Married for many years, how Retriever sexual climax?


  Many of the old couple living has no sex life, love life is also very cool, in fact, this seemingly normal and not normal。 As the years passed, it will change the looks, the body will become unattractive, but as long as you or he / she had liked the man, still feeling, love is not dead。 So, for couples married for many years, how recovered passion?  1.Use a lubricant if you have vaginal dryness facing the problem, then be sure to use a lubricant, it can prevent the fragile wall of the vagina during intercourse caused by adverse consequences。
However, try to choose does not contain vegetable oil, water-soluble and colorless, odorless, non-toxic specialized formulations for vaginal lubrication, otherwise also increase vaginal discomfort, affecting the secretion of Aiye。
If you have already faced the problem of dry vagina, then be sure to use a lubricant 2.If you want to engage in active exercise to enhance the pelvic muscles, improve vaginal tone, Kegel exercises can be performed。 Pelvic muscle is actually holding back urine when using the muscle, exercise these muscles can prevent vaginal relaxation, increase sexual pleasure。
If you want to enhance the pelvic muscles, improve vaginal tone, Kegel exercises can practice: do hold back action, then of course you can feel better vaginal contraction。 Let these muscle contraction for 10 seconds, then relax, and thus contraction – relaxation – contraction – relaxation……Each time to do more than 25 times a day do 2?3 back。
  Furthermore, in addition to these targeted exercises, usually have tongue exercise, so can improve physical function, enhance sexual desire。