Ah Niu Yu, expel substitute teacher


Cattle Ravine there are more than three hundred people in fifty six dogs, fifteen head of cattle, three students, a school and a teacher.After the teacher Ah Niu Yu think he took three students Roast heating outside the classroom photos were sent to the network, the entire Yichuan County is also the fire roasted rack up.A 19-year-old girl Niu Yu is principal Yichuan County of Luoyang City cattle ditch primary school, is also a director of Church and State Department, the classroom is the only old coins 9.Ravine cattle from the Republic of China has set up school, never only one teacher.Wave end of last year, the withdrawal point and the school blew into this small village, there might be three children in school, the higher unenforceable ban this school.They wage arrears way, hope Ah Niu Yu quit.They did not expect cattle A Ru obstinacy has therefore become more and more.Four schools cow home village is located in Luoyang City, Henan, Yichuan County and the junction of Yiyang County, a typical East coast.After years of practice every village, rural village where cattle Ravine is the only one not accessible by road.Formation of cattle spread over three hundred villagers in the valley and the hills, and now many of the ditch cave obsolete, the village every year to cover new homes on the hillside height.Whenever it rains, then do not worry about the height of dirty soil water stone.Shui three bends Ah Niu Yu from home to go out, turn two ridge, and then the next two slope after the ditch school to cattle.Cattle Ravine primary school five iron welding word hanging in a dilapidated two-story roof.Under the wind and sun, leaving only the family and school have the word red paint remnants.May 2011, in cattle Ravine elementary school teacher taught more than 40 years cattle Penn Yan to retire, who will take their pointer becomes a problem.He repeatedly thought, finally he found his taught students, kindergarten graduation cattle A Ru.Ah Niu Yu had taught third grade of primary school curriculum in the school’s uncle.Exactly, cattle ditch school curriculum is also the highest third grade, after reading the third grade, children have the ability to walk every day to rural schools continue reading.Is reading adult cattle A college Ru do a leave of absence, returned to the cattle Ravine.Although only a substitute teacher, Ah Niu Yu very happy.Eight hundred a month earn wages, give adult college tuition own reading of the.But this happy, only lasted a month.Cattle Ravine initially 19 students a year and a half after the loss to only three.Large classrooms empty, dilapidated desks dozen or a cross in the classroom, the temperature fell below zero in the winter day.A cold shiver cattle Ru with three students ran away from the big classroom, the next office about 10 square meters became the classroom.Existing three students, a half-year-old cow Jintao second year, the school is linked to the key monitor chest.Cattle Jintao long ears frostbite every year, now does not feel more pain.Renhai Yue cattle Jintao classmates, school is the only one cow Ravine different family names.His family had in Sanmenxia City Lushi County, the mother roll the money and run, after his father alive mad, Renhai Yue aunt followed the car sit all day, came to the valley of the Ravine continue to live cattle.Speaking of small cattle Jintao his first year at the same table Renhai Yue, somewhat mocking words between, what he want to eat rice, there is no full belly.First grade girl Niu Yuting is a complete tomboy, she likes to eat small rice soup and sweet potato soup.Rarely buy meat at home, Yuting eat the most are man-made meat and cabbage.A morning of May 8, Renhai Yue late for school.Aunt did not get up to make breakfast, get to school on an empty stomach Renhai Yue 8:44.He ate two Ah Niu Yu handed over biscuits, sliced pencil began to pick up small.When Niu Yuting finish the job so that teachers check, always nervous out his tongue dangling.Universe, warm, playing, hugging, happy cow A Ru habit to teach these people feel warm words in a language class winter.Niu Yuting sitting next to a grade, second grade blankly looking at these words.Her daily ZH, CH, SH, R pronunciation and allowed slight frown.Do not let schools scattered weather is getting cold, even in a small office, four teachers and students also do not add warmth at poly.To outside class, but a lot warmer when three students to school every day will bring a plastic bag, walking on the way to pick up firewood on the way to school, four teachers and hiding the stairs to ignite the fire.A lesson accompanied by crackling firewood crackles to complete, from the ashes raked roasted corn paste made of four people become the happiest moment: the stomach will not be as hungry, just hold on a lesson, you can return dinner.After completion of the language and math classes, three students want what lessons can be.They sometimes do it manually by to pick up the corn stalks, bamboo bar to run and take sheep.Ah Niu Yu had learned in college piano, music and fine arts, she gave her two years before leaving brushes and paints also brought the children with.Student homework intermittent, will think of cattle A sit Ru Chao Yao Li Anmin Elementary School teacher said that when she first saw the words: You do not go out to work a little girl at home, why come back to teach?Teach years, you can not turn public.Caoyao public elementary school has two teachers and seven students to teach, cattle Ravine students competitors, but also responsible for the payment of wages cattle A Ru.The end of 2011, Niu Yu A final exam papers to find LiAnMin son, Lee bovine Ravine primary school teaching point not refuse.Ah Niu Yu’s tears turned a few turns, or fell down.Taught a semester, parents do not know their children’s learning conditions, Ah Niu Yu also wanted to student achievement to the approved their quality of teaching.Some parents angrily asked why she did not test, Ah Niu Yu speechless.2012 spring semester, five fewer students, they were taken to the township primary school parents.In the fall, students plummeted to three.Formation of cattle in elementary school took a year and a half, cattle _ A thin Ru from 120 kilos to 90 kilos.Township Niu Jiacun where education leader more than once advised her not to teach you that too few students teaching points, or withdraw it.