I watched the light flow of time in the ancient town of Mudu, but you were slow to come


In the afternoon, the sun lightly hit the solid wood round chair. My desk is a bric made from Suzhou imperial kiln. The room is very warm, with broken branches and tendrils wrapped around the bookshelf and the old phonograph humming a faint old song..   What does this have to do with me? I just miss you here.   This is the ancient town of Mudu. In front of the old house, there are wandering singers holding guitars and singing dazzling songs that I can’t understand. It’s like montage, exaggeration and grotesque.   Xiangxi is said to be the result of the pouring of water after beauty Xi Shi bathed and dressed in the pavilions on Lingyan Mountain.. But I would like to believe that this is the business of those shameless poor scholars who picked it up and took off their psychosexuality..   Just can sigh the king of Wu Fu Cha, already destroyed the country, why did she lose her life for this sick beauty?.   I’m still the same, not getting fat or thin, certainly not worth showing off. I think, if you see me one day, you will be surprised, ” ah, why are you still not old? But it’s just as well. I’ve prepared a Chinese dress for you. I’ll put on the most pleasant Tang suit and take your hand into the study of Chinese flowering crabapple to read pictures and listen to incense..   Or if you go down the stream in a sculling boat and I meet you at the royal dock and gently support you ashore, you may pretend to smile and whisper ” xianggong” in a low voice, and I will hug you and shout, ” lady, come home with me.”! ‘ I’m going to take you into this rainbow – drinking mountain house, just like the southern dragon, you dance long sleeves on the ancient stage, I beat the racket to the mountain ring, you participate in the garden regulations and circle the pavilions, my way is” the beautiful sunny day, the full bloom of all kinds of purple and thousands of reds.”, this myriad amorous feelings bloom, can’t care for all the attendants who are surprised by the dream of crossing into the shoulder – rubbing tourists..   Oh, it’s getting late. ” Come on, you naturally won’t come. I buried acacia here. If you come, you’ll have to do it yourself.”.