How much do you know about flowers in your dreams


[ Guide ]: The dream woke up in the tide of shame.. For a long time, I was still in a lingering dream. What does this clever and smoke-free spirit want to tell me through this dream?     I am a dreamer. Almost every night, there will be strange dreams that will allow my soul to enjoy a world of light spirits.   As the saying goes, there are thoughts and dreams in every day. However, many of my dreams have no reason, and I often see everything in the dream at some point the next day, which has to make me see the dream very miraculously.. Of course, some dreams may be something in my subconscious mind – these clever and smoke-free elves, beating in my dream, explain to me the agility of its life..   Last night, this dexterous wizard took me by my hand and led me into Japan, the country of cherry blossoms..   A milky white bread car stopped in front of my eyes, and I walked into the car without hesitation and chose a seat to sit down. One after another, people got on the bus from the front and back doors of the bus and sat on my left and right sides and opposite to me. They were just as quick and slow as I was.. As I watched the crowd enter the car peacefully, I wondered in my heart: why didn’t they just enter the car? In my impression, every time a car arrives, people are always crowded and jostling for seats. And it’s completely different here. When all the people got into the car, the car started.   Along the way, everyone sat quietly. Suddenly, there was a voice reading English from my side.. I looked down the voice and found that a girl with clear eyes was listening to English with a walkman.. Soon, the car stopped. There are passengers getting off the bus. I got up and said to the girl, how can I get to the playground? The girl looked at me with a smile, took off her headphones and told me in sweet Japanese that the playground was in front. But I couldn’t understand anything and smiled awkwardly. The girl looked at my embarrassed face and God immediately realized what she was doing. She quickly pointed out the way for me with a very fluent China.. In the end, she said with a smile, you’ll be with me for a while. I’ll also go to the amusement park.. I was stunned by her fluent Chinese and was amazed to say, oh my god, your Chinese is also so good! English is so good, too! You’re really amazing. The girl smiled and said, I’ll be back soon after I go to the bathroom. Say that finish, fly away to a happy swallow, leaving me just watching her leave back … Ah, at the moment, I whisper in my heart: People can speak two foreign languages, but I do? I can’t learn English well. Really ashamed. In a flash, I felt ashamed of my blood surge … Ah, the dream woke up in the surge of shame.. For a long time, I was still in a lingering dream. What does this clever and smoke-free spirit want to tell me through this dream?   Remember, when I was writing the blue high school regulations, I was ignorant of English learning because it involved English learning.. Therefore, Bin Er brought me three books written by Miss Li Yang to participate in the Convention on Biological Diversity. I love to recite the Convention on Biological Diversity. I am crazy. I succeeded in the bill. After I read it roughly, I said to Bin Er: I want to speak English. You teach me.. Bin Er rebuffed me: Why are you still learning it? Do you think language is so studious? I don’t want you to work too hard. I smiled and said: What a mess if I don’t even know English when I become an education expert to teach and learn educational concepts all over the world.? Bin Er said: Then you can learn a little simple everyday language. I said with a smile: Then I will take you as my interpreter. Would you like to? Bin Er said: Of course I do. I told my daughter that I wanted to learn English. My daughter said with great support: Mom, I support you and it’s good to learn a foreign language..   But I know that I don’t have the willpower to learn English. I have studied English and German on my own, and in the end, all of them have failed. Now, the wheel of time has driven me to the middle-aged channel, and the woman is forty, and everything is off.. Memory has also been seriously degraded, not to mention learning English, even reading is fleeting. However, Li Yang’s crazy English has already bred a seed in my heart. Maybe one day, it will come out crazily and make me an English madman … Ah, I told this dream to my lover in the morning exercise, he said firmly: You will learn English, you see, you will study English with rain every day, and you will have studied English with her for four years after she graduated from primary school, and you will surely break through English for four years.. Think about it, what your lover said makes sense. How can you learn English badly if you learn and grow together with your children?? If I can’t learn well, how can I ask Yu Yao to learn well?  I think one day, I will go to Japan to study and exchange educational ideas, and I will definitely meet a beautiful and gentle girl who smiles brightly and only needs to guide me in English … 2007. 9. Afterword: Yu Yao is about to graduate from primary school, but my English is still not improving. The reason is very simple. After studying for a period of time, I found my memory is too poor. I always forget the front after learning and eventually compromise.. Once again, he became a deserter in English study. When I read this text again, I have mixed feelings in my heart and finally know why I have accomplished nothing. It turned out that he was always a man without strong will … 2011 – 2 – 24[ Responsible Editor: Tian Shaoyu ]