Ah Q is inevitable


Passing in front of the shop, a few people sitting on the steps, in the cool of the evening. Sound far I asked: “sit in front of the?”(Nonsense) they rushes to ask:” blossoming back?”” How long have returned?”” How not seen you out?How not to marry?”I had too many problems even under the bike, the fork legs:” Come back soon half a month; do not intend to marry, I want to be the first female bachelor Zancun.”They laughed.I quickly get on the train to continue kicking my car kicking child, my family turn into the alley. Two days ago to help Sanyi home Cabo (for marriage), the door came a drunken middle-aged man, uncle, and three friends, down the East West down, took a long tone, tight and said, do not get excited, too early miles , now busy Cabo.Look beautiful, people should become laws, alas, columns worry, my baby just a mile to school. My mother said: “There are also worries about by 29 in this, so what you worry?”I froze for a moment, I thought I was nineteen of it, according to the city’s okay to say I twenty-seven? He froze for a moment: “I did not marry?”My mother shook her head to indicate certainty. I Sanyi said: “The students do Cabo.”The afternoon half-drunk pestered ‘twenty-nine’ hold up.In front of me: a really twenty-nine?I also worry, my daughter was only twenty three. Six years is also one reason or another can not marry?Alas, 29, and you get these columns to school difficult, troublesome, might as well not go to school early, early to pass married on peace of mind. I Sanyi said: “You close your Zuiba fast, to put me to sleep at night Choude blossoming also do not want to go to school a mile.”Muzzled side while he secretly eyes to my mother:” twenty-nine, and her sister, you worry about?Also graduate students, and then study is white.”My mother said:” I worry about.”He said:” From today I worry about, and finally found than I worry about the.”The above words back and forth a half in the afternoon, until the newly built building his village for more than a decade is not out of shape and cut off his head stopped. I do not mind people’s “bias”, they ask you a question, which have no effect on him for you, but think about it, since we are so deep in the ground so different world, Greetings from this distant world total it is gratifying, it is inevitable Ah Q, but how we live ah.