Campanula bomb


Trading outside the building, a dozen police cars, hundreds of police and a group of armed special police are on standby waiting outside the building.Show and do so much, attracted passers-by the police were surrounded in tiers, and eventful reporters are standing in a different position to the same appalling Changqiangduanbao and pointed at the police building.  What is the matter so much noise so great?According to the original building manager, said the building had wind chimes like a time bomb!Of course, the police has not been verified, but human life, whether it is true or false, the first guarantor important thing, so people unknowingly been evacuated from the building fire, the building until even the flies gone so far!  Paul is a professional killer, to kill people is his strength, and he thus became appreciated and hire some people object.Of course, he knew the true identity of many people.  At this time, he was opposite the building trade a modest houses roof peering through the sight of this scene, because he had just learned of the things people talk of the whole story.He thought things exposed, and he who knows these things irrelevant, so he was relieved, because he is also installed in this building a bomb, but he installed a C4 bomb, rather than what Campanula bombs, but for curious he wanted to see how the police handle this Campanula bomb!  Barrett from the huge infrared targeting mirror, he saw a group of special police wearing special white clothes and another group of armed special police cautiously entered the building first, in order to protect explosive ordnance disposal personnel, and second, fear the crowd hidden terrorist molecule. They slowly took the manager said the bomb Location: Room on the 13th floor beauty department No. 5 massage wall.  They slowly open the door 5, to find a circle, and finally found that 13 flashing light emitting positive upright chimes of the wall.I saw headed a special police beckoned, one of the white man will gingerly walked to the wall, facing the bomb observation for a while, slowly reach out to touch, not a minute, that white people will be facing the helpless and angry and shook the hands of special police just picked bomb!SWAT is also very puzzled, and brought in the hands looked for a while, and finally wind chimes angrily thrown to the ground.  When all this Paul was visible through the glass building, he was laughing policemen ignorance and recklessness, but when he saw a SWAT was going to massage room toilet, he scared a cold sweat, because his bomb placed on the toilet in the mirror recess!So Paul index finger on the trigger of the gun, if the police discovered their secret, ranging from police then came out to kill him, because he can clearly see the toilet, and his side through the power of the gun in five hundred meters glass is not a problem to get rid of a special police wearing body armor, then the road is perfect, and he pointed at the cross point of the hapless policeman.  SWAT washed his hands in the sink, the mirror looked a long pause, as if suddenly discovered what kept touched the hand mirror, have tried to open a glass, and Paul’s gun pointed at him in the nick occasion, special police captain this hapless little special police called out, while the small special police forgot his findings, together with the captain down the stairs.  Paul sigh of relief, but also touched the coat pocket of C4 remote control, he does not intend to use a building and several police officers to complete his mission, his goal is to thousands of civilians.After he looked after the building gradually resumed its former bustle, under sunglasses revealing a wicked smile full of people looking at the roof, he took out the remote control, out of antenna: Goodbye, my dear!  However, at this time, he saw his bike downstairs Lamborghini sports car is being towed Department of Transportation.You know, the car with him through fire and water, no car, how he ran the floor, deep-fried, not wait any longer!He refused to take any task, struggling to redeem the car and ran downstairs hope.But just as he explained to the staff that was after his car, the trailer down immediately several heavily armed soldiers surrounded Paul, led by Chief Executive Paul said: You say this is your car, sir Well, we suspect you’re a wanted man, so also for your freedom, please come with us, please!  In fact, Paul’s plan is perfect, but he neglected with his sports car through fire and water, it is because of the brand visible and frequented the incident area, so the police locked the car, but Paul did not think before execution, he was in his car the key moment betray yourself