10 said the master of life: a little more transparent, a little more light


10 said the master of life: a little more transparent, a little more light on how to have a transparent understanding of life?The answer is an intelligent soul, a profound knowledge, rich life experience.Cultural master this world most people it is difficult to have these three conditions, and those keen mind, educated car, but be informed.Read their perception of life, will be of great benefit.Today we have a selection of 10 modern masters of cultural life Zhi Yan.In this era of impetuous, settle down, breathless, accept the nourishment of life. Life’s most bitter and most successful Liang life what most bitter it?Poor you?No.Frustrated yet?No.Old you?Dead yet?neither.   I say the most bitter thing in life, MO suffer from body carrying one kind of unfulfilled responsibility.If a man can meet, although the poor do not suffer; if law-abiding (much as exceptionally hope), although frustrated not bitter; the old, dead is the life of those things, optimistic people will look very ordinary, nothing too bitter.   Where in the world is the only life one day there will one day be a thing.The thing to do is not done, it seemed to have a few extremely heavy burden of pressure in the sub-shoulder, no matter how tough is not the.why?Because by that conscience, however, there is no place to hide to escape fled to hide it!   He promised one thing people do not do, do not owe people money also, by the grace of the people do not repay, offended people do not apologize, that even this man’s face, almost afraid to see him; even see his face sleep in a dream, is like his shadow has come to haunt me.   why?Because I felt sorry for him!Because his own responsibility, it has not lifted!Not just for one person so, but for the family, for society, for the country, and even for themselves, they are so.   Where I have received the benefits of his people, he will have responsibility for me.Where I should do, and the power can do it, I will have the responsibility for this matter.Where I have seen it fit to do one thing, and now is the future of themselves and their own legislation, a contract, that is their own responsibility for their own plus a layer.   With this responsibility, that conscience will always supervised after, and the day bounden responsibility not to do, is to head over to the night life of pain; life bounden responsibility did not do, they die with pain to the grave go.This pain than the general poverty must not die of old age, you can come to resolve philosophical.So I say life without pain will stop, if there is pain, of course, no worse than that of the.   And turned it over, what does the happiest?Natural responsibility is over, be a joy in life first.As the old saying goes: relief; saying is also said to be: a stone fell from the heart.People this time, the kind of relaxed and happy, are not words to describe straight.The more important responsibility, longer responsible for day long, when the responsibility is over, a brighter future, peace of mind, but also add that happy times miles!Nothing in the world probably come from the bitter music considered GFT.   Life must know that there are responsible grievances, in order to do their duty to know the music at.This bittersweet cycle, this is a dynamic world for Story.But it is not the responsibility, by conscience, these are their own bitter recruited.Doubled in the past, always do their duty, they always happy; always do their duty, they always happy.The right to happiness, has been operating in the.So Confucius said: no not into contented, it is this role. Real life is bitter to be practicing this materialistic human world Yang Jiang, our lives it is enough bitter.You deliberately honest people do a madding crowd of it, people will take advantage of you, bully you.You slightly virtuous appearance, people will envy you, crush you.Your generous concessions, people will infringe on you, hurt you.You have to protect yourself, you have to keep the defense.Do you want to fight with people, and the world would have no demand, but also to maintain strength, ready to fight.You have to peaceful coexistence with others, to come and deal with them, we will have to prepare a disadvantage everywhere.You always have people intimate, friendly people.Once they see bullying, bullied lose, you can sympathize with angry and will try to help you Xiangbang?If you see good people suffer victimization can remain indifferent to it?If you see damage public, private Hong Kong Adam in fat, you can ignore?   Today’s world, human nature spiritual conscience, between misty misty rain clouds.Intellectual mind stronger, more self-deception will.Faith and superstition on the equal sign.Smart young – generations, they only consumer to enjoy, and spiritual struggles of people who have conscience, see their powerlessness and despair discouraged, feel that life is just a helpless emptiness.God has not in its place, the God of Wealth in power.This world just struggle for power, fame and vanity fair bit, or simply called battle it.To win the fame and fortune, had hugged tightly hold, it might dolphin skin old head and did not know shame!Enjoy it, spent the money pleasure, but not all the money haggard?Natural disasters are hard to prevent, between people, nations in order to compete and generate vicious hatred, coupled with the earth misconceptions, suspicions annoyance can not be predicted, can not guard against injustice, we can only sigh: life is bitter reality!   How many people just worry and distress he spent a lifetime.Lowly people, for food, clothing, housing, transportation, married and childbearing have to worry about.Wealth, power should use their fortunes, but have to worry about.What people really seem to enjoy life to enjoy the blessing of it?Why always said body in the fortunate in it?Others appear to be enjoying life, he only trouble ah!Why everyone has a cupboard it?Because approached to see, this world everywhere distressed ah!Why does the world say Know Kuren multi-ah?Velvet window in an upper story of the most incompetent, they have to worry about for a living; most of the people in power got the upper hand, of course, you have to worry about.God gods created the human head, face, spiritual conscience, specifically called them suffer yet? The meaning of life is how to look at life today, I was asked to speak Hu problems of life, which is the subject of you, I came to carry out an assignment.This is a big problem, let me define, but the definition is not mine, but the intellectual veteran Wu Zhihui.He said: human beings are superior, how about it?First, people can do things with both hands.Second, the human brain is larger than all animals, not only larger than mammals, and is even larger than the human ape ancestors.There are things that can do both hands and larger than all the animal brain, so that human beings are superior.   What is life?That is people acting on stage, singing in.There are various views on the theater, that view of life is called life.But what meaning does life?How good play count?How bad play count?   I often think: the meaning of life in how we look at life.Meaning the size of the superficial, deep, all in how we go with both hands and brain.   Life is very short, but a hundred years on life, completely by hand when the brain work, but for decades.Some people say that life is a dream, a short dream.Some people say that life is nothing but soap bubbles.In fact, is the most pessimistic view, also confirmed what I have said life had no meaning, it all depends on our view of life.   Even if he was dreaming, but also to do a lively, vigorous dreams, do not dream pessimistic.Since coming to power hard.Will sing a good play, sing like the look of the play, do not play a small role. The meaning of life and the life of the Realm If we can understand life, life will be meaningful, if we can not understand life, life will be meaningless.Each individual is different and more understanding of life, therefore, the realm of life, there exist respectively.Different realm, is due to the different understanding of each other; this is like a mountain tour travel, geologist and poet, although Hill go on tour, but the perception and the perception of the poet’s geologist, very different.   Realm of life, can be divided into four categories 🙁 a) natural state – the lowest level, a minimum level of understanding of this group of people, or just more than half of the cis-cis learning.(B) the utilitarian realm – a higher level of need into a layer of understanding.(C) the moral realm – more advanced, higher deep understanding.(Iv) world state – the highest level, requires a thorough understanding of the most.   In the realm of human nature, regardless of doing things, not just in the social habits, nephew is in accordance with its nature to do, they never do some things never understand the meaning of.At best, this is naive, to say the difference is muddled at.They neither understand why, some do not understand what is the meaning of things, so they can say no conscious.Sometimes they even grinning all day, but do not consciously happy.This, like innocent babies, although he laugh, but I do not feel themselves happy, in both cases, identical.This group of people, for neither understand life and death, and also not my idea of.   Utilitarian realm of people, to understand life, comparison a step further, they have my ideas, no matter what you do, are for the utility, for its own interests intend.This group of people, probably afraid to die.Sometimes they will also serve the community, to do something for the country, but they work motivation, is wanted in exchange for a higher price, on the surface, although they are in the service, but its final purpose or for the ego.   People in the moral realm, whether done anything, begin to serve the community for the purpose of.This group of people is neither greed nor fear death; they know besides me, there are even a society, a plenary.They understand the individual is part of society, the relationship between the individual and society are part of the whole.It is common sense, it seems there is some prior to all, but from philosophy, it should first of all there is, then the beginning; individual.For example pillar in the house, after the house is there, the beginning of the so-called pillars, if not the house, it does not become a pillar column, it’s just a big timber of it.Similarly, humans have a relationship of human relations in the future, as people do not start the so-called human relations, the people will not become a man, just a mass of flesh and blood.Yes, in the absence of social organization before, everyone indeed has a mass of flesh, but we become people, but because it is a social organization with sake.Moral state of the people, clearly aware of this.   The world state of the people, all for the purpose of the universe begin service.Their views of life and death, it does not matter either raw, complex matter dead; they think on society, there are a higher all – of the universe.Scientists called the universe, means the celestial bodies, the solar system and the Milky Way and other so-called philosophers of the universe, left everything, so outside the universe, there will be other things that I absolutely can not leave the universe and human existence.World state one can fully understand the truth, so what they do, it is to serve the universe. There are three life attitude Liang Shuming attitude to life refers to the tendency of people in terms of daily life, talk to the deep inside, that is, into the philosophical range; in shallow to say, it is not difficult to understand.According to Chinese law points, the attitude towards life is divided into two kinds of birth and accession to the WTO, but I suspect that in general terms, not as good as the rule of thirds more detailed moderate.   According to the rule of thirds, the first an attitude of life, usable by seeking to represent the word of.This meaning that the person in real life by seeking endless, such as: diet, feast safety, reputation, sound, color, goods, benefits, etc., side by luring fun, stimulating one side by problems, blurred reversed in joy, the other nor the different biological.   This first attitude towards life (by request), to completely do at home, who play to the highest point, that is the modern Westerners.They purely forced out, his eyes straight forward, one by one to ask for material things, its real power to conquer nature very great, it is most worthy of praise clap.They also can supply this kind of attitude of intellectual life, making it a theory – Philosophy.It can be represented, was the experimentalism of Dewey United States, he was able to seek out the detailed theoretical basis on which to.   The second attitude towards life as a renunciation attitude towards life.The first attitude was the problem for human life, human life is a third attitude for people’s problems, this person was a problem for themselves.   People and other animals, other animal instinct to go the whole way, while others take the road of reason, its effect is particularly well-developed intellect.The most special point of that see themselves in anti-rotating head, this is the creature does not extend to all people who.When people live calmly observe its head back, that feeling was so bitter life, on the one hand themselves as food and sex and all desires are entangled, can not but have a lot of pain; on the other hand, the community is full of infinite favoritism, Jiji, hatred, care, and life to death phenomena, but enough to make people feel have no meaning in life too.   If so, is to produce a renunciation of this world attitude towards life, this attitude is that everyone has the same.This secular Yufuyufu Jie think, because Yufuyufu can also think back, think back when, Bianyu samvega.But this attitude towards life, although as with all the tools, and the depth of each person which is the difference in degree, thorough look is not complete, not a home it home.Such a renunciation attitude towards life, many run by students of religion.Best play at home who Jue Indians.Indians most surprisingly, their entire life, religious life completely.They are the most thorough and complete; one of the most transparent who is Buddhist.   The third attitude to life, can be used to represent the solemn word.Solemn attitude, it can be divided into two: First, is not I myself – outside force; Second, when looking back home – an inward force.Never look back at some solemn and natural attitude that innocent and naive children’s lives.Children their lives, the natural solemnly, and do not ignore the natural, so that the innocent.Who really truly, the days are natural, that is, obey their natural life also popular. Qian purpose and freedom of purposeful life meaningful life, we will call the life of the humanities, culture or life, to show distinct from natural life, that is, only in order to survive for the sole purpose of life.   In fact, cultural life, there are still a large number of natural Life.After you work all day, I wanted to sleep at night.This is not intended to make you want to sleep, just natural life call you have to sleep.Sleep like no purpose, said would help if sleep is also a purpose, it’s just natural life already arranged for you, even if you do not want to sleep, also gotta sleep.   Old people will have to die.The purpose of life is not death, people do not make their own meaning to death, life is only natural for you to arrange an early death, you have to be dead.   Disease is not the purpose of life, people do not want disease, but a natural life, arranged for him sick.Hunger for bread, cold seeking clothing, but also a natural life.Would help if people naturally free from hunger and cold, you can do not need food and clothing, as people naturally from weary, you can without sleep, is the same reason.   Designed seeking life, if only for the sake of food, clothing, tired to sleep, lying sick, death, and we finished, it was just about survival, all vegetation and other living animals in general, just to survive, but for no other purpose anymore.This life, it did not make sense, call it a bad life, but not call it culture, this is not the humanities, natural.   Culture of life, is to reach beyond its natural purpose of human life, or is it natural to achieve the purpose of life in and steal some remnant of energy to dry some of the other activities, to play another set of tricks. Life is not perfect was born Ji Xianlin everyone for a perfect life.However, since ancient times and today, at home and abroad, a hundred percent perfect life is not.So I said, life is not perfect.   In this regard, ancient and modern folk proverbs, literary verse, when it comes to the many, many.The most common such as Su’s words: people have joys and sorrows, month also wanes, the matter ancient difficult wholly.Southern Song Fangyue (according to Mr. Wu as research) verse: things do eight or nine, and can not hide twenty-three.This is our often cited, popular.Similar examples can also include hundreds of thousands to.   This statement applies to all people, the emperor Father of the old society are also included in it.They Harborside, the rate of soil Sea, Wang soil, can do whatever they want, killing genocide, small end, it stands to reason that they should not have any unhappy things.However, in practice, succession to the throne, the court fight, cruel times than folk.They just like to sit on the throne of majesty, pins and needles.Although fabricated a royal guest of honor this mythical dragon, they themselves do not believe.They find ways in order to achieve immortality, fear once they died in, night out palace car.Even British Lord as the Han Dynasty, Emperor of the generation are no exception.Emperor Cheng Lu made gold plate, delusional fairy dew drink to longevity; Emperor serving Indian Brahmin elixir, expected to take to die.As a result, it did not, still ending up the guest of honor Royal Dragon.   In the hands of the emperor’s ministers, under one person, people above, a great power, unrestrained arrogant, corrupt, nothing is to.In this category of people, probably very few good things, and otherwise Bao Hai, etc. Never Liufangqiangu, a long time down the universe.But these people to the emperor in front, just a slave, the saying goes: 伴君如伴虎, we see that they have not fared well.It is said that the Ming Dynasty Minister Ehud entrainment towards the plate a little Dinghong, once infinite royal graciousness, Chin Chee capital punishment, and quickly licked a little Dinghong tongue, immediately Nirvana, come to a full corpse.This shows that this group of people is not better than the days, not talk about what the perfect life. Life a Poem Lin Yutang I want to look, read from the biological point of view of life to almost like a poem.It has its own rhythm and tempo, also has its inherent cycle of growth and decay.   It’s the beginning innocent childhood, followed by the period of youth is rough, rough attempt to adapt to mature society, with a stupid and foolish passion, ideals and ambitions of youth; later reached a very intense activity in adulthood to obtain benefits from the experience, and get more experience by the society and human nature; to middle age, only slightly reduce the tension, mellow character, like a mellow ripe fruit or wine as the mellow, and for life gradually adopt a more tolerant, the more cynical, but also a more kindly attitude; later it was time aging, endocrine glands decrease their activity, if we have a real philosophical concept of old age, but according to this kinds of ideas to adjust our way of life, then this period in our mind is peaceful, stable, leisurely and satisfying period; and finally, the fire of life flash off, but forever is no longer a man woke up.   We should be able to experience the beauty of this rhythm of life, should be able to enjoy as large as the symphony, the main Theme appreciate life, appreciate its conflict of melody, and the final decision. He Lin optimistic attitude to life two kinds of different and represent two pessimistic attitude to life two different views of life.To know a person’s outlook on life, the main thing is to know that his life is optimistic or pessimistic attitude.So we discuss optimistic and pessimistic outlook on life is discussing the issue most people are most concerned about.   Fundamentally optimistic and pessimistic views of the concept of the word, represents a total view of the world and life, but also decided to conduct on behalf of the direction and attitude of a man.This view is called the universal multi-intuitive insight or.Which of course includes the knowledge and insights of ingredients.Any act of a person, are dominated by knowledge, opinion-guide.If the wrong view, wrong behavior will naturally.If the view is correct, then guided by their behavior, inevitably tends to be on the right track.View of rows or knowledge and action is always unity and not of division.Blind whoever deep lines, ignorance whoever recklessly.Tokujitsu truly knowing and clear observation of the fine feel is always unity irrespective of the.Pessimistic and optimistic question is important, because these two different views, different behaviors directly, different effects of life.   Music and sorrow are common human emotions.Optimism and pessimism is to the music with sad mood accompanied with aid to observe life and the world, it is also contains the emotional component.Whether optimistic or pessimistic mood concept is called Jieke.The abstract science of pure reason of different views.Abstract reasoned argument for the actual behavior are less prone to rapid impact directly.The package has views or opinions of the role of emotion, emotion is rendered, vivid, lively, concrete, prone to direct action, the dominant real life. Life has three floors Feng I think that people’s lives can be divided into three: First, the material life, spiritual life and second, and the third is the soul of life.Material life is food and clothing.Spiritual life is academic literature.Life is the soul of religion.Life is such a three-story building.Too lazy (or inability) to take the stairs, and lived on the first floor, that makes good material life, sheltered, respect Rong Fugui, dutiful son Chi Sun, thus satisfied.This is also a philosophy of life.Hold that view of life of people, the majority in the world.   Secondly, the happy (or strong) to take the stairs, and climb to the second floor to play, or lived in it.This is the focus of academic literary man.They contribute to the full knowledge of the study, the heart in the hands of literary and artistic creation and innovation.Such a person, in the world there are many so-called intellectuals, artists and scholars.   There is also a person, life is a strong desire, a great leg muscles, on the second floor is not satisfied, they walk the stairs, climbed three floors to go.This is the religion of.They do things very seriously, desire is not enough to meet the material, meet the spiritual desire is not enough, you must meet to explore what life – they refused to do slave instinct, must be held accountable source of the soul, the fundamental of the universe, which can meet their life want.This is religious believers.   But these three kinds of people on earth.Although I use three floors as a metaphor, but it does not have to then get the third layer from the first layer to the second layer,.There are many people, the first three straight from the first layer, the second layer does not need Gouliu.Many people are not even the first layer do not live, breath and ran up the three floors.