Ahead in despair boundless prairie – reflect on our homeland


Prairie beauty almost no one does not like.Although never in person, but poetry, prose, film and television already intoxicated me: “low green and wild and vast, wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep”; “beautiful prairie my home, wind and green flowers everywhere.”Recently I read a User’s Essay” I first saw, indulge in your poetry in green “is more moved by their true feelings.    One of my friends asked the question: “so vast grassland, between how long it is not actually a tree?”Recently read” The Selfish Gene “This problem seems to have the answer.There are not words to pasture specific area of climate, soil unique tolerance; maybe more selfish gene dictates: Perhaps its underground roots have formed a tight-knit network; also spread even an unfavorable other plants ( such as trees) grow alkaloid..The natural selection favor non-zero and the principle of natural selection, complement each other; there are advantages grass grass, tree to tree specialty.Trees, mountains and canyons more choice: its massiveness unique genes, obviously more welcome than a little grass eligible for the sun; so they also created a magnificent pine forest, bamboo forest.    After all grasslands, pine forests, forming a bamboo forest are all the result of millions of years of evolution.From the level of genes see, each gene are just obsessed with self-replicating, self-beneficial only do things to survive and multiply; and the highest that replication efficiency, and can with the surrounding environment (carrier) in harmony gene will win in natural selection , after millions of years of evolution, until the formation of a magnificent group.    So do human harmony, as a distinct group, whether our homes, like grassland, pine, bamboo forest as beautiful?    See the Earth from outer space, (hey, why, as long as we see from the plane) from the pyramids of Egypt to the Great Wall of China; the magnificent Sydney Opera House to the magnificent rugged American Royal Gorge Bridge, create more human unparalleled beautiful home.    ”We are unique human beings, mainly boils down to one word – ‘Culture’ .Dissemination of culture and genetic thing similar that it can lead to some form of evolution “in” The Selfish Gene, “a book, Dawkins explains:” tunes, concept, punch line, fashion, pot or build system arcade manner are all memes.As gene transfer by a sperm or eggs from individual to another, to perform the reproduction as in the gene pool, due to die by said process may be broadly referred to mimic a transfer from the brain to another brain “,” in an animal only humans is also affected by the culture and the impact of acquired inherited domination.”Namely humans than all other creatures expertise.The human being is undoubtedly an unprecedented way to change the world: tall buildings, roads, bridges aspect; Canruo also the night the day, such as music and wind bursts.Great beauty predicament, our homes!    But, wait a minute, I do not know if you saw a French documentary “Earth is beautiful depends on you” (the film directed by international photographer, took 15 years of preparation, visited more than 50 countries, in an objective perspective of the birth of the Earth , as well as the evolution of the problems faced by today.) Which gives a picture of the Earth has been ravaged homeland harsh picture!From 200,000 years since humans appeared on Earth, the planet after nearly four billion years of evolution to establish the balance is no longer orderly.Endless human desire, excessive demand has overwhelmed the planet, went to the edge of destruction!If we say this is because the nature of biological selfish gene dictates, then, why grasslands, pine, bamboo can be millions of years in an orderly and prosperous?(Really ashamed!Common prosperity and harmony in the environment, we even do not like plants.) If the gene is because our culture dictates, then humans would not be smart wisdom wrong?- our culture is clearly out of the question!    As intelligent human brain exactly what this learning, what heritage; what should we suppress, put an end to what?Reading “The Selfish Gene” to watch “beautiful planet depends on you”, in recent days that he did quite reflections: such as “man law the law every day, France Road Imitation of Nature”; such as “object to the grid and then to know, to know then Yicheng, meaning heart is sincere then, the heart is then the body repair, body repair and then Garcia, Garcia then State government, State government and then the world is flat.One is that the common people from the emperor begin with self-oriented “; for example,.But not as good as say ten thousand to personally take a look at one thousand, this special will be forwarded to the movie, I believe that we are all determined to find the answers from Reflection.    Attachment: Video “beautiful planet depends on you” – effort to recommend!