Ah love


Ah Qin Bashan deep in the beautiful home.Face dark and five short stature Ah-specific self-confidence.  According to him talk about himself, he is a retired soldier, after demobilization because the family more than brothers, the condition is not good, move the door to the neighboring village.His wife divorced and, also with two children.The marriage lasted only two years, Ah because there is no ability to earn money to his wife not to rush out.  Ah’re alone, live feel relaxed a lot better than before, he followed the cousin to go to work in Inner Mongolia.Cousin engaged in the decoration, Ah help pull start, the results met the big boss Jiang Wei.One day, the boss Wei Jiang and cousin went to the field and wife fall flowers please Ah dinner.Ah can not think of autumn to spend a large amount of alcohol amazing, she drank from a bowl to drink, Yang neck, “Gudonggudong” a bowl of wine to drink it, then the fly-eye oblique squint Ah, said: “ye?The NAO?Might as well put a man bitch.”Ah face is red, blood straight to the head Bay, he was not as good as people say he hated bitch, put a small bowl drained, blazing feeling sprang up from the stomach, feel the excitement in the whole body in.Autumn flowers and filling wine, this tall woman, just like drinking water, speak quickly, let forthright man.Drunk autumn flowers stood face red, do not have a charming, Ah watched eyes straight.Autumn flowers saw Ah misty eyes, she poured the wine, “Come on, dry!”Her eyes looked slightly amused Ah, let Ah pins and needles, restless.  ”I do not drink, do not drink.”Ah tongue to be hard,” I have to go.”He stood up and wanted to leave.”No!”Autumn flower suddenly stood up, grabbed Ah,” you can never go tonight.”Jiujin, autumn flowers and hugged Ah, her mouth muttered:” Hold me, hold me tight.”Is a high own a woman hugging, Ah first reaction is to push her,” No, no, you treat me like what you’ve seen?Friends wife can not be bullied, Ah I would never do the things I’m sorry friend.”Ah can not think of autumn flowers would be such a response, she froze for a moment, suddenly get mad, grabbed her by the collar Ah, Ah feel your feet off the ground,” You Kansong, no wonder you no wife, you really are not a man?”Autumn Flower difficult to vent their anger in my heart, anger Zhi Ma.Ah struggling to break free of this fierce woman, has not yet had time to speak, a bowl of wine in front of the head and face splashed down, then Jiuwan also flew over, Ah Baotoushucuan.  The next day, autumn flowers very embarrassed to apologize Ah: “Brother, I should pour you wine, you’re a good man, I drink high, really sorry.”Ah mouth to say ‘all right all right’ but my heart whispered:” You almost did not scared me.”After the story became Aer Qing Bai Rensheng of talk, a lot of people know Zuohuaibuluan Ah, the female boss of honey trap did not succeed.  Eventually finding work, wandering around, still no Ah emotionally to depend, not a woman walked into the heart Ah.  Ah decision to do business, when the boss.Just to earn money, do not worry about the woman, Ah think.  By chance, Ah from the provincial capital to buy two mobile phones, back home, who knows quickly shot sold, Ah little bit of money, because of the distance involved, quite a few people go to the city is not convenient, let Ah take along some accessories, slowly, Ah start a communications business.  A contact phone Ah first learn is the QQ chat, according to the monthly traffic, Ah twenty-four hours online.Qaa Nvwang two more up there demanding video chat, Ah nor rejected, anyway, who do not know who brag brag free pass without breaking the law.  A two online dating prelude.  This chat addictive, and a strange woman talking on Ah, that is a exciting sleep at night.Network the other end of the mysterious woman, caring, every word can be talked about Ah heart.Online woman known warm winter know, once the woman, known only live a busy, more of a whining, her endless nagging them, do not understand what is romantic.Online woman said to him: “My husband, I love you.”Ah feel so hot, parched with thirst, his second middle of the night to get up, go to the United States and the United States and indeed, took a shower.  Ah want to see a woman’s desire is very strong.Women are sent a message every day, she said: “I want you, husband.”Ah feel they can not wait any longer, far away in Yunnan woman, even if she ends of the earth, not just abroad, Ah still have the ability to see her.  Take a train to Kunming, then by bus, got off the bus, they go tens of miles mountain road from Shaanxi Province to Yunnan, Ah finally understand that a “far” word, really far ah.Ah met a woman, also we saw the woman’s situation is not good.  Woman her husband died, she had two sons, the eldest of eleven years old, the age of three small.A woman and two led his son to the park, buy clothes, buy toys, money flow out brawl Wow, Ah feel bad money, afraid to look down on a woman myself, you know, he usually eat a meal are calculated with Cold or noodles, he grew up from childhood hardship, money is not easy.However, he considers today, how many flowers have to spend.Ah please a woman and son to eat, see a woman A two down to eat, without a word, she stopped, “Are you upset you?”she says.  ”No,” Ah denied a day spent nearly a thousand pieces, he glad it?  A woman seems to see the two thoughts, her head down, she said: “I know you’re a good man, good to stay?”Ah know, a woman asked him to stay with her for life.He nodded, indicating that it.However, living together, beginning to know you really love is not easy.Not accustomed to life, as well as children not to accept, let Ah began to read at home, and the woman he only lived for a month, he said: “Let’s go to my hometown.”The woman did not speak, that was eleven years old boy, Ah hear my mother to take away, rolling on the ground crying, Ah propped the boy, said:” Stop it, do not walk away with your mother uncle.”The boy is not crying, and a woman was crying, sobbing Genggengyanyan could not help but let the tears Ah, Ah was gone, leaving him three thousand dollars left to the woman,” It was a good woman “a after two years or so of her evaluation.Others say there is no true feelings on the network, Ah with their honor, all he met a good woman.  During this period, there is a girl in northern Shaanxi spotted Ah, so he married into her home, the premise is to get eighty thousand dollars, as the bride price and the cost of repair cave.Ah I went to see it three-hole cave, in any case he is not willing to spend his life in this cave a few holes, he did not mention eighty thousand dollars.  This natural marriage fell through.  Ah once again in a courtship.This time, more than any of the previous one and, let his heart beat faster, not self-sustaining.  After the video, the woman is not only young and beautiful, can not help but wonder Ah, it will not be a hoax?Women’s desolately resentment, saying that his fate is really bad, my husband is a bully, playing cards all day drinking, fighting trouble, she had a daughter, wanted a divorce and can not live, she really Hao Fan Hao Fan.She wants to find a responsible man, Ah said: “This man is not as a dog, you keep me, I will not let you be a little aggrieved.”The woman seemed very dependent Ah, there is a worry, to talk to Ah.Later, she said: “I come here, I want to see you.”Women in Guizhou.Ah finds himself in love with this Nvwang, do not speak to her for a while, I found myself tears.Woman angry complaints let Ah, he wants to save Americans in dire straits, he give her happiness.Women’s generously deep sigh: “how can you like it?”” To you, I’m going to kill that bastard.”Ah soulful confession.  Ah delivery time, absent-minded, still chatting, people quipped: “Ah, Ah, you will QQ chat?”So Ah flight, talk in their own love story.He said: “I’ll just buy a train ticket, I want to save her.”Laughter, it was said:” Do not go there soon, people look at their money and mobile phones, thrown to the MLM dens.”Some people say:” Ah, you can not get people to go the black brick kilns.”Ah laughed, he said, they often go out, knowing preparedness, thank you everyone’s kindness.  Ah found that as long as he appeared, he was surrounded by a group of women will, they no longer do business, but to concentrate on the concerns of his courtship story, Ah is told with talent, he often told the audience in edgeways his Raunchy these people laugh stomach pain.  Since then, we did not see Ah, I would ask: Ah how missing?Ah long time to hear the laughter.  A missing after two days, finally appeared again.  ”Ah, Ah back from Guizhou.”People have to greet him, the wind flapping dust dust Ah looks black some, the spirit of a good one.”I paid for it?”Someone asked concerned.  ”It took seventeen hundred dollars.”Ah sip of water.  ”This time it affectionate?”A man asked.Everyone laughed, Ah laughed, he said: “It scared me, dared.”” How dare ah?”Some people booing, he deliberately tease.”I live in a hotel, she came and kept saying, her husband is a bully, do not let him know that he knows I would call gang killed.I said, if he is a man, I have been a soldier, he will be afraid?I do not Zousi him strange, but on the other people site, we can not.”Al still can not forget boast a few words, what if he had been a soldier, really do not know.  ”That in the end it Zhashui?”Ah was asked:” what the results ran a trip ah?”” I waited for her, she divorced and I marry her.”Ah serious expression.  What is more, your kid will say the word “stupid”, then teach how how Ah spotted the target, pre-emptive.Who knows A two shook like a rattle, said, “This is not a gentleman, I do not like that, my character does not allow me to do that.”When the woman who accused the instigators, and compassion Ah, say things online that are deceptive, people introduce a good foundation of knowledge, well into a home, Ah said:” I talk about a few in reality a no good online, I’ll wait for this one, for her, let me die all right.”It seems Ah really stuck to, and looked at him enraptured, spittle flying to you about his love of the network, from time to time and make others happy laugh, this time, he is like a performer on stage, the audience’s attention have been drawn to him, he was just the right accurate, from time to time make people laugh broke the piece, such as a woman running posture, beating two breasts as deer, a shrug, from time to time the impact of nerve audience, another example of these women amazing, brave confession, often let Ah sorry.Ah feel full at the level of love, often ignoring the substance, the women again and again disappointed, and found that without let this Ah, love him or care more about the process.  This time, offer all kinds of hard experience worth of tough Ah, he could find his true love it?We wait and hope that in the vast network of Love, the share of love Ah can run into their favorite.