Ah Wong Fu


Every morning I walk in the warm sunshine down to work on the school building level will always see A yellow shower in the morning, lazy, comfortable, indulge in its sleep, walk in it neglects the coming and going around people also do not have to worry about who will take him away or go hungry.Who do not know what time it came to this school, as if it is the school of one, hungry, went to the cafeteria, canteen administrator already prepared the eating. I watched, its coat bright, yellow, golden retrievers like most of the mainland, it is pretty docile, so it became a circle of friends send you pictures of the protagonist.Sometimes it will wake up in the hallway, walk back and forth to the office, it seems like patrol, look here, walk there, patrol their own territory, sometimes also with a campus other two stray dogs “dirty,” which is to aid the faithful from their nickname because of their hair color to a little dirty. There are stray dogs in so many Tibetan areas, walking in the street at night, will see flocks of wild dogs, most of the time they do not attack people, do not worry about starving to death, because a lot of people will be ready in good Tibetan bowls and food to feed them, the people in the Tibetan Buddhist faith, not killing, not stealing Mainland dog kill a dog, there are a lot of bowls in the corner and around Shigatse Tashilhunpo.Although they do not attack people, but because of hypothermia and hypoxia Tibetan areas of life, the vast majority of wild dogs carrying eggs hydatid disease, so they do not come in contact with the Tibetan dogs. Schools often remind students to stay away from wild dogs, in order to avoid contracting the disease, but this does not affect your care for dogs, Ah Wong in everyone’s interest with a happy comfortable life, go to work every day in the morning, at sunset or sleep. Sometimes it really envy!