Ah Sou!I would like to pay tribute to you!


Mid-Autumn night, the moon without trace, heavy clouds covered the sky.Looking at the sky, I hope to be able to partner with the moon and stars, but only a wisp of breeze, feeling a little desolate.Sitting in the crowd and saw every household with a happy smile, at the void deck “full moon” reunion.The children chased each other on a hard stone, lantern, candle.All of a sudden, the floor, the walls, are the people of reflection, staggered clutter.    Corner office, he saw her with a kindly smile, is specifically God’s watching her granddaughter playing with a candle in the side of the children and other family.From a distance you can see her graying at the temples, you can also see the vicissitudes of years left in her face.She is Ah Sou.We are so call her in Cantonese..    Every time I see Mob Sister, always think of her troubled life, life Dianpei.Mob Sister and my mother should be about the same age, there are seventy, right?But, in contrast to her mother, but it is much happiness.At least, no shortage of family happiness mother, and Mob Sister, I’m from a very young age, they “looked” she repeated after a human tragedy, suffering from the world’s most miserable “lost” the pain.    Mob Sister is our neighbor, with four boys.Her family was not very wealthy, have to rely on her to go out every day to sell fish to sustain life Pasar.Her four children, all my playmates hours.Frustratingly, the third sub-Mob Sister is a deaf man, deaf and dumb.But we never exclude him, still play with him.    One day, neighbors heard a terrible message, in the vicinity of the HDB someone commit suicide, falls dead.While everyone is talking about at the time, a very young age, I alerted the deceased’s husband turned out to be Ah Sou.At that time still small, I do not know life is hard, after hearing this news, Suijue surprised, but not have real to explore why he was leaving this world, who is not sad Mob Sister.    Since then, maintaining the family burden falls on the shoulders of Ah Sou.    Mob Sister’s second son is valetudinarian child.And when our game, always found him and other children than up, Johnson some, whether it is race, hide and seek, or playing pinball glass.Till I saw him wasting away, emotionally drained, it began to slowly understand the disease was pregnant with him, but do not know what disease he is suffering.    A few years later, and once, when coming home from school, she heard the bad news.The second sub-Mob Sister void deck in a pool of blood vomit, when admission sent too late, died from.Mob Sister, she has lost a loved one.Since then, gradually able to experience the hardships and sad Ah Sou.Whenever I saw her, I will be very respectable call her “Mob Sister”.And she always showing off a faint smile, she has asked me Cantonese “eat it?”.Mob Sister often will my brother’s name swap.At first, I thought she was a forgetful woman, now want to come, perhaps the fate of her haggard tortured many, the memories gradually decline.    The passage of time, however, the sun still rises in the east, the moon is still gentle eyes cast to the earth.Once nonsense in the void deck to play with, and occasionally fight quarrel boys have grown up gradually, with each campus life, with their friends.So, contact less, feeling not as good as the hour.Mob Sister thought life would be with three sons grow up and change.    The unexpected, I was twenty three years old in the year, suddenly received a phone call telling me Mob Sister’s eldest son was killed in a motor bike accident.I listen to loud noise under, really the feeling of grief, and sometimes can not believe such a fate can really make fun of a person.Falling drop of sympathy tears I can not help, think again Mob Sister suffered bereavement, as she was very sad.Because in the barracks, I can not go to condole, Mob Sister did not see the white-haired people who sent hair that desolate scene.However, her experience, but in my heart bears the deep impression.    Mob Sister She lost her husband, continued to work, for four children in the future, raising four children alone down a burden.Later, he lost second son, longer suffering piercing, but never seen her complain.When you see us, she will send her tranquil smile.However, fate and did not miss her, even her eldest son also denied that she had lost loved ones pain in old age still bear.    I can not stand to share the spirit of awe Mob Sister.She is still spare, hard work, all the hope in the remaining two kids.Occasionally, when I met her, and she will continue to greet.She continued my name wrong, but I do not think she was forgetful, but I will pray silently for her in my heart, I hope she will be a nice comfortable the next day, you could stay away from the suffering.    Eight years ago, the third son of Mob Sister, met a less fluently speak of woman, fall in love, and made the Parental Guidance, gave birth to a girl.In desperation, Mob Sister received a wife, three sons with his wife and daughter to let her live in the home, it can be considered three generations.Mob Sister than to continue to work, take care of his young daughter to the couple, no regrets.    It turned out, however, his wife seem to suffer the hardships of life, even affair, following another man, leaving spouses and abandoned women, disappear.The Mob Sister’s three sons, his daughter will be thrown, and the rest Mob Sister bear the responsibility alone Sun.When I heard the news, shouting in my heart, God!In the end you want to tease when ah Ah Sou?    Fortunately, Mob Sister’s fourth son suddenly fell from the sky, missing for a while, there was, moved back to live with more and Ah Sou.Sadly, when I saw the three sons of daughters, and together Mob Sister.Whether to send her to school, take her home, holiday dinner, only to see the shadow Mob Sister and granddaughter, appear never seen her two children.    Mob Sister, she continued to live strong, she can not stand still, not to succumb to fate.When I saw her happy face and granddaughter looking at the other kids playing in the Mid-Autumn night, I know her heart must have mixed feelings.Perhaps, she was also in the full moon night, eager to be like everyone else, the whole family together to eat bread moon, spend with the family.    That night, I was at the far looked at her, eyes suddenly moist.Think of her troubled life, full of thorns way, really lamenting life and more rugged.I was looking at starless and moonless sky, silently pray Mob Sister can find happiness in a little granddaughter who.I also really in my heart said to her: “Mob Sister, I will give you as an example.Any sad event in the world again, as long as the courage to face, with a puzzle and dismay of heart, bright sunshine will open a way for us.Mob Sister, I salute you!”.