In the end, wait for your season


The sun, the whole dazzling. Slightly squinting in the city’s glitz quietly looking for their own share of cool and refreshing. Nest in the corner, waiting for a warm kiss from the sun, trying to write this gorgeous season with his only passion. About summer, bloom and paleness. Silence no matter, just want to add a watercolor.     That year. The sky in May has not yet experienced the vicissitudes of life for a long time, and the same Qingming Festival is sworn to the persistence of youth.. On the top of the light blue letter paper, crooked characters are written with pure dreams and pure feelings. Ignorant and foolish, he would rather watch than blaspheme. At the beginning of other times, I always smiled carelessly and then turned around, but I didn’t know that some people were the end of the world in an instant.. No matter the flowers bloom, the leaves wither, and the smoke and rain in the small town, there is always a person who puts sincere eyes through the myriad lights, expecting the wind to bring thoughts and blessings.. In order to just say, just want to know, you can have a good life.     The kite that is far away sways away, and in the end, it is destined to leave. A song that leaves the song to the talent, how many sorrows it causes to flow. Even with the determination to turn to the end of the world, I still left alone and waved my sleeves away.. Leave a golden bag about fantasy. Then, after. In May, I used to think in time and write in parting from my wounds.. Youlan, thank you quietly. At the end of the last letter about the affair, perhaps, it was always abrupt but inevitable.. A few lightsome outlines of the invisible shadow. Already don’t care about the reason at the moment is so deadly. Can only powerless ChuiShou. Put down the kite string in his hand and gradually disillusion with the sun.     In May, the day mixed with numerous and complicated tastes ended slowly between complacency and pale decadence.. Alone on a stranger, the afterglow of the setting sun reflects the thin bank, or the desolation at the end of the prosperity, and follows suit. The footprints of the surfers will fill every memory in the sun’s disillusionment, waiting for your season. In the end, don’t see.