Ai’s works


Ai Siqi (1910 – 1966 every year), formerly known as Li Shengxuan.Yunnan Tengchong, Mongolian descent.Born in 1910, Li Courtyard Tengchong Heshun.Yunnan Province, Li admitted to a mid-1925, the contact with Marxism and Nie Er befriends.Early study in Japan, in mid-1935 to participate in the Chinese Communist Party.1935?1936 Shanghai “Reading magazine” editor.Yan’an to mid-1937, served as director of the Anti-Japanese Military and Political University faculty, research director of Academia Sinica cultural ideology, the CPC Central Committee Culture Committee Secretary-General, “Liberation Daily” deputy editor.After the establishment of People’s Republic of China, the CPC Central Committee Party School senior philosophy department director, vice president, vice president of Chinese Philosophy Association, Philosophy and Social Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.He has long been engaged in the study of Marxist philosophy, advocacy and education work, pay attention to the popularization of Marxist philosophy and popularity.Active with a variety of idealist philosophy debate, defend dialectical and historical materialism.He is also a certain achievements in propaganda of Mao Zedong philosophy.Author of “public philosophy” and “philosophy of life”, “Ai Siqi Collected Works”, editor of “dialectical materialism and historical materialism”, etc..    [Eclipse] heard someone say newspaper reports tonight lunar eclipse, the moon really did not notice the lack of a lot more than last night.With Louchuang looked out, no clouds in the sky, so that it eclipsed thin crescent extremely eye-catching.The road was full of people look up to, gong, cry, firecrackers, all kinds of noisy sounds a mess.The sky is the lunar eclipse, the number of people on the ground were nervous and excited.  It is said that a lunar eclipse because the moon met with Tengu, Tengu was biting to swallow, then gradually lost its shine.Is to scare away Tengu, rescued from our monthly public woe, people will beat a gong, cry, firecrackers.This is the scene saw tonight, is also a custom.Legends and customs strength really is not small, it can escape mobilize such a large crowd, so that they move towards the same aim of.Chinese all over the country see this eclipse, if the country Similarly there are bustle, then this is all bustle may sound very great, and even one hundred Tengu, have probably been hacked take the strike?  People together is great, the Great Wall of long, tall pyramid, has openly can be completed completely unaware of the science and technology of ancient society, the thousands of years people have marveled speechless, this is not a slave people a trickle of sweat piled into it?Philosophers life at hard work to explore how to make yourself to be superhuman; Buddhist scholar from the awareness that we “no no I.”In order to advance to the major principles of mercy, which is said to increase the spirit of the people capable of great feats.However, if just a great person, that has not the slightest useful, not castigate tens of thousands of slaves, then even if we have one hundred Nietzsche in Egypt can not afford one percent of pyramid building.It is said that Buddha Sakyamuni is really magical wand, but probably only a legend, never really had a personal then can move mountains of.Overall ability of individuals in any case very limited, the real Superman, but it is still great masses.  But the people of the great power is often wasted.Said eclipse strike, but this is a natural phenomenon, it is inevitable to be loss-making, but also naturally in the past, no need to cry, too gong row.However, tens of thousands of people happens to be eventful, superstitious legends instigated their hearts, their energy is spent in useless tension and excitement up, this is not it a shame?Another example is said that the current drought strike, set up on the altar to pray the Spirit of Fearless Living Buddha, next to the Farmers’ Association of Zhalong rain, ravaging much of the money, complete with empty place.Soviet use scientific methods killing four of fifteen consecutive minutes of continuous heavy rain, the fee Gongli although uneconomical, the total will not be in vain more than our money is not economical strike?But Buddha and his ilk have reason to insist on their stand; they will say: “Honesty is spiritual, not working now, we can only blame the people are not sincere Bale.”However, rice is the sustenance of life and death of people, this is the general life of the meter valley, people still do not sincerely pray for it?People who survive a good upset?The dedication everyone has to survive, both enthusiasm, why not “spirit”?Not working, the public enthusiasm is not yet in vain scatter?  Only single greatest ability is not enough, there is no ability to waste, in order to fulfill its great.No reason to get his head up stones Ying Peng, although this might be regarded as the courage, the courage then it would be pitiful.Rain set up the altar of the masters of wise though it might seem extraordinary, but the result was and done exactly the same with the touch stone.Of human wisdom, you can almost see the inevitable law of things, in no need to put the strength of the local air force savings, this is not cowardice, it is not no “sincerity” and “honesty” is necessary, but “Cheng “As for the blind, they useless.”No one without me.”And” fierce “brave spirit is not a panacea, or really the most critical scientific understanding.After that is to say, for things must first understand its real material foundation. Broke all non-scientific concept of theocracy, superstition, fatalism, etc., energetic people to be able to stand up to automatically building pyramids higher than one thousand times of his monument.    [Country] will die evildoer must have a lot of wicked, fearless life on old novel, but that time will die, it was Beyond The Grave haunting accounts, which makes all non-Lovers, abnormal poor.Saints can expand into this matter of social survival of the truth, so he said: “The state will perish, there must be evildoer.”Evildoer is perishing performance, but the reasons for the demise of non.Evildoer appears, probably always ill, morbid time.Not on the kid’s life right now actually dare to jump the beam, we can see at this point how wicked and corrupt is unbearable medicine saved.  China now has a lot of evildoer, people panic and did not feel itself will die, it just makes sense.Some people have used the scientific spirit mediums also the view of one evildoer please talk to the memory of martyrs, the result is said: “China will be the death of the.”But although obviously know death, holy people are not discouraged.Seeing week room has been declining, Confucius and Mencius or travel long distances to go everywhere “positive people, secluded heresy”, trying to stay afloat boat dying.”I know they are impossible”, a large share of righteousness, it really worthy of admiration.Unfortunately, always on the pretext of Yao and Shun were the kings of old ghosts to cajole people, but it can not hide behind the emergence of the demon soul, death itself is ruining the country’s role model, but also to restore the end of the operation, where it?Thus, while not afraid to foot pain traveled nations, as people statue of Zhou, Chen Jie do, and the result went, still ending up nose is full of gray!”People will die, his words would be good.”This is not because of a sudden last conscience – debt collection ghosts forced too interested, and only had to use it to fend off the signboard.Society will die, has its representative out irrelevant words good, with artificial soft smile to deceive innocent people.But the outcome is only fool the illusion of the evildoer, deceive innocent people only, and it can not defy death “necessities”.  Finally on the land of the dead of Zhou, Qin growth from emerging.    [Talk] both speak face to face, will inevitably lose face.Monkey wear colorful masks, playing gongs and drums play in the pound, Qiang Qiang, really proud of the extraordinary.Upon completion of the play, the sound of gongs and drums stop, you still have to reveal a face to hair.This can be called a five-minute Yingxiongmeiren, a lifetime of animals.  Trick duplicity consistent, in front of an audience, sooner or later to be exposed.Yingxiongmeiren not genuine, it does not always cover the people ferocious, ugly, in fact, very shabby face.Hitler had been a hero hanging face, said to be in Europe, that is what the doctrine to prevent human disaster, now humiliated, and no one saw the devil that he himself is specially manufactured disasters.Its fate is very miserable, unknown tis news: mad, or is it a piece of bandage from the package through what doorway?Even the Nazis were also somehow pawns.Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi, despotism old goblin, was put on the beauty face to deceive the people, we should say constitutional government, open democracy, but people know it was for show false signs, so soon after they came Xinhai revolution, so she was not even finished with her mask!  The people are the real heroes welcome.The real heroes, that it is not mysterious, is able to faithfully serve the people’s interests, so naturally there are people support.Labor hero is known as a hero, not only because of their efforts to develop their own, it has also been of great benefit to the people around.For example, casual, northwest Shanxi early labor hero Zhang Yuan, in their villages, to help the ten farm laborers and poor peasants turned over, ten in two years to buy seventy-three Shang to redeem nineteen Shang to buy nine cows, fourteen houses.As soon as the old China who want to make the rural town hall poor fiscal horrors, we know the significance of these figures.These true accounts of one stroke deep deep in mind of the masses, the height of love into enthusiasm, labor hero prestige is built on top of this sincere feelings of the masses.This robust than steel a hundred times, never collapse.In this way, the front is the financial capital oligarchy and the landed aristocracy playing monkey hero of the play, such as Hitler and the like, in a full of Wu, Zhao Zhankui, new TONG Yu, Zhang Zhiguo, who would appear to be very small, small enough to simply can not be compared!  To distinguish true and false, the best way Yingxiongmeiren, is a basin of water to see if he would do it “wash”.Hang beauty and whitewash heroes face shell, the more wash the more inevitable ugly, if it is counterfeit, you can immediately appreciate the look of one of his “neck of fear of water.It is with this reason, the dictator only to be hostile to freedom of expression.True Hero-beauty, his glory, all had healthy blood performance, unlike clay Buddha only appearance, after a wash, you can just put some dust cleanse polluted air in the infected come, glory will more glow up.Thus, the real hero of the people should be afraid of, “wash your face every day,” he is not afraid to point out the shortcomings, not afraid of self-criticism.Currently council and labor hero at the meeting that it can unfold criticism of discussion, to attend because of the real representatives of the people and the People’s Heroes.For them, neither put something in the face, there is no shame in question.  Fear of criticism, fear of losing face, like the baby the same shortcomings as deep up people, among us, it is not no.Who such a situation, who will need to be vigilant about: because of such problems, although that does not mean that the monkey, but it might be evolved enough left in the body of a certain monkey.To get rid of this monkey is unclear, it is difficult to keep our blood completely healthy, it is difficult to carry forward the true glory of our face.