Ai-induced sister


1 whole autumn, so sit at the window, in the dark room gently silently at the stars, I am urgently looking for that part of your sign, sister Ai.  The past few days has been plagued in the bustle of loneliness, and the crowd had a gap of a spiritual, whenever hungry, the face of delicious dishes paternity was hard to swallow, I know this: is hungry soul not Weinang.So I shout toward the starry night sky: Ai Oh sister, where are you!?  I suddenly saw that the Milky Way on both sides of repeating the old story of the lonely stars, the ear, the chant of “July seven, July seven”, that is an annual reunion before it!I hate that I can not handle a sword cut off the Milky Way.  You promised me tomorrow to travel.Star afar, I see you’re busy preparing for tomorrow’s trip.Then I found heaven on children is surprisingly charming, perhaps because of the desire to love, just feel my life is wonderful with the sun, the original sad, depressed me, because tonight the quiet Gambhir became the anti-romantic and fantasy.  Ear to listen, I seem to hear, hear the sounds of nature stir moonlight when the distance came the sound of your bathe Yu-yi, near poplar leaves have you singing in the distance there lovestruck me wistfully for you until this plume of wind blew my heart flute, wake up from a deep dream in.  Ai sister Yeah, let me show you erase the fog, so that your tired mind replay bright.    2 I think, is not a tragic ending Feietouhuo.  Among lit into the glow of dawn, I felt the dedication moths pursuit of the ideal, difficult to achieve the kind of human choice, it is an irresistible force, immortal souls.Why do not you also just moths, Ai sister, are you not worldly night break it, toward the dawn of the fire, toward the fire of love, you are drawing the line of sight of all life to no end, even with the effort and pouring tears ran journey, you are only brave ah moths.  Once upon a time, a friend suggested that I timidly: Vermer life science moths kind of choice perish.And I understand that even though life is precious, the ideal is important, but I still stubbornly choose “perish”.Even life is short, I would actually survive, valuable alive Yeah, I am not willing loner wildly long life, even with Jinshan Silver Sea can not compete with magnificent lifeless.Ai sister, you often say that human breath, Buddha fight a Incense, did not expect to be alive as dead, so I admire the spirit of sacrifice more moths.  My sister Ai, I firmly believe: you can “perish” is your choice into trying, I will fire a long-cherished wish it toward the ocean.This startling innate love yo, this can be between heaven and earth and the rough voice buried it?    3 When you love storms in the past, just the love of painful ordeal.  You and I began to keep to a mutual constantly abandoned as ever and continue to pursue, so that passion again and again regenerated in this unattainable height, haggard look of love and tenderness is the bitter fruit of years of tree forged Oh.  Very strong very strong at night, rain, exactly like clusters of a lever, you penetrated my chest, the old naive to blame, I do not know how Cupid lost treasure bag.The world’s great, but did not hesitate to give us a place to go to homes, ransacked time and space, man-made barrier, you say: my sun, not the old world, you and I can do loving old?  My moon, my light I ever tolerate being shared with you.A lot of the day, world no light, wind and rain wanton dancing, I pray to shake off the heavy wings day: my sister Ai ah, please give me a “moon 15”.    4 quiet autumn night, listening to a shine of the bamboo flute sounded the direction of happiness.  Ai Oh sister, tears of love Changzhangduanduan strung together a salty Sese poetry, with the breeze Shanshan spilled in my heart, I have only just feeling my face is chaotic and not alone.  More than forty of unrequited love day and night, as the centuries, I do not know when it can only profit monthly child round.  I do not know for whom every day mind locked, the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival.  In front of the long road to love, how many leaves, how much sorrow, embedded in the day and night to miss, watch become prayer day after day.  I would rather reside forever wandering the departure and attachment for your kind mother’s embrace, where stop me is how comfortable and Shu Jing yo, my sister Ai!  I deeply appreciate: to love to love like flame, even if the blood and tears gradually burn.  I hesitate to himself nailed to the cross of love, let Cupid through my Chidan, heroic show the world that I love.  This is no period of waiting, I’ll do it one tree for life to working hard and making a wilderness, to the days of singing, talk gravitropic.  Promise road of love, who is also not the final measure of scale.    5 long days, I can not help falling into the abyss of love, isolated.  Oh, I’m doomed to the fate of the shackles of symbiosis, loss of imprisonment, in love Ann?I do not even want the brink of disaster, so mediocre in time and time again in the throes of the mast scull fly ash, so that the mighty torrent of love in the expansion of blood vessels in the male, roaring, raging!  go to hell!Hypocrisy and vanity that consolation also poor mental balance!  Ai Oh sister, your unfailing love, so I habitats cloud steaming Xia Wei Yan to the United States to a camel.  Drawing near eachother and we have to look pale and weak, and only those with the blood and tears of love, talent and evergreen vines.    6 I did not refuse to willingly and on the beautiful trap, you say: “how good life is a dream.”I began to look at myself, I want no regrets, loved the history of unrequited love, is this cozy dream.  I would quietly get rid of all distractions before going to sleep, so that his heart lake ripples Dangqi you that sweet smile, and Ai sister.Oh my dreams!  I know understand that the current flood of emotion overwhelmed and depressed all the disaster.See what everything is so brilliant, Ai sister ah!With your sweet smile and silently to understand the pulse of my life into a hot blood.  I just want to say that the ideal and should be there, you must have a say, but do not speak out, it is important to carefully and deeply Surely blessing each other, plus a bit of pride and Man meaning Liangleichadao.Ai sister, you are all some.  So, while I am of relief and happiness that beautiful dream I’ve ever had the.I am convinced from my life will always be fresh and bright.