tell the truth.But that day till late, I have the courage to call her.I was frustrated, and turn on the computer, but also to see An Yuhan’s QQ online, does she did not go out to play?  I opened the conversation window, after spent nearly half an hour before sending the last sentence: An Yuhan, today is Valentine’s Day.She immediately reply: ah, yes.Then I do not know what to reply.It took another ten minutes, I quickly entered on the keyboard his words sent in the past, the past of my own hair carefully read it, but found the content I send turned out to be An Yuhan, your heart there is no words to tell I?A minute later, An Yuhan a reply me your word, I completely collapsed, quickly close the computer.  The next few days in order to avoid An Yuhan, my phone, shut down computers, often riding a bicycle out of school Xiazhuan.That day, when Choi Wan Road to the north is preparing to turn left, I found a long way today actually drown by falling purple, as if I had set foot on a large purple flowers of Campanula flowers everywhere.I was shocked, immediately turn back school.  An Yuhan just met at the school gate.A few days not seen her for a hair, became a short-haired girl.I just arrived at the hostel she is saying to you I.Before she finished, I said: An Yuhan, come up, I’ll take you to a place to go.She sat in the back seat of a bicycle, kept asking where to go.Until we got to the Choi Wan Road, she sent a exclaimed: wow!So beautiful here!  An Yuhan jumped out of the car, into the purple flowers.I walked along a tree full of flowers bells stopped, his head deep sigh: This is the Campanula flower.This time of year is flowering, flowering but only about ten days.Flowers opened, the leaves will quickly wither.An Yuhan took my hand: I think maybe Campanula flower bloom has been on the wish to see the leaves.But the leaves but want early fall, so a longer flowering.Then, we sit down to the bench next to the sidewalk, quietly enjoy the feast of purple flowers.  Back to the hostel, a roommate told me: An Yuhan came today, you do not want to see me to tell you, ‘You’ is ‘You are in my heart’.  I lay in bed, to continue recollection taste Campanula flowers.