Massage how colds help you stay away from cold


How to treat Massage is we are all very familiar with the kind of health care methods, and it is not only our body has a certain role in health care, but also the treatment of some, many people may not know much about it。
Xiao Bian below to tell us something about how massage treatment of colds, flu help you stay away from these diseases!Massage cure for the common cold is our lives more common disease, especially when the season changed, is the high incidence of colds, most colds are cured on their own。 So what better way to do the following to introduce fast cure colds massage for people who want to quickly relieve cold, for your reference。 Ojo between the seventh cervical and first thoracic spinous process spinous process。
This point of colds, malaria, asthma ,, ,, Gu Zheng night sweats, items strong, rubella better。
Specific methods of operation and precautions with the full three years。 If you own against the back hand can touch to this point, it can be self-rubbing point pressure。 Shenque how to treat the middle of a cold massage navel, that is, we often say that the belly button。 Massage this point for colds, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal prolapse, edema, exhaustion and other better。
To do the following, the right hand is placed palm navel, overlaps the left hand back 50 clockwise friction?100; for the next left hand, counterclockwise Mount 50?100 times, preferably abdominal heat; and then inwardly to overlap two palm, palm placed on the navel, rubbed down 30?50, the abdomen fever is appropriate。 Also a fingertip or fingertips massaging umbilical eye point 3?5 minutes。
Operation of this method yourself or your family or with the massage device can be implemented。
Zusanli knee now 3 inches, because the body is a strong point, folk will have "rubbed according to press the full three years, rather eat a mother hen" argument。
To do the following, first knees, the knee joint a patella is on the palm, the four straight point, the outer side of the point reached by the fingertip 1 inch apart at this point that is。
It refers to a method and then push, push 5?10 minutes; then rubbing friction Falun 100?200 times。 Rub some massage oil on a positive solution or points, the better。 This point for 10 minutes, day 1?2 times, the effect is also very good, but not suitable for infants and young children。