A dream come true 1


1 dream come true mankind’s most sacred dream is good, as long as you believe in a better tomorrow waiting for you, you will feel the pain today, in fact, nothing.A good dream, no matter how tough the environment is also not feel bitter.Everyone has their own dreams, but dreams and reality can match the lucky ones is too small.  Looking at successful people in history, the reason for fame, not all have this or that dream you?For a man, the dream is like walking time need to see the same signs.Success is like a choice, to choose the right dream, you can be successful.It favors the chances of success are always able to find the right people for their own dreams, but many of us do not notice this.  If a person is not a dream, like a traveler without a compass trek it is very hard to reach the destination.If a person is not a dream, just like fried dish is not salt the same, bland life.Whether the dream is great or ordinary, should strive to achieve the dream.Do not ever give up the dream, even if such circumstances had changed since the dream, even to sacrifice too much for this dream, I can not give up the dream.  ”Aesop’s Fables” There is such a story: the driver of a truck loaded with hay to catch the car stuck in the mud, because the country is on the field, a remote place called Brittany next, no one can help the poor man busy.This is entirely the fate of God intends to let him angry and arrangements.May God bless the driver shipped it in the grass on the way.  Car into the mud and the driver is busy anger, cursing.He scolded pit, cursing the horse, swore and own car.Helpless, he had to help unparalleled Hercules.  Hercules, begged the driver, please help out, your back can carry the day, I took my car out of the pit in the past should be little effort.  Just pray finished, the driver heard God spoken from the clouds: God wants people to their own brains, think of ways, but only after giving help.You look at your car stuck in the mud and what is the reason?Why wallowing in the muck?Take the pick eradicate mud around each of the wheels, the stones are smashed out of the way, the filled rut.After a child of God and I asked the driver: Are you finished yet?  Yes, I finished the job.Coachman.  That’s fine, I’ll help you.Hercules said, pick up your whip.  The car came out.Hey, how is this going?My car to go very easily!Hercules Hercules, You’re OK!  Then God sent saying: You see, your car easily left the pit!Difficulties, should be based on their own to find ways to solve.Own brains, think of ways, God will help you out of.  It is necessary to realize the dream of pay, whether you are gifted or not so smart, is not important, it is important to pay diligent day after tomorrow.And strive to climb the snail they do not give up, even if only one day forward that will one day boarded the top of the pyramid, the sun kissed accepted.The eagle will soar born, if we give up practicing fly, then it is likely to lose the ability to fly, only to look up the pyramid.  Each dream is to have a biological, the dream is present in all animal and plant body.Seeds buried in the ground, it is a dream inspired it first emerged, pushing it to grow up and show the world their beauty and fragrance.A person’s life, you must understand the truth: the future with the past is not the same as in the past did not succeed, the future does not mean that we will not succeed!  Our dreams must be clear, vague dreams become difficult to guide our actions, and it is easy for us to go astray.For example, we want to improve their performance, but also determined to improve, and if we did not dream of specific criteria clear.In the end up to what extent, it will be difficult dream come true.His dream into a small stage measurable goals and constantly out something for their own problems, the actual difficult work or become different from the past.  Have a dream there is a clear goal, it means that from the outset you know what their purpose is, so the focus can be targeted to work to a point, ready to take targeted.The kind of seemingly busy, only to find the target with diametrically opposite is very frustrating.This is a mistake many inefficient, do not know how excellent the working methods of the people most likely to occur, they tend to put a lot of time and effort wasted in the preparation of the work among the worthless.  In a dark night, a man was brightly lit around the room in search of something.  A man asked him: What are you looking for it?  I lost a jewel, this is my grandmother left me, it must be found.The man replied.  You throw it in the middle of the room, or the wall?The second man asked.  No, I dropped it on the grass outside the house of the.He answered.  Why do not you go looking for it the grass?The second person strange to ask.  Because there is no light, but there is room.I have here the lights all turned on, and the line of sight of the house stop my furniture moved out, Bureau of Mines also find a friend borrowed the instrument probe ore, you see, I am fully prepared, right enough!The man said proudly.  After reading this story, you will certainly feel this person is very funny.However, some of us are in the wrong place to look for what they want every day.Want to find a gold mine miners, if he thinks it easier to dig in on the beach, and to look for gold there, then, no matter how well the preparatory work done, he certainly found just piles of sand and shells.  Dream is best to write out, some people think there is no need to write down a dream.They tend to think that the dream in her mind, as long as it often think, write, do not write it down does not matter.In fact, this is a plausible approach, to write down the dream is very important, and we can feel it the moment there is clear and unambiguous, otherwise it will be meaningless dreams.The best time in the dream, but also the period of implementation clear written out, determined not dragging its feet.  Many years ago, Yale University for graduating students conducted a survey of research on life goals.The researchers asked the question to the students who participated in the survey: Do you have goals in life it?For this problem, only 10% of students confirmed their goal.  The researchers then asked the students to the second question: If you have a goal, then, if you put your goals written down it?This time, a total of only 3% of the students answered in the affirmative.  20 years later, researchers at Yale University in the world pursued the year students who participated in the survey.They found that, when clear goals in life to write his own people down, in terms of career development, or the standard of living, far more than those who have not already done so.The sum of 3% of the wealth owned by people actually exceed the remaining 97% of.  This 3% of people succeed, they can not do without clear objectives from the outset harbor work.  At Yale University research project about their goals in life, those who do not put down on paper goal in life lives doing it?That they busy, life in directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, to help that 3% of people have a clear goal in life to achieve their goals.  Some might say, why the same people are targeted, some people are successful, some people fail.That is because when preparing for one thing, not only to formulate clear objectives, more important is to