Ai leave


1 Hong Soon evaporated and romantic like the mire of coffee stir nausea bubble floated away like a warm and cozy room prison room raging cold wind bleached colorful and humorous TV I like ballroom take away the cold outside air dried to smile and lively Double Vision zombie I just filled in your eyes 2 you said you would come back again when the sun rises you know the cold night every star will be able to freeze me when you said you’d be back streets covered with fallen leaves when you can be seen everywhere every piece of litter fall are fragmented pieces of my soul, you said you would come back after something more to say dream I rubbed my eyes, when you know everywhere is smoky illusion your cold eyes flashing diffuse endless nightmare if I can wake up?    3 under the blue sky your back gradually blurred you really do not know – with your feet in the blood of my stamp![Editor: Butterflies]