Police inaction?Chinese American couple missing half his family arrived in the United States find


Missing couple。 Source: US Chinese Network August 24 electricity early August, Chinese nationality couples Wang Yinan (phonetic) and Song Jie (transliteration) disappeared near Redwood National Park in California。
Recently, both the relatives take the flight to San Francisco, expected to find traces of two earlier。
According to the American Chinese news report, from the afternoon of August 6th, the couple lost contact until now, have passed nearly 20 days。 Until now people in the country, the police hunt for this Chinese couple is still not active in the state, which means that the police have basically they are still not going to survive, and this is slim hope of tracing to the United States Finally, a miracle of desire。
It is reported that 31-year-old Wang Yinan and 30-year-old wife, Song Jie are Chinese nationals。
Coincidentally, the former official received reports of disappearances in the zoo a few days ago, the search team in the park looking for another missing when the Thai exchange student's whereabouts on August 8 found driving a car license plate belonging to the king of the south a couple and found the wreckage of a car in a cliff。
Although the police have basically locked suspected the couple driving the car wreck, but due to the location of the wreckage of the water level is too high, too fast flow rates, so they could not close the police verified, leading to almost no progress in search for work。
(Fan Fei / mechanized ed) Editor: Fan Fei, Lu Po。