Aihenjiandan, a hug is enough.


I love the story plus net micro letter: aigushi360 and thousands of users to share a good story with good article!Women are well-known broadcast host, tailor-made for her recent radio to listen to a midnight column.This column is the audience through a phone call, they tell their voices, presenters give proper comfort or counseling by professional psychologists.  For women this column to pay a lot of time and effort, but her efforts were not in vain, after the program broadcast popular support for a wide audience, it is even more busy woman.  Middle of the night, she just sat in studio, I could not wait to a phone call came.  Even after her on the line, a man’s hoarse voice from the microphone.  The man said: I wanted to tell my marriage can do?  The woman replied in a soft voice: Hello Mr.!I would love to hear from you.  The man said: My wife is a workaholic, she was a working together, a couple of weeks are too busy trip back home.I really can not stand it, I am in pain I do not even want to give our marriage a man’s voice stopped, the woman knew he was waiting for her persuasion.  The woman put the sound softer and more pleasant to say: the gentleman that you love your wife it?  Man sighs loudly and said: I love her, but so what?Her heart simply not me, as long as the work.  Woman softly said: Sir, please do not get excited.If you still love her, we might try to understand her, to accommodate her in her busy day’s work, do not complain to her.Try to give her a hug or a comforting words, I think she will soon understand that work is not all her, she has a loving husband.  The man said with a sigh: your way to really make her go home?Really let her know that there is someone waiting for her at home overnight to do?  The woman smiled, gently say: Yes, a hug is enough, believe me, I am also a woman because the man said thank then hung up the phone.  Hang a man, a woman would pick up the phone next.  Such a time is of the past, soon to call it a day’s time, the woman a lazy stretch waist, looked at his watch three o’clock in the.She wanted to forget the night in makeshift office.My mind can suddenly remembered the first gentleman called, yes!Since her launch this column, how long I did not go home?Even she can not remember.The thought here she picked up the bag, ran out of the studio and decided to go home.  When she walked out of the office, she saw a very familiar figure, smoking a cigarette, leaning against a pillar on the street, his eyes staring at her office building.  Woman excited cry: her husband her husband held out his arms, gently with her in my arms, I asked one: tired?  At this moment the woman was shocked, no wonder, the first callers sir, sounds a bit familiar, then the original two people relative smile, hand in hand shoulder to shoulder walked into night