Ah Q ridiculous than “self-comfort”


The more adversity to grow in the more happy to fight for life and learning.Life is invincible, wicked fun never destroy all life.”Cultural Revolution” which I Xinjiang in the countryside, deprived of rights and the right to participate in the political life of writing, my future is very slim, but I’m still trying to live a happy and meaningful.I am happy with minority farmers ate, lived with the same labor, I am happy to learn their language and culture, I learned cooking food with rural characteristics in Xinjiang, Xinjiang I appreciate the natural beauty of the earth, I love milk tea and sour mare’s milk, I love to eat meat pilaf catch sour cream and noodles slice toasted crusty baked buns until thick thick cornmeal porridge.I drilled fir trees Snow rode over the long endless prairie, I learned to sing new songs in Xinjiang, I cover a small house cat chicken vegetable cellar digging, I made a lot of friends minorities heart to heart.Where I work before, and I can take care of their friends which door open, and I know all their emotions.    Taking pains to live, because no one alive will come to see.There was absolutely no landscaping is to defend the suffering and misery, but by no means only a nose a tear to suffer a great deal.In most cases, the power of life is still possible to defeat the forces will not let you live a good life, for the forces of evil will not let you have a good life, you can live well is to answer tit for tat.There is a perception that this is similar to the Ah Q spirit of victory.Ah Q spirit so ridiculous contemptible, not that he often console themselves in bad situations, his problems are completely not face up to their situation, do not face their own ignorance, ignorance, being insulted, humiliated, but to bullying weaker than him individuals such as small nun.His spiritual victory is absolutely no sense of the ridiculous, the other is as imagined his own son.What then is the son?Does he have a son as the son of Wang Hu as a small d to his fate will have it help you?As for the psychological balance of their ability, the ability to maintain their health, and sometimes how important it is ah.People are not at any time can be launched against the forces of evil “holy war”, people sometimes have to wait, sometimes we need to be patient, and sometimes the need for the overall situation and to remain silent, and sometimes need to look at the moment do not know, need to develop things further exposing their nature.People can not do as they wish and do not believe the audacity of those claiming all well aware of, and what they do, but specifically ask others rushed rushed Yeah, ask others to do a lot of early martyrs, blame and why people experienced severe but not normal people can survive.    Waiting does not mean doing nothing, waiting for sleep does not mean it is pitch darkness, waiting for is savings, waiting for an opportunity to learn.It is in adversity that people can do sober and full of spiritual introspection.You must be careful in the face of adversity, adversity you must discipline yourself, adversity you are most likely to focus on reading and thinking.Adversity equal Institute postdoctoral life, stress is equal to a self-cleaning once metabolism, stress is an opportunity to make yourself into a new, more mature and more dignified spiritual realm.    In a sense, there is no more important thing than to maintain their good state of mind, as long as they are in a good mental state mental state, no one can do nothing to you.No matter in what kind of adversity, who himself mentally collapse will not get you down..In the year after years of political movements, some sports just beginning, nothing has not happened yet, on the first scared to death, a suicide.I encountered a few such people, according to my knowledge, such a person there are two types, one is smooth sailing past an excellent situation, not suffered setbacks, poor mental capacity – to put it bluntly point is too squeamish.Some political campaigns are often in motion censored “athlete” would be more rugged, withstand beat.Second One is outside suffered a bucket, not a warm home after family members to engage in what the severing.Sum up the experience in this regard is to make our own spiritual is stronger, more psychological quality optimization, of course, not to create suffering of wrongdoing to justify.Psychological quality of the people all of us are better, some of the strong, in any case this is a healthy and stable factor, not so easy to incite almost up, not so easy to be intimidated live.Of course, this does not correct the deviation of policy alternatives and routes.