Ancestors of 7 words: comforting, people understand (worth collecting


Ancestors of 7 words: comforting, people understand (worth collecting) goes profound meaning, keep in mind the final benefit.         1.Many times, timely, put less belated.      Gossip After providing help to others in the moment it happened, than the passage of time.      In this world, always willing to help give people a minority, while those easier said than done is always the majority, they do nothing but love to find fault in the back.      Make friends, we must look at, is a good friend willing to fall on the action.         2.Miao good half of the valley, the wife of a good half-fu.      When planting, seedlings if good, can raise half of the millet production, marry a good wife if, after half a lifetime of good fortune you.      As the saying goes husband wife Yin disaster less, in a family, the wife plays a very important role.      Germany did not marry a wife to marry color, weddings mate standard of physical beauty is not the beauty of the soul.         3.Blacksmith did not like, like showed their.      Blacksmith and cut clothes, a house is not the same, there is no precise plan.      When under the hammer blacksmith, sometimes start with a light, sometimes heavy start, hitting location is not a standard mode, but with your heart.      But the name of the name, an exquisite objects hit out.      In this world, a lot of things do not need to think twice.      Wang Yangming often said that knowledge into action, we must know that the action be considered to fall know that only in the constant practice, in order to continuously revise their own understanding, in order to gradually put things right.      Like a blacksmith, showed their amendments, name of the name, an exquisite artifacts came out.         4.Learn three years, to bad three days.      As the saying goes, the good as Gordon.Such as the collapse from the evil.      Learn good as difficult as climbing mountains, as quickly learning bad as landslides.      Accumulation of good habits takes a long time, but bad habits is enough several times.      It must be a preventive measure, not because of a moment of laziness and slack and misguided, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.         Fives.Berberine save reactive power, no murder had ginseng.      Berberine and ginseng are herbs, a clearing away heat, a deficiency can save lives.      But people like ginseng, berberine disgust.      The reason is that, although they can save lives, but berberine bitter, so people dislike him.      There is a three-drug medicine, ginseng can harm the wrong, but people’s attitudes to ginseng better than berberine.      There are a lot of people in life like berberine, obviously well-intentioned, often do good, but the mouth are often ruthless, sarcastic others.      People do not stay discreet, even done something good, it will not be thanks to people.         6.To big or small is a dragon, only to big not small is a worm.      In the “Three Kingdoms”, Cao Cao cooking wine Heroes, once said, the dragon can be big or small, can go up or hidden.      When can swallow large rain spit fog, when small media can hide the hidden shape, rise time can soar in between the universe, when the hermit, the waves can be hidden within the change when the dragon ride, comparable hero world.      To people like dragons, taking advantage to know how, do not blindly try to be brave.      Know how to move along from time to time, this does not make people abandon the principle, but different people depending on the situation, adjust the attitude and approach to treat their own people and things, in order to seize the initiative, the only way is the real road.         7.March winter long, sooner or later hit the spring.      Then a long winter, spring will come.      Everyone dislike bad things, like a good thing, but who can not life easy, nor life, only bad luck.      Bad luck when, believe the situation improves, to do things within their own, do not complain, good to improve yourself, quietly waiting, there will certainly turn.    A million people gather veins like a friendship circle passing wisdom Thanksgiving president of business thinking ID: sysw5188 ▲ Press dimensional code recognition concern