Ah Q Revolution and price control


[REVIEW] Ah Q was not able to complete their longing for revolution, and I did not rate a life leather.Despite the sadness will angrily, but the developers did not dare to go in person to curse!Only as Ah Q spirit of victory as it!  Write down the problem, even I feel neither fish nor fowl.Helpless mind the idea around the corner, so I actually lucky hit, but also a montage!Might even be a non-mainstream younger generation!    Miller says Ah Q for the first time heard the news of the revolution, was very excited, he imagined himself seems to have a revolutionary party, was yelling “go with!Go with……”And no doubt that” what is what they want, who they love!”.Although time has passed ninety years, but I feel surprisingly like Ah Q again experienced a revolution like ecstasy!Excited!Yearning and longing!    I had rented at a low house, nearly half my life working for it, can only hope the Housing Despair!Just a few years ago when prices started to rise just feel like their own pockets more and more deflated, a great danger not cover the!I could not help but sweat and tears Lian Lian Chen Chen a.At the time of the intolerable fear, suddenly shot the central regulation of prices, the introduction of what the six countries or seven, anyway, to adjust prices up!When you first heard the news, I really like Ah Q rebel heard the news, like, cheering, I excitedly ran low rental house, shouting loudly to his wife, to regulate the!To regulate the!Wait a minute now, the house will cut prices!As if he had seen the bright and spacious house in their own eyes!At the same time I feel very pity, “Fools, until the price of the house, you will weep for those who have bought a house!”So I am pleased to sing,” I will hand you the keys to drop!……”Meanwhile, I have to imagine what the buy furniture, to the time the house is decorated with style and so what a headache but excited problem.I also feel very out of breath!Damn developers, you waiting for prices to drop it!Time to sell, to see how you do?I want you to beg me, personally came and cried!I will consider it to buy a house!That night, I was excited to think about the problem after the buy, thinking that you are going to have a home of their own friends!Thinking about her son can have a room of their own homework friends!Fortunately did not buy a house thinking of his friends to follow suit!Anyway, all excited to dream Amby!    But the next day woke up, as usual, people are still talking about the damn house prices, where to ask developers, house prices still seem turned somersaults to rise, it seems that the developers still bullish!Although it is to follow his own panic a little, but you have to think: regulation must not take some time?I firmly believe that the state will not let prices rocket ride!So I like a worldly wise, and laugh at the people who want to immediately rush to buy a house fire fire!    Day by day, time goes by, more and more I found: prices are like a spell like he kept jumping up!Then his wife no longer sit still, she complained that add scolding me: “You’re a damn!You do not say control friends?Prices not only did not drop, but also turned somersaults to rise, we are now completely it can not afford housing!”I spoke to a few times Pooh.I still do not believe!Developers how it?Do they have not been regulated yet?It’s like Ah Q did not believe Zhao scholar leather and fake foreigners a return to life, but did not call themselves as revolutionary!I can not help but really panicked.    Since then, I can only sadly, the desire to buy a house deep heart, like fish Shen seabed.I do not know why, I often think of Ah Q excitement famous phrase: “To rebel!To rebelled!”” Go with!Go with!”I’m still naive than the Ah Q Do you?But it is wrong to believe that state regulation?Then the state has launched several control measures, like Ah Q every time I have the urge, but not in front of his wife shouting: “and the regulation!And regulation of!”Although I am no longer confident more and more, but the dead horse a living horse medicine it!It is better than no hope strong!Of course, shouting numerous heart is still necessary!Occasionally looking forward to it or not against the law!But more are just a few mouthfuls Pooh wife.    Ah Q was not able to complete their longing for revolution, and I did not rate a life leather.Despite the sadness will angrily, but the developers did not dare to go in person to curse!Only as Ah Q spirit of victory as it!Ah Q leather its proposal did not, so he became the targets of the revolution by others.But he also turned angrily to death that he did not draw more rounder when his mark!Leather reinstated those developers who do house slaves?When they contract, if he did not sign your name to a dashing some of it to heart?So be it the!But also how little people do?    Ah Q could not revolution, because of his childish and awakening, but also because Zhao scholar and fake foreigners get in the way.So the state has adopted some measures, we can not kill leather prices, and how many fake foreign devil Or bureaucrats obstruct it in?[Editor: Can children]