Ah sister iron


I was in third grade, when iron Ah sister just three years old.    That year, coincided with the early summer, a yard full of cherry trees in full blossom.There are pink cherry blossoms, there are crimson with white, the first blooming wildly full of cherry trees, truly beautiful.In the flick breeze, cherry blossom constantly waved to me, I paid no heed.There were only a child hanging on the horizon, perhaps know my thoughts, and I stare in the eye, I seem to have a companion, so looking forward to thinking.    That morning, my mother went to work in the fields, and I was left home as usual iron Ah sister.I finished feed busy as chicken, duck, steamed a small bowl of chicken cake, but feel something is missing.To the day, I busy outside the house at the time, like a little sister iron Ah stooge like, but also twitter, follow me behind my run.However, today it was particularly quiet,.I put the chicken cake walk and into the house, he said: “Little lazy slept Yeah, what do you see my sister to a delicious?”Iron Ah sister did not like to hear like.I feel wrong, they came to the kang to wake her up, but she also how are you silent, also hand to her mouth and hit me chicken cake, and he kept shaking his head, crying forever, I know what to do, like the words good words to coax her, give her Calei.Later, I hand touch her forehead, “ah” and pressed!Bad fever.I consider the rapid brain, his sister is still home to find her mother threw?Is holding sister went to see a doctor or to find the mother was working in?I Chou Chou sister, she could not bear to throw one of them at home, I decided to find her mother holding her sister.    Along the way, I’m afraid chilled sister, give her a small clip to be wrapped.I carried my sister stumbled forward, sister could not help feeling a loud gasp, “wheezes”, and then I heard the bang, little face burning like a ripe peach.I was scared, sweat like a child, like soybeans slide on my face.I attend to wipe, persisted, he kept three steps and two steps forward.I felt a thought, as long as her mother found her sister’s illness will be good.    Walking, trotting, suddenly “bang” sound, I was tripping over the foot of a brick, and suddenly fell to the ground.Fortunately, I was the first to suffer, and my arm fall calf pain, I had to bite hang in there, did not even hum.Ah sister iron scared “ow” to cry, the sound is very weak, hissing Ya Ya, like pulling my heart.I stood there quite bit his lip, too late patted the soil, coaxing good sister, adding that they trot to catch Road.My tears do not live up to expectations, or fall one by one, being on a drip.    When I carried my sister went to the village, he met the village doctor Zhang, I hasten to greet him.Dr. Zhang rushed to stop riding a bike, my sister and I brought him home.After a simple vein, auscultation, tie a small needle, and my sister’s condition slightly alleviated some.Later, Dr. Chang gave his sister a bit hit.    Dr Chuang said to me: “Your sister had a cold, so after a few days to eat bit by bit like a drug.”I’m hanging in the heart has been some comfort.Sister intravenous drip infusion, I said to Dr. Zhang let him help me care of my sister, and then I went to the ground to find her mother.    To the ground, my sister is sick of the situation to the mother said.My mother is very anxious, immediately put down the living did not finish, and I hurriedly went to Dr. Zhang home quickly.    I did not think her sister’s condition is more serious.Dr. Zhang recommended to the county two hospital treatment, her mother tearfully agreed.The good Dr. Chang, riding a bike to my mother and sister rushed to two hospitals in the county.    However, iron Ah sister not to the hospital, her condition because of delayed treatment time and effective treatment, the disease claimed the lives of iron Ah sister, went to heaven.Mom hugged her sister’s corpse iron Ah, crying enterohepatic Yuduan, fainted.Dr Cheung took the artificial pinch points and acupuncture, and only then revived her mother.    I know that iron Ah sister is gone, of tears, not go to see her buried somewhere.My mother stopped me and hugged me and told me not to see, she worried that I would Kusi in graves iron Ah sister.I knew, after my sister will never be able to feed the iron Ah chicken cake, and she no longer went to play the.And I still stubbornly cherry tree and often sitting alone in front of the house, quietly waiting, looking forward to coming back iron Ah sister.Time in the past three decades, I think, be better if I had more sensible number, or home conditions, high medical standards at the time of some of my poor sister would not go.The knot in my heart still, why a minor illness with a fever, so it will make a lovely life disappeared?I am sad ah!    If iron Ah sister alive, today is her birthday 33 years old.Canmeng fade away, meditate rain, water and sky to make dye Acacia; Hongsheng far off, make plain hard Fu, a sister paper to send Love.Years of bitter dipped asked loudly: iron Ah, dear sister, are you okay in heaven?