Happy birthday, dusty memories of seven years


I can only use slow and slow time to find a group of people and use slow and slow time to identify a matter. Compared with the impetuous things in real life, what is more meaningful to me is a distant rock agreement, with constant wind, rain and frost, there must be some persistence, and there must be some tenderness that makes people cry.. Just did not think of, the long wait has taken me seven years of time…   Seven years ago, I started my junior high school life with a passion for life and a commitment to my dream.. At that time, I made an oath that I must find a group of he is my brother who can accompany me at any time, some confidante who can listen to my heart, a love that belongs to me, without earth – shattering, just asking for deep-rooted memories. Maybe you didn’t think of it, then I understood these things and planned to speak out all my harvest on the day when I was 20 years old….   If there is a dream, even if we are a grain of light sand and cross Qian Shan’s waters to interpret a painting of sand, the dream will eventually become a real and inalienable resource in our life….   At that time, I was still young and ignorant. As Aries, I was a warm, cheerful and generous person with common interests and hobbies who could go crazy together.. Sometimes I will just stare out of the window at the waking earth, at the flowing early clouds, at the bright sky, at the clear golden orange glow, and the line of sight gradually blurs, only to find that my eyes are full of tears that will not fall.. The beauty of the bottom of my heart is like dew in the morning light, full of thanksgiving joy. At that time nan always said if I like which girl, that’s not it!!!   I found my first confidant, whose name is Jia Hao. I really wanted to say that he was innocent and lively at that time, and had a powerful and unconstrained style of thinking like me. I saw my own shadow on him, so we can say that we are inseparable friends. We shared the joy of success and the bitterness of failure with each other. I gave him my trust, and he also gave me his trust. I still can recall many happy memories. In the junior high school days, there was a man who accompanied me crazy for a long time. We were everywhere, on the basketball court, Conan’s constant pursuit…. Only after the end of the college entrance examination, he is no longer the original one… I chose to break up with him. No more contact within a year…   He himself is a constellation fan. So he quickly became good friends with Zhang Huan – ying and Zhang Xia – hong. Huan Yingjie and Zhang Xiahong were born with me to be the best Sagittarius brother – in – law. Although I wouldn’t say anything nice at ordinary times, I will accompany me when I really need it, comfort me and make me feel loving, take care of my friend with all my time and energy, and will always be on my side. At that time, I will often talk about constellations with them. Maybe they don’t remember much, but I have an extraordinary memory and I won’t forget anything. You must be sure of that, do you?… Huan Yingjie is just saying no mercy. I know your heart is still very kind. Hear your voice more next time. It’s really touching. Every time I make a little progress, you will help me publicize it. The world knows it. Hey hey, thank you for your support and concern all along.! Zhang Xiahong, I’m not handsome yet. Ha, you eat less, eat too much fat, and your Sagittarius brother-in-law can’t marry out, ha!   At that time, I found a particularly lively and lovely girl, Li Wenjing. You have brought me a lot of joy, but I have not forgotten the day when we were on duty together. At that time, I studied very hard and felt very tired every day. I barely opened my sleepy eyes every day and came to school early. However, I was not tired at all at the sight of your innocent smile every time. At that time, I actually had a question all the time. I asked you today.. Why do you blush when you are nervous? Everyone calls you mosquito. This is not good. I always think you are a rabbit and a big white rabbit.! The careful and gentle Virgo is you!!! Thank you for your concern over me these days. I really want to know if you have a good life in Hainan? zhangyan and I will cheer up! When you come back, you have to treat me. You must get a lot of money from me. I found a confidante in Liu Yang without much gain from junior high school.. Our great history representative is a bit irresponsible… At that time, I usually went to see you when I was worried, saying that we were on the way home from school and we were back together.. I don’t know how much I can say. It’s obviously not good to complain about the boring life reversal every day. At that time, I thought I should know your inner thoughts best. Although someone will tell you questions every day, you don’t like him, do you? Virgo, who is sincere and mutual – helping, you are the school flower of our class. The past is just the beginning of life. Don’t miss the past too much. That will only make you sad. I hope I can get together with you well after the college entrance exam … just didn’t think of optimistic and cheerful self, but changed in the third grade.. Perhaps it was at that time that the dark personality in my heart was born, and it is still difficult to eliminate it…   Four years ago, I did a foolish thing, a foolish thing that could kill me… Huan Yingjie was right next to me at the time. Maybe she was shocked. I’m sorry, but you know the reason why it happened. I finally couldn’t resist depression and irritability for a long time, so I did something like that, that is, I started my four-year low school career from that day on….   When I wrestle with the hardships of life, I often forget who I am. No matter when such a thing happens, I must stop temporarily. Soon, the water in the pool of life will be calm.. I can see my reflection clearly. I often tell myself that on the day when we parted from junior high school teachers, I showed my strength as a man in school. I smiled and wanted to give me the last impression that I was happy, not sad. That would only hurt and hurt them, you know…   Then that night, I cried. I couldn’t restrain my emotions and was about to leave. This junior high school I had lived in for three years, although there were not many memories of the past here….   Perhaps God’s mercy, the previous efforts were not in vain after all. I was admitted to Class 3 in advance, a place where my happy and painful memories remain….   On the first day of school, what impressed me at first sight was Anyi Xin. Maybe everyone didn’t know that when I first chose my seat, I deliberately sat behind her. This may be a secret hidden only in my heart for four years. Today, I took this opportunity to tell it out.. Maybe we all still think that I like you now. They don’t understand at all. My idea was to find a girl with the same ideal as myself and a confidante who fought with herself.. Aries, who shares the same ideals with me, you already know that we will always be friends. Who gives a panoramic view of who’s happiness and who shares who’s sad feelings. You will definitely understand what I said. I really like what a person said. I always insist that the best way is to give her the greatest happiness. I told you four years ago and that sentence has not changed so far.. We live simply and truly and live up to our own hearts. Isn’t that good? Why do you care about other people’s opinions? Perhaps you really understand me among all the girls in the past four years.We are all Aries, able to communicate with each other. In fact, I am not surprised at all. You will support me at any time. I have never doubted this. I sincerely wish you were 20 years old.! I hope you can stick to the choice you made at the beginning and go on happily all the way! Please look at it patiently and I will have the courage to say it all because I know you will stand up for me! Aries!   It was after that incident that my heart had a dark side. At that time, I actually tried to get out of the firmness of my heart. However, the reality is always cruel. I have not lost confidence in the attacks one after another. I have been working hard, only to find that there are fewer happy memories in my life, and I did not love to talk to everyone at the beginning.. After all, I have just arrived in a strange environment and still seem to be a little out of tune with it.. At the beginning, a person noticed me, that is, Zhang Zhihao. In fact, I don’t want to mention this person’s name. He only reminds me of my sad memories.. I can say that his love with Zuo Ruixue has been witnessed from the beginning to the end, but they seem too silly to do such a thing and make me very sad. I lost a true friend at that time and felt sad for several days. I didn’t tell anyone that I only hid it in my heart and didn’t want to touch it.. A few simple words, even if it is painful, it may be better to say so…   I spent a few days adjusting my mood and continuing my busy study life. As always, we have to continue. After all, there is still a long way to go, and we can’t retreat because of this incident.. I began to open my heart. One day, Zhang Guanghao brought Kong Ming to do propaganda for the student union. I was thinking maybe writing won’t make me too lonely, so I joined the literary club at that time. I really wanted to say that I knew many friends, and my mood also gradually calmed down, and my study status also improved.. Zhang Guanghao, what I see in him is manly spirit. He gave me some inspiration in literary creation. His dream is to go to Lijiang, Yunnan. Congratulations on your dream coming true! Yunnan is really a good place to live, and it’s also very happy to see you there. I sincerely wish you a good woman. Shuai Guo is a popular place to live in. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.! After the college entrance examination, I will definitely go to see you sometime. Teach me Japanese by the way, hey hey. Aquarius, a bosom magnanimity worthy of my trust…   Li Zhi and Wang Shuo probably met at the same time. One is the genius of literary creation, and the other is the friend who pursued animation with me. We spent the third year in high school together. One is Sagittarius and the other is Aquarius. With your company, I will put away my sadness. Have I always been strong in front of you? So now I will be so sad and you will be so surprised, in fact, it is also very normal. I have several close friends in Gaobu.? Here, every day a person releases his own pressure in a lonely corner, can you feel this feeling. Today, I express my greatest gratitude to Li Zhi. I am really touched that you will write this letter to me in such a busy life. Last year, I understood your situation very well, but what you are pursuing is love, and what I am pursuing is friendship, but the hearts of each other are the same, so there is no big difference. I hope you can succeed as soon as possible.! I will try my best to find you during the summer vacation. As long as I am still in the mood at that time, I will certainly go there.!   Zhang Kai, Wang Weihao, Chen Hang, Tianjin’s Three Swordsmen! You all attach great importance to friendship. Thank you for your constant concern. I know you all care about me.. It can only be said that in Gaobu, the pressure is particularly great. The spirit may have collapsed. I think I will get better and rest assured by adjusting slowly….   Time is short, there are too many people who want to talk about it, so I won’t talk about it one by one…   Next, tell me about myself…   I have become more and more lazy, more and more tired of telling people the truth. For most people, there is nothing to say at all, and for close friends around, they are more willing to talk nonsense and joke about not getting into oil and salt.. And the person with the heaviest heart, who has passed through thousands of words, has also become a light cloud when he opens his mouth. The most precious words are too heavy and the lips are too thin and light for us….   I often find it difficult to understand the world. I don’t understand why people in this era can quickly get acquainted with each other, get warm and have a weak bone bottom. I can’t tell whether people are true or false, and don’t get used to their rhythm. I am the monster of this era, right…   I am a very strong person. I am very busy in appearance and stubborn in heart. I am not always looking for people to complain about big or small things, but try not to cause trouble to others. I am a person with a strong desire to protect and can’t help protecting important people around me.. My friends sometimes don’t understand my good intentions. I’m sad…..   However, I believe that those friends who are lazy and do not like to think too much about things will be with me when I am hurt. You often have a strong human touch. Once you understand that I am taking pictures for you, you will not hesitate to believe me and be protected by me….   I hope all the people can read all my journals and listen to every song I play from beginning to end, then you will understand my state of mind at this moment, how helpless and sad you are, tomorrow you will all be a clear holiday, leave one day for me today and read it from beginning to end. After thinking about it, you will understand me…   Tomorrow is the 20th birthday…   I think I can find more happiness and more blessings!!! Thanks to Bear for taking care of that person all the time. Thanks to Liu Jia for wishing me well!!!   Please accept my unreasonable request for the first time since I was your friend. I hope that when I wake up tomorrow, everyone’s withholding and signing can be a blessing to my happy birthday. I have been paying for others all the time, so I hope you can do this for me this time.!!! I accept blessings from all!!! All my friends who care and support me!!!   Hope the wish can come true… Happy birthday, I’ll be fine! I will face all the emotions and walk the second half of my life…I hope that after seven years, I will remember what I said today and remember my original pledge that I will never be lonely and lonely with you on my way… More, after the college entrance examination, I’ll tell you . ah