Ai Qing Yi Qi Baishi


I entered Beijing in mid-1949 shortly Baishi inquire about the situation, knowing that he was still alive, I wanted to see the old painter.I have about a two-Korsakov and comrade Jiang Feng, accompanied by Comrade Li Keran went to see him, he lived in West Side alley across the car thirteenth.The door of the small room to live a little old man, no beard, and later heard that a small eunuch of the Qing royal family, gave him the porter.    At that time, the three of us are members of the Beijing Military Control Commission to take over the culture, wearing uniforms, armbands arm bands, three people went to see him, it is inevitable to make the elderly feel strange.Li Keran was introduced, he received us.I’ll forward said: “I am eighteen years old, looked at the old man’s four albums, impressed many years have no chance to see you today specifically to visit.”He asked:” Did you see where my paintings?”I said:” 1928 Annual, has twenty-one years, the Academy of Art in Hangzhou West Lake.”He asked:” Who is the president of Academy of Arts?”I said:” Lin Feng Mian.”He said:” He likes my painting.”So he did not know the visitor is the art world’s people, more intimate, immediately called the nurse grinding the ink, put sleeves and took out several sheets of paper to draw us.He sent three of us each a piece of ink, two feet piano bar.Draw me a four shrimp, translucent, painted on two small fish.Inscription: “Mr. Ai Qing Yazheng 89 years old Whitehead” seal “Whitehead Weng,” the other “Wu Suo those who can afford pleasure”.We are really pleased with gratitude and bid farewell to his.    I was to take over the military representatives of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.I heard Baishi is a professor, to the school once a month, paint a picture to the students, give demonstrations.Students should have raised his salary stopped.    I said: “This old painter, once a month to paint a picture, that is a great contribution.The Japanese, he did not starve to death.KMT to, nor starve to death, to the Communist Party, how can he starved to death yet?”Moreover, Academy of Fine Arts Dean Xu Beihong very highly of him, a collection of many of his paintings, of course, does not adopt such a proposal.    The old man’s life is very hard-working, woodworking origin, carved school, and later studied painting.He had covered half a century, refined skills, and he is a love of innovative people, painting a very wide range of subjects: landscapes, figures, flowers and birds.He did not see other people’s copy.He has a keen sense of observation, memory particularly strong, able to accurately capture the image of.He has a pair of microscopic eyes, early painting of insects, fiber cents absolutely shattered, I saw he painted moths, lying on the ground; covered with white powder, the head has two tentacles, he painted bees, buzzing sound seems to have wings ; painting cicada, dragonfly wings like gauze, like; he painted grasshopper, red and green, much like the post-impressionist painting.    He painted cockscomb, also painted peony, but he and others are not the same as painting, flower, very thick strokes, only a few leaves with black ink; he painted gourd, melon nest; particularly fond of painting gourd; he loves painting lotus, look messy, but very impressive.    He has a painting of sunflowers.Title: “Qi Baishi capital ranks eighth New Year” seal “wood lay”.Poem: “Qi Mao eaves short and long Kwai, wind and rain damage the leaves shaking dilute.Ching Cheong arid still think good, cordial day things should be.Baishishan Weng lights and faint title “.Seal “Weng Whitehead”.    There is a persimmon, sloppy, fruit red ocher, write “Metropole apricot dock houses the eleventh year old men Dingmao” seal “Muren”.    He also painted landscapes, he painted not see mountainous.Mostly on weekdays easy to see.He was a landscape painting on the theme: “to write their own landscape with pen and ink, and then everyone I was confused, Wu Yi that it does.    Baishishan Dion and the title “.Seal “Weng baishishan”.    After painting the space to write, “this piece no date is to the author twenty years ago, this question again.Eighty-eight Whitehead ‘stamp’ Qida ‘.The fact is that he did not want people painted the picture.    I was in Shanghai Duo Yun Xuan bought a small pine forest, ink painting a picture of his two feet, I get peace bookstore to see Xu Lin Lu, Xu thought it was fake, I want him to go to a Whitehead elderly, hang up to Baishi Look.I said: “This is a picture I bought from Shanghai, he said is false, I say is true, you look.”He said after watching:” This painting does not come out of people painting.”Qi Baishi signature, stamp is ‘Whitehead Dion’.    I bought a large painting eight feet, the painting is not a leaf pine knot pine cones, above the title of a poem: “pine needles done insects still thin, like moss green, pine nuts years.Andhra God pity this tree, wind rain thunder and lightning together.Taste language grandfather, the first move toward Gengwu summer, Tong Xing old house in the vicinity of pine, its leaves to herbivory.One day, the storm lightning, insects do become extinct.Since Dimba, by the mountain pine alley, dead insects appetite.Andhra Gengwu not have to carry the thunderstorm.Xin painted this spring and the first month of the inscription.Three hundred lithographs are too rich five door “, under the character: ‘Andhra greeting words have intended the word’.Seal “Weng Whitehead”.    He actually looked after, he said: “This is a fake painting.”I smiled and said:” This is the last night I turned out of it all night.”He knew I would never lie to me, said:” I took two pictures you change this painting.”I said:” You took twenty paintings to me, I would not trade.”He knew it was his appreciation of paintings.This is a picture of him at the age of seventy works.He took a magnifying glass to read very carefully said: “When I was young how to draw intentions Oh.”A draw in nine sparrow flying.Title poem: “See vine leaves were gone chaos, the profile for the birds sound.For the old lady poetry ming, winds blowing skirt.Kuteng province has never cold, as both new painting, but also for poetry.By Shan elderly Feilanbeiye.What about art’s old Lang “.Seal “Qida”.Watching the painting, he asked me: “Who is the old Lang Ho?”I said:” I would like to ask How about you.”He said:” I can not remember.”This is a picture of his early paintings, there is a seal of ‘retort House’.    I see many times he painted chick, fluffy, cute; he painted the Osprey have seen, the water is green, got into the water, it is vivid.    His own art is very appreciated, and once he was painting shrimp, pen drew a long hair on paper thickness to be, she said to me: “I am so old, but also to draw such the line.”He hung up three paintings to me, asked me:” You said what a good?”I asked him:” What is this?”He said:” You know.”I have often accompany foreign guests to visit him once, he was very upset, I asked him why, he said, foreign guests looked at his paintings did not praise him.I said: “He praised, you do not understand.”He said he wanted foreign guests to thumbs.His multi-naive!